Canon EF-s 10-18mm Lens Review

The Canon 10-18mm opens up ultra wide angle photography to a new audience It’s a welcome move with this budget lens. So is this the perfect wide angle lens?

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The fact that Canon decided to make this lens is a great thing. Opening up ultra wide angle photography to a new audience is a welcome move with this budget lens.

When you first strap an ultra wide lens to your camera it is an exciting moment discovering the new perspective it brings to the world. Scenes look bigger and it displays an image much wider than what your eyes would see. The Canon 10-18mm lens picks up nicely where your 18-55mm kit lens leaves off and is a perfect accompaniment to this on a cropped sensor EF-S camera.

Wide angle photography opens up your creative possibilities in landscape photography, architecture photography and is always used to sell houses by making rooms look bigger.

On paper the Canon 10-18mm lens is excellent. It has the ultra wide angle, it’s relatively cheap, it’s light, the front element does not rotate, meaning you can happily attach filters like a circular Polariser to improve your landscapes. It also has IS that assists video and the STM focus is an excellent focus by wire system that is literally silent.

So all in all the perfect lens?

Well no. In my written reviews over on my website one element of my star rating is ‘Joy Factor’. It describes that feeling you get when using a new product, the fizz, the excitement, the desire to use it again and again, that unexplainable feeling that makes you truly love a product.

The Canon 10-18mm does not have that. It just leaves you feeling flat and the images it produces are just ‘ok’ and nothing more. Other downsides include the plastic mount, the simply dreadful distortion when at the widest angle. Anything outside the very centre of the frame, whilst at 10mm, is going to be skewed out of shape like your image has melted. The lens is also quite slow at f/4.5 – f/5.6 with the aperture adjusting as you move through the zoom range. Also I have found the image stabilisation of very little use.

For stills it will allow you to handhold exposures down to around 1/20 second but at f/4.5 this will still be pretty dark in low light situations without a decent ISO boost. I have been using this lens for my blogs and I have haven’t found the image stabilisation has been of any benefit over using a wide angle lens without IS. If you’re stood still and handholding then it will do a good job but this is pretty restrictive for creating interesting and varied shots.

I’m not saying don’t buy the Canon 10-18mm, especially currently at £180/$279. It will still do a job for you, as it is for me, it’s just there are better options out there. The Canon 10-22 is a great lens and is pretty much L lens quality just without the red ring. The Sigma 10-20mm is also another good option and can be picked up very cheaply on the second hand market. Saving up for one of these lenses may be your better option.

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Alan Priest says:

I think you are missing the point with this lens. All the other reviews say it is super sharp. So it is not the fastest lens but for landscape anyone with any sense would use a tripod so the maximum aperture is not an issue. Therfore can be used at 100iso. Same applies to image stabilisation which when on a tripod would be switched off anyway. As far as the plastic lens mount is concerned, if not being placed on and taken off your camera every day then that is fine also. In regard to distortion, thus can be resolved in post processing. For the quality, this lens at £185 is a no Brainer for any photographer. I will certainly buy one

Carlos Amadis says:

With all my respect, I do norte agree.I have this 10-18 and altghouh the lens is not very good for low light situations, it has very good image quality. Is very very sharp and the distortion is normal in what concerns of this type of lenses and can be corrected in post. For the price, is an excelent lens and I totally recomend for the APS-C enthusiasts.

Tony Turner says:

Have to disagree with you Adam. (First time ever!). I have found this a very good lens for landscape images. Maybe the 10-22 mm is a better lens but you would expect that for a lens that costs almost £300 more. (£184 against £469). Also, as I use this lens on a tripod, IS and smaller apertures are not an issue. I suppose the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. Look forward to your next video.

Danny Asker Photography says:

the new music is taking some getting use to. prefer the old. i looked at that lens when i went to wex photography a little while ago when i got the new nifty fifty

refki ruseimy says:

i’m still confused what lens to buy 24mm or 10-18mm, what do you think?

Tom Webb says:

This lens or a second hand Sigma 10-20. My friend is offering it for the same price as canon

Borderlands says:

The problem with the 10-18 is the focal lengths. They’re horrible, and you’ll soon get bored with all your landscapes looking like they’re disappearing down a plughole. That isn’t a Canon issue, it’s what happens when you shoot an ultrawide lens and expect free drama.

