Moment Lens Version 2 Review – Is it better than version 1??

The new moment V2 accessories are excellent! What do you think?

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Subhokar Bose says:

iphone wallpaper link please…

Eddie Young says:

Love my SuperFish Lens.

themike says:

Do the V1 lens fit on the new case/mounting system?

David J Partida says:

Have you dropped your phone? And how did the case hold up?

Babyyjue P says:

I want the wide lens but wondering if it’s worth the $$

Kevin Rojas says:

Where would I be able to purchase the adapters for the V1 lenses?

Soo Hon Wye says:

Love the video!

Dave Featherstone says:

Hi, nice video. Have you made much use of the Tele v2 Lens, attached to the Tele Lens on the iP7+? I’ve just upgraded from IP7 to IP8+ and have the Tele v2 (with IP7 photo case – now redundant), and until today didn’t know you could get the equivalent of 4x optical using this method. Interested in your experiences on your IP7+. Thanks Dave

Jor Cap says:

3:19 V2 is much sharper in the edges of the frame, check the top window

That Awarkward Guy says:

How long did it take to get to Australia? I’m thinking of getting this for my Pixel 2

Gideon José says:

How do we get the adapters?

Carpdig says:

Much more convenient for mounting on cases than existing products

Ernest says:

I have the wide angle and super fisheye lenses v. 2 for my Galaxy S8 I might get the macro lens

Yang says:

Thanks, it’s a really nice review! I’m finally sure that the tele lens could fit both camera on the 7plus/8plus

HiTechKing says:

The case is so nice

mhs vz says:


CJ HD says:

Hey guys, for those interested, the wallpaper used in the video is in the description!

sonny4754 says:

Did you see the launch for the counter wait for the iPhone X with there lens for the osmo ?

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