Fujifilm’s $2000 Wide Angle Lens.. Worth it?

Todaysim sharing my thoughts and review of the Fujifilm 8-16mm 2.8 camera lens. Is it really worth $2000??

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Ko Smidts says:

Don’t understand your comment on the price…It is a pro lens! Nikon and others raised there prices with 40% or more for there native glass last year. And don’t shoot with OIS and IBIS on!! Please do a proper job before critics about price etc.

BelowZero says:

Great review Evan! It looks like that new Fuji lens is a winner although putting things into perspective … you can buy used Canon 5D Mark III and second hand Canon 16-35 f/4 for the same price …

Torbjörn Samuelsson says:

I always wait when buying Fuji. There is always a rebate.

Remen Pradhan says:

Hey Evan I want to ask something about how good fuji system are? Especially coming from a background of Nikon (relate able). I am kinda skeptical to move to fuji realm and since the hype of xt3 has really made me wonder about fujifilm. I would like to hear something from you as it is a big decision for me. What do you think of a system as a whole for a hybrid shooter? How good is the reliability?

justEisbär says:

does anyone know if there is an ultra wide lens without distortion for mft? i have the 7artisans 7.5mm but it’s almost like a fisheye lens with its radial distortion

Steven Torres says:

Do you ever shoot film ?

prince2thethrone says:

polarpro defender might work for you bro

surryj says:

great review!. but what I’m interested in is that link for that nike jacket you wearing lol

Martin Hull says:

I have the 16-55 and the 16. I considered the Touit 12 and XF 14 but the 8-16 is a better value (at sale price) for WR, sharpness, sunstars, and simply more versatile for varying environments. I hope Fuji will eventually provide us with a 11-23 f/2.8. I really enjoy using the red badge zooms, I don’t have any issue with the size of the 8-16 but then again I also prefer using the two biggest Fuji X-cameras – the X-H1 and X-Pro2.

AcidicDelusion says:

Fuji lenses definitely balance and handle better on the xh 1.

Tomislav Miletić says:

First of all, I guess this is an amazing lens, especially for what it is. Even the price tag is not too high if you really need it. It all depends on what are you shooting. Would I reconsider it? No. At least at this point. If I need ultra wide lens, my Samyang 12mm, small and lightweight (yes manual focus but I don’t care) will do the job…

Dante Corbett says:

Realestate videos here i come 😀

martinS S says:

damn that’s expensive. good video.

Abu Hassan says:

Does anyone know what that wrist strap is? It looks dope, I want one!

Davide Nestola says:

What is the model name of your hoodie if don’t mind love the color ! Great video as always

Craig Peters says:

Its such a tough one for Fuji users, i swapped out all my Pro DSLR gear to move to more travel friendly equipment in the Fuji system – 2 years in and i still dont regret this move. Subsequently ive now gone from XT range to the “flagship” XH it ticked almost all the needs and most importantly it makes me want to go out and use it (if you know, you know). Now here is the conundrum because this is my only camera and with taking on more “Pro” work im left sometimes justifying the fuji over a FF body, with that ive ended up investing in almost all the high end fuji glass and yet im still so torn, i can see why they might be bringing these lenses to market to help boost/maintain users who use fuji for professional purposes. I hate chasing tech, it sucks but when your making money from it you want to be confident that you and your equipment can deliver and right now im about 85% in Fuji.. maybe its just me! Great content as always.

cy the photo guy says:

I’m sorry but it makes no sense that you ONLY have 124k subs…


love your videos man 🙂

Mark Long says:

Re the Auro Focus issue .. did you update the XH1 f/w? Mine kept face detecting on almost anything that’ wasn’t a face..

Adin Walls says:

Strong possibility Fujifilm may find an excuse to keep the price reduced. $1300 feels more realistic

Nevin johnson says:

What would you say is your favorite fuji film lens for landscape photography?

Patryk Gizicki says:

You’ve become my favourite YouTuber so quick

Who Wili says:

If you don’t like the 10-24mm and this one is too expensive what are you using for wide angle photos?

Chase says:

I loooooove my Fuji stuff, but hell no on the price, just no effin way. I’d just go to Sony or FF if I wanted to spend that kind of money. I’d grab this for ~$1000, and yeah I’ll prob never own it lol.

Andreas Ellingsen says:

Great video, and nice to see a honest opinion! I was dissapointed about this lens for landscape photography. I’ve invested in 100mm square filter for my 10-24, 16-55 and wanted to switch out the 10-24 with the 8-16 for the WR and possibly astro shootings. Having to buy a 150mm square filter system for a smaller APS-c system is a bit weird, and also increases the price significantly for this lens!

I hope fuji will make a 10-24 WR 2.8 with filter threads or just a 10mm.

Spencer Lupul says:

The problem is, 1.5x crop means it’s an f/4.2 equiv, so still won’t come close to the lowlight performance of the 14-24 Nikon. It is a hair wider i guess, 12mm is like close to the Canon 11-24 so I guess theres that. For $2000, I’d rather get a 16-35 f4 for half the price. Or the Canon 14mm 2.8 😀 😀

C Dot s says:

Time to trade in your Nikon and Fuji system to go Sony 😉

Felipe Ottalora says:

Evan do you sell LR presets/PR luts?

Dawn Kim says:

In Canada with the sale… $2.6K…

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