Fantastic Ultra Wide Angle Lens – Review

Here’s a quick, and very unscientific, review of the Laowa 9mm f2.8 lens. I’ve been using one with my X-T2 for about a month now and this review is based on my experience in the field shooting landscapes.

You can buy the lens online from Laowa’s website

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Gear I used in this film:

Fuji X-T2 (UK:

Fuji XF18-55mm (UK:

Microphone = Røde VMGO (UK:
Gitzo Traveller Series 1 Tripod (UK:


Music licensed via Epidemic Sound


Sacha Martin says:

Nice! Have you also tested the Samyang 12mm F2? I am torn between the two.

SeanKimStyle says:

I love your helpful videos! You encourage me a lot to get better in my landscape photography! I’m currently debating on buying this 9mm lens or something else. I currently have fuji xt2, 16-55mm f2.8, 55-200mm. If you had a money to spend for one item, would you buy this or a drone?

Andreas Larzon says:

Hi Andy. Great video and interresting look at the 9mm laowa. I saw that you will go to Abisko, Sweden this winter. Its a great place and beautifull. Im going up there in the beginning of september hoping to catch som great images and autumn colors. Theres a lake at Riksgränsen called Trollsjön that i will visit. The area up to that lake looks amazing with hughe boulders and i guess plenty of opurtunities for photos.

samsstreets says:

So is it good for shooting the stars? I heard it has bad coma issues? Really enjoyed the review!

Alan Brunelle says:

Excellent review Andy – My kit consists of the Fuji 10-24 / 16-55 / 50-140 for my landscape work, like you I found the 10-24 wasn’t optimal for Astro work – so I had picked up the Samyang 12mm F2 . Have you any experience w/ that lens and how it compares to this lens for that purpose? [I have heard great things about the lack of distortion w/ that lens – just like you noted.] Thanks for taking the time to do such a thoughtful review, cheers, Alan

Andrea Livieri says:

You told me that this lens was really good, and now I can see with my eyes…WOW! The value for money is quite impressive. The image quality is beautiful, and I’m very impressed by the tiny tiny amount of distortion considering the extreme 9mm focal length. As always, very informative video. Nice job, mate! Cheers 🙂

1spitfirepilot says:

Yes -useful and interesting. I don’t think I want the 8-16 anyway, for the reasons you gave. Fuji told me they wee hoping a 3rd party supplier might solve the filter problem for them! We’ll see.

Goncalo Perpetuo says:

Always nice to see those “test pictures” made in Portugal 🙂
More on the “real world” review and less of a “pixel peeping” review like we see so much nowadays.
Was a pleasure to watch.

Yoan Mitov says:

While removing vignetting might be easy nowadays, it increases the noise in the corners. According to Optical limits the vignetting wide open is rated at 4 stops and 3 stops at f/4. So imagine you’re shooting the night sky at ISO 3200 and f/2.8, if you decide to remove the vignetting you’ll increase the equivalent ISO in the corners to 51200 😉

Carlos Molina says:

Great as always. Any experience with this lens shooting Stars, in particular the coma distortion ?

Ian Docherty says:

Thanks for the review Andy, been looking at this lens myself. How does it handle astrophotography?

CHL3488 says:

Will it fit on the Lumix G7 thanks for all your good reviews

Sebastian Kahrs says:

One thing to mention: Mine for example focuses to infinity perfectly fine but unfortunately it does so quite a bit before the infinity mark. This makes is really quite hard to use for Astro, since you need to remember where the actual spot was, in order to not mess us your shots

Ciel Vert says:

Great video as always Andy ! I was shooting some landscapes with the xt20 and 10-24 (bought it mainly because of you) and I was trying to capture some night shots with some of the rocks and greenery and the sky and it wasn’t doing bad.As I was leaving the area I tried to take a final shot of the rock face and the sky above it but the shots turned out blurry.All the focusing was done manually and I did it both at infinity and a bit before it and they still turned out slightly blurry.I shot at f4,f8 and at speeds ranging from 10-30 seconds,iso was anywhere from 1600 to 6400, OIS was turned on,all shots were on a tripod with no wind whatsoever,it was pretty dark even though it was almost a full moon that was reflecting a lot of light from the sun.Any advice that you could give me for such situations and have you ever experienced something similar ? Thanks so much and all the best !

Ricardo Toureiro says:

Great review. I’m surprised how much diference 1mm makes.

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