Moment Vlog: Original Wide Lens VS New Wide Lens

Shot on iPhone 7 with the New Moment Wide Lens
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If you want to skip ahead to the comparison – 2:20

The first few production units of the new Wide Lens came into the office so I thought it would be a good idea to get out and do some shooting. Went for a sunrise hike mission to test out the original wide lens VS the New Wide Lens. Super stoked on the results. The lens is crisp and doesn’t have any dark edges on the iPhone 7 or 7+.

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Check out the Full photo comparison from this hike on the Momentist

Music –



Moment says:

The new Wide lens is amazing! Don’t mind all the low light footage in the beginning 🙂

WxRldUriEL Gaming says:

For the pics the camera definitely moves to the right, def didn’t get wider. And the pics just seemed to be edited better with the newer lens, like a clarity bump and more editing. But the zoom did look better on the newer lens. The body looks cool af but the quality looks exactly the same to me. meh

Regie Fiedacan says:

Hiya, I got the original lenses from moment but wanted to purchase the new case for my i7plus. Do you think this will work on to the new case? Thanks in advance for the reply!

Warm Oatmeal 現医気 says:

to save a little more time i can show you starting on 3:55 that the color is kinda more dual than the new lens.

Michael Stelmasek says:

Do the moment cases protect phone from drops ???

Power2ThePeopleZ says:

You don’t ship to USA /California / Fresno ?

Aditya Paniker says:

Please get a gimbal

Mihai Alex says:

this lens work on samsung s8+ ?

Mark Long says:

Socks & sandles!!! Bleugh!!!!

tech key guru says:

guys please consider making lens and covers for one plus 5…I really want this moment lens

Benjamin Batchelor says:

I wanna know what their outro music was

Shaka says:

Really? Keurig?

Oscar A Hernandez says:

I just purchased mine last Friday case with wide angle lens for the iPhone 7+, can’t wait to start taking pics and videos. Hopefully I get is soon.


so for low light it’s not that good?

Heather Nelson says:

did you put the moment lens on for a selfie on the Pixel2? How? The case doesnt suggest you can place the lens on the front camera? Id love to know if you can place it on the front camera? thanks

LuckyTreyson says:

Need some advice for the best mic to use when recording with an iPhone

John Liang says:

good job buddy!

TheEnragedGamer says:

I wish you had lenses for the galaxy s7 and s7 edge you have one even for the galaxy s5 s6 s8 and the s8+ But you skipped the s7 will you guys make one im dying to get one

elizabeth says:

what kind of dog is that ?

Muhammed Yilmaz says:

besides of the great pictures I really enjoyed the music. can you hook me up with the list of the artists? appreciate it!

OnlineCitizen says:

I can’t afford your lenses (for now) BUT, I love how you review your own gears. Very informative and persuasive to get one. Keep up the good work!

Dimitris Arhontidis says:

That dog is awesome 🙂

Jonah G says:

Would you want to do a give away for my website

mars GIA says:

That oG lens has vigenetting  Left upper corner.

MrJazzyflavour says:

Should I buy 2 wide lenses version2 for iPhone 6 and 7? Or can I just buy 1 wide lens and share with iPhone 6 and 7? So I just need to buy the mounting plate for each phone?

Navin Ramharak says:

dope, excited to get these! thanks guys

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