First impressions: Laowa 7.5mm f/2.0 ultra wide angle lens

My not-quite-review first impressions of the Laowa (Venus Optics) 7.5/2.0 lens for Micro 4/3. Short version: I like it.

Build impressions: 4:32
Shooting impressions: 9:23
Photos: 10:13

See the lens on Amazon:

Better lens cap:
Weird reusable adhesive:

See the full-res photos on my Flickr page:

Music by Birocratic. Check him out on Soundcloud:


Photonerd says:

Same issue with the hood.

superjet2771 says:

Great video!

Greg Williams says:

Where have you been the past few months?

Daniel Morales says:

How far is the camera? 1:35

iggy_tardust says:

Hi. Do you think this lense is compatible with a sony A7sii? I thought it will be a great combo for real estate videos. Your thoughts appreciated.

David Kashner says:

Rokinon is half as much

Ezo Nymous says:

I wonder how this lens could perform on sony a7r2 with super 35mm mode?? Any info??

AerialLensVideo says:

Great video here – Thanks! I was so excited to get all this info about the lens – just great as a backup for real estate and much more. Oh Boy!!…and then clicked on the amazon link to have the air fall out of my sails; I see it is rectilinear and distortion free, and close to razor sharp, but much more expensive than hoped for. Dang – broken hearted. Ended up with the 9-18mm f4-5.6 Olympus AF for 100USD more, because it’s really sharp for a zoom and has that extra bit of all-in-one flexibility. We really enjoy your channel – thanks again!

waf4545 says:

It’s not cheap

Ogre Luv says:

Dude, I love your reviews! This one is no different… informative, to the point, but not bogged down in the nitty gritty. Everything I need to know in an entertaining package… much thanks!

Lionel Hemmerle says:

How much barrel distortion??

Martames 74 says:

500 dollars!

Hideki Gomi says:

Was looking at this lens last week, great timing. And I love the new music, too, welcome back!

Rex Smith says:

I’m about to buy this lens for real estate video,How does it compare to stabilization on that gimbal vs the 12-35 panny with dual ISI have the panny 12-35 but it’s not wide enough and not sure the hole dual IS is what ever one is talking about.On the 7.5mm is it easy to keep everything in focus since it is so wide, no need for auto focus?

Laurent Lamy says:

Thanks for the review. Really informative.

Bm Bm says:

Wat een enorm gelul over niets zonder context.

Leonardo I Candelario Jr says:

Pardon my ignorance what camera is that lens for?

liono1787 says:

Welcome back!

jgmaio says:

Michromatic you do not speak that this lens do not communicate electronically with camera

David Zx says:

I wonder what the focal length setting for the image stabilizer function in Olympus camera should I select? It does not offer 7.5 mm. I know it is wide angle lens so IS is not that important.

Christopher Reid says:

Nice Video

BobToms100 says:

You may want to add the reported flare issues in other YT videos when pointing at the sun. A major negative. I’d personally use it for vlogging, timelapse and landscapes (slow shutter)… and choose my angle to the sun carefully.

Neightmedia says:

Whats the lens cap size?

Andreas Raae says:

The wideness comparison vids in the beginning, isthat from same distance?

OneHarp says:

I’m totally jonesing after this lens! Widest I’ve got right now is the 9mm body cap fisheye, which is a super fun little lens. But yeah, UWA rectilinear is super neat looking! Great video, as always!

Albert Arriola says:

Thoughts on this lens for weddings? Been looking for something to pair with my GH5 and Zhiyun Crane. My Voigtlander 17.5 is a bit heavy for the crane (or my preference).

Mustafa Unal says:

I have the Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO lens and yeah, I rarely go out shooting with it because it’s too big and heavy for a focal length I don’t even often shoot in. I would have exchanged it for the Laowa, but the lack of autofocus is a deal breaker for me.

Snail On Wheels says:

This lens is great. But I have one additional issue. Infinity sign is not accurate. Actually it focuses at infinity just before the infinity sign. Do you also have it like that?

Gijsbert Peijs says:

Glad to see you making videos again. Good M43 reviews are very welcome on YouTube.

Chris Barr says:

I shoot Sony but really like your channel so far. I love using and collecting Vintage lenses!!

sandb says:

Too much repetition / rambling.

pc gamerzboyz says:

It’s not even auto focus and it cost that much that’s crazy

Gregory Lay says:

My copy just arrived. They may have fixed the complaints about the lens shade because mine screws on firmly and removing and fixing the lens cap is not an issue.

mhs vz says:


Pandiro says:

Excellent for you to come back! Welcome! Also, your photos made me consider buying Laowa, better wait for a used one tho.

Chaz Madge says:

7,5mm is not that wide when on a 4/3 you need to x2 it you get a 15mm

Aaron Woodwell says:

Two questions if you don’t mind:

1) how do you meter with a manual lens like this? Just put the camera in aperture priority and match that on the lens?

2) Why do you suppose there are so many fisheye options and so few(like no) rectilinear options in the wide angle-prime market? Most people I speak with hate the fisheye look.

Virtuosity Toni says:

great, clear, understandable review

Evgeny Petrov says:

599 USD? IMHO it’s a bit crazy

Sartorial Pictures says:

Nice review. The lens cap issue is really no problem. Just place the cap so it’s at the shallow part of the hood and use the external pinch and not the center pinch. Easy!


Good to see you making these videos again…. I would have considered this lens as well until I bought into my Olympus 7-14mm Pro lens recently….I have the Olympus 9-18mm for travel and the Pro lens for landscape work, but man the images you posted were excellent. …kind of wished i saved that chunk i spent on my Pro lens : (

Gagan Grewal says:

Finally, good to see a video from you 🙂 . Does it have filter thread ?

guyo68 says:

Cool lens. I like your production values. Please try and give us a glimpse of the lens you’re reviewing on a camera body. Would make this all the more useful/relatable, at least for me. Keep up the good work!

gPhotonica CA says:

This lens beats the pants off the Samyang 8mm which you could not get sharp imaged wide open, I always had to stop down. This Laowa, I shoot wide open, very sharp usable images no problem. This likely could be because the Samyang was designed for APS-C and they just tacked on an adapter. But, from my experience, although hailed as rectilinear super wide, still be careful not to have people faces or head near the edges, it will look very distorted, but, have your subject within the rule of thirds points and use it to show your surroundings, no problem. As in the video, I cannot emphasize not to forget to switch to Aperture priority with any manual lens when gunning it. As for the Blu Tack tip, great idea, I’m going to try that, so far, I had always left the lens hood home. Also, from my experience with the Samyang 8mm, I have not tested this, but, just my theory, IBS can ruin your shots (results of photos looking like blurry rolling shutter, just something I’ve never seen in 30+ years in photography), mainly when running and gunning it. I turn off the IBS for this kind of lens as you won’t need it for stills anyway.

Photonerd says:

I love this lens

bajigurwedangronde says:

Glad to know you enjoyed the Laowa, I have the same lens, but u fortunately my copy of the lens have some focusing issue, it doesn’t focus far enough to infinity. But I still like the lens nevertheless. Cheers!

Tea Jay Photography says:

I use a third party lens cap, i already had. Much easier to use. And yes, you always need to check the lens cap.
Some notes on Filter usage on that lens:

Pipu91 says:

This was very informative, thank you!

Sebastien Bouvet says:

Hi, I’m really excited by this lens, but I like to take long exposure shots, did you test it with filters ? Does 2 filters mounted add vignetting ? Thx!

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