Samyang 14mm f2.8 Review- Best Budget Wide Angle Lens?

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gilo burger says:


Katt Montano says:

what lens are you using to shoot this video?

Supremacy says:

Subbed, I love Ziovo and if he thinks your good I do too 😀

Lachlan Paterson says:

if your looking for a lens with incredible bokeh i’d recommend the samyang 35 or 85mm t1.5 lenses or the sigma 18-35 f1.8

Juan Mena says:

great review… why dont you shoot your broll at 24p? I”m sure it would look great. Anyhow keep up the great work 🙂

Sam DeZeeuw says:

Looks like a quality lens! And quality review too! Ha. I have a Tokina 11-16mm that I really like. My Nikon D5300 has a 1.5 crop factor but that lens works pretty good. I just posted a video on that lens if anyone is interested! But anyway, cool video! Thanks for the tips!

Chirag Photoholic_21 says:

hey mate
Is this good with dx format camera?
Thank you

SuperDunkerJyun says:

Dude… Why do u use a full frame lens on an aps-c camera…. I mean it defeats the purpose of super wide lens

Aian Sadrashev says:


Canon5d MKIII says:

Very nice and instructive vidéo. Thanks !

Gamerz AMD says:

make a video of that sound proof thing which u did in the background

samsaint11 says:

This kid is a boss

AEllis says:

Why didn’t u get the 11-16mm

Rahul Kothari says:

how would samyang 14mm work with 5d m3 for wildlife documentary (video) , candid , wildlife photography ??

gilo burger says:

to have a big channel

Epic Logan says:

Great one Hamazah and can’t wait for 17 – 50! I’m gonna pick up a 16 mil f 2.0 in mid 2016 after I buy my eos m.

mm polast says:

hey , please do a review of the rokinon 8mm f3.5 please

Mark Harris says:

May I ask your age? If you don’t mind me saying you look and sound (tone of voice, not what you are saying) young. You may talk fast but that is a really good review, especially for someone so young. I’m honestly not being patronising, but you know and understand photography better than a lot of people who are a lot older and supposedly been using cameras for decades. I certainly haven’t got the confidence to make a YouTube video, so very well done indeed and I think you will have a great future. If the hate comments are based on your race of religion report it to the police, no one should be persecuted for who they are.

Elizabeth Whitley says:

Great video and sick flip!!

Alim Haque says:

I like your channel in terms of content and activity but I don’t get how you can say it’s the best wide-angle lens without much experience using wide angles. Also if you shoot in manual with a constant exposure rather than flickering the quality of your videos will increase. You might want to look into shooting at ~25 fps rather than 60 it looks better generally.

Good luck, excited to see you continue to develop your skills.

bamboo alvir says:

Does it good also for mirror less camera?

Sgt. Salvador Monteverde, USMC, Retired says:

Thank you very much for your informative tutorial. It is too bad that you have to be subjected to hate messages. Don’t let those fools get to you. Just keep in mind; that GOD sees all, and one day very soon HIS wrath will fall upon them, and you will be rewarded for overcoming!!
Take care and GOD Bless!!!

Agustin Diaz says:

How is working the lens after this time?

Jake Moran says:

lol sorry for the question are u a photographer or a videographer
and it’s socks it doesn’t have af how’s the stability

gilo burger says:

it’s OK u deserve it

ProBeastJay says:

ziovo sent me

L . I . A _ M says:

These are so expensive O.O

11,133,585 views says:

Let us Do a Collaboration! Friend 🙂

Mario x Jolien says:

Awesome review! 😀 my next dslr is also 3300 i have now 3200 doesnt have 60fps lol
and also i’m geting the rok 14mm AE version bec i waannaa have bette rUrbex videos 😛 i was doing some with my 40mm f2.8g micro but that was hard lol but most of time i use it for photograph since i’m a photographer

Ali Mohd Old Channel says:

Awesome Video 😀

Bhavin Doshi says:

Thanks for the review. As per your suggestion, I searched for Sigma 17-50 f2.8 lens. The big difference is that Sigma is an APSC sensor only. Is that correct?

Amos Samson says:

wyde angul
sampul fo’ouz

K. D. says:

Good review. ….whose the author of the song ?

DIGSY says:

Nice video

Макс Можаев says:

thanks for review man!

gilo burger says:

Dude speak slower then u won’t run out of breath but grey channel

gilo burger says:

Great channel by the way u ll be a big channel in the future

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