Moment Wide 18mm Lens Review

In this mobile photography gear review, I go over my thoughts on the Moment 18mm Wide Angle Lens for smartphones.

The Moment Lenses:

My Phone:

The Neewer 62mm Filter Kit (for my moment filter adapter):

My (non-moment lens) Phone Filters:
Circular Polarizer and Filter Clip for Smartphones:
Neewer 37mm Filters for my smartphone:
10 stop Filter:
Ulanzi Tripod Mount for smartphones:
My GorillaPod:

My Mic:
Rode SC7 Patch Cable for Smartphones:

My Tripods
My Travel Tripod:
My super Ultra Tiny Tripod:

My Tiny Travel Lights:

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Abhishek Shukla says:

Can i use sirui moment lenses with moment case? I saw sirui telephoto is much better than moment telephoto.

Byron Phillips says:

Have to agree the construction on the lens is excellent, this was my first moment lens, it’s what got me hooked with the company, just received the anamorphic so looking forward to creating content. Only one I don’t have is the fish eye lens but I haven’t had a need for it. Not that I have done it yet but it’s good for vlogging too as you can get a whole lot of image and not worry too much about not being in frame.

Also to note, the ND mount for the wide angle lens, the rubber mount that the filter slides onto works for the 58mm tele lens as well.

exclusivelynyc says:

What did you use for metering and focus? Thanks.

Helaman Gile says:

I’m going to try a wide angle on my LG v30 wide angle just out of curiosity

iChase says:

Bro. I need help! I bought the moment wide v2 for my XS Max. My video constantly has a wobble or morphing to it. I don’t know how to fix this. Makes you sea sick watching the footage. The quality is great, but the wobble is killing my video. Only using it for photos cause of this. Any thoughts?

Dominique Ballou says:

I want to buy moment lens but $150 is waaaaaay too much!! I upgrade phones every year and Im not buying a $99 cases every year…I rather save up for a DSLR

Blaydrnnnr says:

Thanks for this. I have the 58mm, the 18mm, and the anamorphic. I also have the UV, 3f and 6f filters, but just learning how to use them correctly….
Yep, built rock solid, BUT, I have already worn out a case. They are a bit pricey to go through so I’m having just a “tad” of concern here…
I havent done much with this lens yet, still feeling it out on an S9+, but have many plans to work with it in both video and photos.
Question, did you shoot with just the native camera app? or anything else, and I’ll ask, what did you do in post?

Panic Vision says:

Awesome! I currently film with the moment Anamorphic lens and I love it!

Randy McKown says:

I keep looking at the moment lenses but man there’s just so many things I need ( & want ) I just can’t bring myself to put phone accessories at the top of the list. Don’t get me wrong I would probably use them a lot but …. I just need to be rich ( said every photographer in the world )

Divi Photos says:

Cool video

Alex Alvarez says:

New sub here, but been following you for a bit. Great smartphone tutorials and video work.
We’re you using a gimbal or was that half held? Also w you mentioned slowing down your footage how slow did you drop it?
Still trying to learn the ins and outs of the slo down. Thx keep up the awesome work.

The_One_True_Ricky says:

My heart skipped a beat when you ya ked off the fikter/filter mount off the lens lol. The lenses might be built like a tank but the plastic lens mount is not haha. Yes I get lots of flares too, a lot of time they bother me and I have to line my shots up more to get rid of them, but lose the composition I was looking for.

Pluto Kidd says:

I’ve been thinking about getting this lens for my note 8. I figured if I get the complete set of lens then I might as buy a dslr camera (which I’m gonna do anyway lol) I been seeing a bunch of good reviews on them. By the way, it possible for me to send you some of my work? I want a professional to look over my work tell me the do’s and don’t. Great video by the way, I’m always constantly watching your videos.

Blaydrnnnr says:

Flares.. I liked the flares you got with this, I thought they were “enhanced” in post.. but no?
As for flares, the anamorphic has a great “cinematic” effect, but I have to admit, that, to me personally, it seems a bit “forced” if that makes sense. Its a great look, especially for a mobile device, but the horiztal flares I’ve gotten so far when filming, just seem a bit too fabricated. The Moondog labs anamorphic is a little more subtle, and seems a bit more “natural”. Not sure if this is making sense, and it wont stop me from using the Moment anamorphic. Try it when you can Brent. I’d like to know your thoughts. Especially since its basically a “cinematic” lens as compared to a stills lens…

موھمد آیاں Ayan ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ ಆಯಾನ್ دکھنی ದಖ್ನಿ says:

Dude your videos need polish and popularity

Alaa Sami says:


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