Moment 18mm Wide Angle Lens for Smartphones & Tablets – [Review]

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The Moment 18mm wide angle lens lets you fit way more into your shots, with 0 distortion or vignetting around the edges. Perfect for pros or amateurs.

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Many companies have released lenses for smartphones. Olloclip is the leader in this market segment, and recently, glass giant Carl Zeiss has promised some new lenses. For right now however, the best glass for your smartphone comes from Moment Lens Co. They are very high quality metal and glass 4-5 element lenses that feel more like something from a DSLR and not your smartphone.

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Phonegraphy Tech says:


Gary Johnson says:

A little bit of fish eye effect on the lower left table indoor pic, but still very good quality for a phone lense

Cactus Tweeter says:

I indulge in a new iPhone yearly. How likely are these lenses able to be moved between iPhone versions?

Basir Mastoor says:

Can I use this lens on Google Nexus 6

Cubalibre says:

Hi nice video , just 1 question… the photos lose quality with these lenses?

Michael Zukerman says:

One important caveat and heed my warning. I have the wide angle and I bought the case for the iphone6. One turn too many to afix the lens to the case and it’s stripped never to tighten again. Yes there is a mark and blah blah, but in real world environment where you may or may not have light to see what you’re doing and you will strip this tiny thread out rendering your WAY over priced case, worthless for attaching your lens. You’ve been warned.

Jari van Lennep says:

Nice review, what microphone are you using?

Zach Crisostomo says:

So if I’m not mistaken, the lens does come with the mounting plate correct?

Markus EDC says:

Looks cool, what’s the cost?

Gaynor Green says:

Great lens….Probably the most accurate mount for positioning over camera lens. One con would be no way to use with front facing camera .


they need to make a mounting plate for the s7 edge ASAP!

Joie Mojica-Gahum says:

Can you also do a review of the roadeavour phone lens? Great review!

JesusChristIsLord says:

Very well done review. Thanks!! Clinched it for me!

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