Most photographers need one occasionally, and for those times the Canon is fine because you won’t tie money up in a focal range you’ll get sick of very quickly. At 10mm it will make your bathroom look like it’s in the Palace of Versailles instead of a suburban semi, and will pay for itself at sales time on that basis alone.

For most work it only becomes useful at the long end, and I’d rather have an 18mm prime (or 28mm FF) than a slow zoom any day.

Gary Norris says:

One more idiot. Subjective comment without fact.

Ramon Leal says:

I saw a guy shoot some video shootage with a sigma 18-35, I believe, and the result was amazing. It kinda looked like a low budget movie.

Joey Platania says:

Production is seamless man. I can’t wait for the day your channel blows up!

F. Perez says:

I love this channel!!!

Tim Zegstroo says:

As a starting photographer with an affinity with landscape photography this is a great lens. I’m still learning and therefor don’t want to splash cash on my gear as I will probably update it all within a year or two. It gives me so much more options than the 18-55 kit or the 50mm 1.8. Yes the feel is a bit plasticy and I wouldn’t hold on to it forever, but you mustn’t forget that this lens is probably used by mostly beginners, like myself, and when you’re a beginner every bit of new kit gets 5 stars on the joy factor.

not to be harsh, but I’ve also watched the newest vid on the review of the 5D m4 and there you don’t seem to be over the moon with that camera. Again, not to be harsh, but it seems like you’ve forgotten a bit that you have different types of audiences and most of us would be thrilled to use a camera like that.

still a pleased subscriber for a while now 🙂 love the content

Dario Molinari says:

This lens is super sharp. My favorite lens when I was a Canon shooter. If it was 2x more expensive it would still be a great buy.

InnovAU: New Product Creators says:

I am fairly new to photography and filming, so I have found this lens to be fantastic! I guess part of that is because I haven’t been able to afford the higher quality lenses, so this being so cheap for what it delivers is amazing value.

I needed something that had a quite wide lens, with Image Stabilization (which I have found to be fairly good actually), so that I can do ‘walking’ type vlogs and videos, and also to be able to get that wide-angle type shot! I have had a blast using this lens, and I am extremely happy that I decided to buy it! For beginners especially, this lens is amazing!

Cheers for your review – though I don’t agree on all points regarding this lens, I very much appreciate your work!

Billy Casimir says:

Do you have a high quality wide angle lens that you recommend that works great in low light ?

Dave Pearce says:

I have to disagree about IS not being much use. ive had great success at 1 sec hand held. this has allowed me to use ISO’s as low as 400 in low light. 1/20 should be easy even without IS.
i suppose its down to the individual.

NickGoesHAM says:

EF-S tho…….

Fresh Anything says:

Would you say the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 is a much better lens? I like doing lanscapes and also playing around with night long exposures in the city/ astrology. Mostly Tripod shots

machia0705 says:

This is a good lens for the money . 16mm-28.8mm on the APS-C camera . It’s a nice landscape / architectural lens .

Harry Pirate says:

Nice review. I have to disagree somewhat about it not being a good vlog lens. It’s amazing if used properly. The IS helps a lot in my opinion. Granted I’m using it for vlogs only so my opinion may differ from yours. Also, It’s pronounced ‘VLOG’ not V-LOG Just so you know matey. Just as BLOG is not B-LOG. Keep up the vids brother! 🙂

Bright NGM says:

Does Image Stabilize important when it comes to Vlogging? If so, why canon 10-22 USM is better than this one?

Sophie Pagliaro says:

Is this recommended lens recommended if you have a canon and would like to be taking pictures of yourself whilst holding the camera?

Joe McEarchern says:

Adam. Another good, informative video. You are progressing well. Mixed reviews on this lens; your points on same should be well taken. Background music is fine with me. I think that any should be soft-like so as to keep the viewer focused on you and the subject matter; it seems to work for me. Thanks. Jmc

Dana Blouin says:

I have been using this lens for my vlog on my Canon 80D, and I fully agree that it is fairly lack luster. I am now considering the canon 16-35 F/4 because I think that might be a better lens for me. Still looking and giving some thought to it though. All in due time.

Also, great channel, love the content.

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