Review: Aukey Optic Pro Wide-Angle camera lens

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Can the Aukey Professional Wide-Angle Phone Camera Lens improve your iPhone photography and videography? It will definitely provide you with a wider angle of view, but what else could you consider before buying? Buy on Amazon:


Maram Mohamed says:

Can I use with the iPhone 4s?

Alex Padilla says:

which lens is better AUKEY Optic Pro Lens, Super Wide Angle Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, High Clarity, 238° Field of View, 0.2X Zoom Magnification, for iPhone, Android, Smartphone (or) AUKEY 3 in 1 Clip-on Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 180 Degree Fisheye Lens + Wide Angle Lens+ 10 X Macro Lens for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy, Windows, and Android Smartphones

Ese Enpai says:

Your lens and your camera are not perfectly aligned.

brkckl says:

Shooting close up with a Wide lens.Great job… Try that with the macro lens.

Tony Dxb says:

Could you compare this one to the moment lenses?

Sohna Larka says:

real iphones does’nt need anything

Deborah Simone irizarry says:

Would it work with an ipod

Baahubali Alak at bar says:

Doesn’t work if u have otterbox depender case!

Retirement 2031 says:

As always good review. Would I buy. No. There is no substitute for a real camera.

Pacmann1337 says:

this might be stupid question but does it works for photos as well or is it video only?

RonnieBavs says:

Will this break my camera??

NewBoy1204 says:

Moments is better


I will take your new 4k lens instead 🙂
Great video production!

Tokyo Warfare says:

soft focus breaks the deal

The Bhojan Lane says:

Will it be useful for oneplus two?

Martin Pozzi says:

Thrash lens thank you

Gregory M. says:

bla bla bla. can you show photo and video from lens? 2:03-2:54 says:

Why only close ups !!??

Rok Zabukovec says:

Why this lens only works with apple devices??

Android says:

Shitty lens..

SluggardRaccoon says:

lol i got one for like $2 and it looks way better

غربة الروح says:

ابداع هذه الشركه في العدسات

Diego Mora says:

Bad quality lens, but great review


shit lens bether with original

Zoltri Helium says:

can it fit a nexus 6?

Amir Rockett says:

It’s not ‘softer focus’ it’s fucking BLUR! It’s shit.

commentor12 says:

i don’t know why but that lens attached make it look almost like 240p result

Heeman Park says:

Does it work with iPhone 6S? Also, when I either record a video or take a picture with it, will it create black circular edge? Thanks.

DarkTherapy says:

Yep, the build quality, form factor and price mean nothing if the image is awful.

Ebenezer Maniulit says:

Atleast in review there should be example of picture thanks for the review though 🙂

Jeezy Wright says:

Photos looks real samsungy with that lense on lol

bb ss says:

how it looks in your phone : 1:30
results : 2:23

BPC says:

great review, not a huge fan of the lens

cassio2999 says:

Thanks Im not going to buy this

TheJailbreaker says:

Hey Jeff! do you film with your iPhone ?

Justin Smith- Mercado says:

That focus is horrible

Ken Adams says:

It almost seems as if you just backed up and didnt film as close

Jack Spratt says:

thanks for a nice review; where can i get a telephoto? I will pass as i don’t want to get Fokused.

Qin Hui Ong says:

Hi, how will this compare to the TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit?

Thanks so much!

Pip boy Gaming 1924 says:


Kalpesh Patel says:

moment lenses are really good.

VCDoom says:

This is trash. Great review though

Miguel arzate says:

will this work with the galaxy s6 edge plus

Luis Miguel Lopez says:

Zstylus is better then that!!

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