iPhone 8 Plus Wide Angle Lens by SANDMARC

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Montell Fish says:

I say Aukey Pros wide angle is just as good if not better for half the price. Only for iPhone 7 and 8 though.

mhs vz says:


Fletcher Luhur says:

Hi Tomas, How does the other fish eye, and macro works? Is it good? Compared to moment lens.

Randy Robinson says:

Blocks the mic

syabilmhd says:

I just got the SandMarc wide angle lens for iPhone 8 Plus today, and i think they have heard you regarding to the casing as it is no longer cover the microphone and telephoto lens. It is also come out with metal thread mount now which is great. You are a good and honest reviewer, keep it that way! SUBSCRIBED 🙂

PremierReviewer says:

Quality of the lens was not bad at all

Harry says:

Why did the audio drastically change when you put on the lens? Also have you tried this case with the DJI Osmo yet?

Karthik Unboxed says:

I like this ☝️

Tech4YourNeeds says:

The wise angle looks nice. That only is the price.

Michael Gomez says:

The quality was not as crisp and there was a bit of fisheye-ing that seemed to happen. Subtle, but noticeable compared to standard.

Jeremy Judkins says:

Looks like a good lens. Neat how they have fish eye, wide, and macro. I liked their Phantom 4 ND filters they send me as well.

Mike Anastasio says:

It’s too bad that there’s no easy way to attach it to a plus/X phone without covering the tele lens with the case or using an annoying clip. Can’t really think of any way they could do it otherwise but I would love a way to carry a tiny wide lines to add to the standard wide and the tele lens of my new X when it comes.

Michael T Panetta says:

Wow… the wide angle shows no distortion on the edges… nice option… Great video

Ashley Adriano says:

Wait but the iPhone 8 Plus has two lenses so does this lens still work??

troiano27 says:

Does the lens have threads for an nd filter?

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