Nikon 14-24mm AF-S f/2.8 G ED Hands-on Review

This week we take a look at another wide-angle zoom, but this time from Nikon. This is a monster lens, with a monster aperture for a wide-angle: f/2.8( How does this Nikkor perform? Is it worth the cash?

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Kowa Sebastian says:

Who takes pictures of birds like that

Abbas Raza says:

imo this is perfect weather for outdoor photograhy

Peter Murrell says:

Always entertaining reviews

Xplorer says:

what’s the use of this video ? it shows nothing but these folks … and the picture they take are displayed just a second …

Collin says:

no VR ? I will pass it.

Anirban Biswas says:

Don’t know why but I feel like the voice doesn’t match this guy 😀 Is it dubbed? 😛

i don' t know says:

hi,taking good photo are very easy ,in today’s technology! but,digital camera are crazy ! ppl too. pictures taking some time good ,some time ugly! likes stupid !

SavannahBaker74 says:

Is this a fx or dx lens. Saw on Nikon website that it was a dx lens but your using a fx body

Scott Weaver says:

Ain’t the kind of lens I’d be walking around town shooting snaps with.

Alfio Lora says:

What is your verdict on the Tamron 15-30 vs this one !!

korencek says:

I am buying this lens for 500€. Anyone selling?

Duncan Wallace says:

Wonder if a new version is about to come out. I’d love one but not if its about to be new-versioned.

trialcritic says:

I have this lens and have only one gripe. No filter threads. I love using gold-n-blue polarizers, nd filters and cannot do it.

Tao Xu says:

“Squat like a person from mainland China”
Your condescending remark is more ugly than mainland China squat.

monkeyhuggingdog says:

For Christ’s sake man, get a strap on that camera!

Renyang Meng says:

+1 s to elder Jiang

Flamur Thaqi says:

Best lens Nikon produced !

RobertKaydoo says:

I finally got this lens today and could not be happier with it. What did I think when looking over the lens? That’s right…it really is a “bulbous faced freakoid of a lens.” 🙂


James Bond says:

oh on..not this idiotic clown again

nikvuk says:

I have a question.
I’m planning on going into amateur films.
I’ve just bought the Nikon d5300, and now I’m looking for a wide/ultrawide lens.
I’ve been looking through a million videos and reviews, but just can’t get the answer I’m looking for.

Can you guys suggest a wide lens
1. of around 500$ (used);
2. That’s compatible to my Nikon d5300;
3. Will autofocus

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


caloferrero78 says:

this video sucks !!

IceBarragex says:

I got tripped out by this asian speaking with an english accent

it's 6884 says:


shadowknight moon says:

Will u exchange this lense on tamron 15-30?


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N I C O _F r a n c o says:

my favorite lens

caloferrero78 says:

Ugly chinese james bond less talk more pictures, we do not care wtf you said just want to know more about this lens

ali haydar says:

“Squat like a person from mainland China”
Kai was always condescending and a little bit lame, now he is also a racist.. cool..

Max W says:

The lens cost over $2,000…

Cam365 says:

I want this lens ! I already have a sigma 70-200mm f2.8. Going to get the Tamron 24-70 f2.8 as it challenges the Nikkor equiv really well. But I’ll happily shell out for this puppy.

Fausnaugh Productions says:

whats gonna be the the actual focal length if you use this with a dx format camera? cause ik its a 1.5 crop

jim hawk says:

awesome video!

Nikons available at below retail price! —->

Alex Ford says:

First of all the Review itself was as enjoyable as the one kilo Nikkor lens. Really cool to be outside with rain meaning no heavy shadows to deal with. Nice even lighting. I presume this was done in Hong Kong but what do I know. The weight and size is one thing I noted about the lens. I found this review and note all this time later that it was done with the D700. I’m wondering if the D810 or the D750 will be the preferred body for the Nikon test. I am looking forward to the new Tamron 15-30 lens with tough external coating. Resists dirt and loses a silly mm of width. Same f-stop. The huge question will be which lens is sharper and which lens can actually be used for its intended very wide to wide angle of views. Flare and the rest should be compared. Way to go Digital Rev TV AlexF

Alfredo M says:

look at this lens i cant afford

vind3x says:

OMG OMG OMG, you’re NOT using the strap!!!!! [panics]

Oscar Ciendua says:

I prefer the Nikkor 10.5mm…

Bryson Martin says:

What a horrible review for such an amazing lens.

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