LG V40 Vs. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Wide-Angle Lens Shootout

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john basco says:

V40 all the way… I hate huawei and their shit fanboys

Abdullah Zafar says:

Mate 20 shutter isn’t very fast in low light either

9 Old says:

i loved LG phones, their hifi headphone jack, camera and screen, even now still using a v10 (fixed once) for travel photos. but i have to get a huawei mate 10 to use as an cellphone. it seems that LG is not serious about their phone anymore.

Walter Goldberg says:

LG is here almost dead. G2 was really great but than they start with good and bads, today almost only bad. The firmware/software support is disgusting and the battery is really small. The G7 T is so ugly with the notch. The price drops already behind OnePlus and still nobody care about G7. The V series we get light version here, so, a lot try get import device but no bootloader unlock = trash firmware.

Pouranan Katapermal says:

V40 looks very nice

Nip neif says:

V40 the best…sory mate20 fanboys

دانیال ساعدپناه says:

SonyXz2 premium?????????

Hiu Chung Wong says:

Hi, can you do an overall comparison of both phones including all cameras, hardware, and performance? I’m struggling between which to pick and it’s hard to find comparisons between these 2 phones out there. Thanks!

forceofwillhk says:

LG V10 used to be the best phone for me, it’s got dual sims, sd card and replaceable battery, until it died on me. Got it fixed for free during warranty, then it died again. LG is just infamous for phones dying

Alberto 9324 says:

I had a v40. Returning it. Very fragile and the cameras suck. Even the G cam. All 5 cameras suck.

Stefan Constantinescu says:

Galaxy S10 will have 123° field of view vs 107° V40 and Mate 20

Tingfungjoe Leung says:

LG v40 幾好 但 電量just 3300 if 5000元有4000電 i try it

donxalamar says:

You mean, there are 2 flagship phones with wide angle lenses. Remember Samsung’s A7 and A9s

glutoxim says:

Nice video Ben, thank you.

LedHead says:

Great video. More such videos reviewing lg v40 plz.

Krunal Gosai says:

Watching 🙂

دانیال ساعدپناه says:

Why do not you compare Xz2 premium?

bjay dy says:

You don’t have the credibility to do a camera comparison after what u did to huawei mate 20 pro vs iphone xs. Now u like “vibrant” color praising the Huawei mate 20 pro? You are the biggest joke of tech world.

Glory to Arstotzka says:

Where can i buy it?

Sohib Taha says:

Lg v40

Padid AZG. says:

Mate 20 series has got a new firmware update today (build 122). Get your phone upgraded and do the review again please. As I have heard, there are lots of video improvements in the new update.

Zaki Khanfri says:

Hi, thank you for the video, can i take widened pictures with Huawei P20 or P20 Pro plz?

Mateusz Pietrewicz says:

YES!!! Finally someone did comparison of those two 3-lenses bastards 😀

Mansoor Shah says:

Watched & Like your honesty……u beauty….god bless u a lot.

Abdullah Zafar says:

it took LG like 3 years ,, really ? , how stupid are you …?

Mr. Sapson says:

Mate 20 pro for me

Harys Viewty says:

At least the wide angle camera on LG is more open to third party apps. WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram Snapchat, Google lens,GCAM, filmicpro etc

ilker erol says:

Winner is who is the cheapest I think

Nikoolix says:

6:45 “Huawei uses software algorithms, while V40 just uses more hardware” Dude no, that’s not how cameras work… all cameras, even DSLRs, use software algorithms to process the image. It’s the fundamental function of converting the information from the image sensor to a visible image file. A digital camera can’t just rely on hardware. But the Huawei had a more “processed” look while V40 looked more natural. Otherwise good shootout, they both had different strengths and weaknesses in different situations.

John Howes says:

Thanks for the comparison. I’ve been waiting for someone to compare these two directly. I’d love to see a direct comparison between both phones using all of the cameras.

robert john venigas Tomas says:

V40 colors is gorgeous

Stefan Constantinescu says:

I work in real estate and take a lot of photos inside homes. I also was between these 2 phones. I choose Huawei for battery and 7nm procesor.
Now I have V30 which I love. But I also need zoom lens

Premkumar Okramcha says:

Dynamic range better in LG V40

yahya bora says:

hhh,nice review my friend…keep the good work, peace from Morocco

Tim Pearcy says:

AS far as the wide angle cameras go the LG wins by a little. Great info and comparison as always!

iFossil CH says:

Thanks for the video, im exactly stuck between choosing these two phones and the number 1 deciding factor is the wide angle performance. So this video really help. However, im really confused on why you think there is almost no distortion in huawei mate 20pro as there are blatant ones. Esp compare to the v40. As far as i know v40 is 107 degree to get rid of the distortion, while mate20pro is 120 degree still with quite a bit of distortion.

Spast58 says:

Biggest fail about LG: they announce a phone but it’s available like 3 months later with no marketing whatsoever…. Nobody knows who they are anymore

Ali Hejazi says:

Huawei mate 20 pro VS BOOTLOOP V40

Tom G. says:

I think the LG V40 wins the wide angle showdown apart from night mode / night photos. But I do think the mate 20 pro is a better phone overall.

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