Canon 17-40mm f/4 USM ‘L’ lens review with samples (full frame and APS-C)

Canon ‘L’ lenses have a reputation for extremely high picture quality – but what about older designs? The Canon 17-40mm f/4 ‘L’ is clearly a great ultra wide angle lens for full frame cameras, but what are its shortcomings, and how would it perform on modern full frame and APS-C cameras? Remember, I love Canon ‘L’ lenses just as much as everyone else, but…I have to be completely objective in my reviews. See what you think.

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All pictures and footage taken by me on Canon 6D and 60D cameras.

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duabebietyeu says:

love your work, thank you for making videos!

Abhyuday Tewari says:

who’s house it this whose picture is always clicked by you?

steven l says:

Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L USM review please, it can help me a lot which lens I should buy 17-40 or 16-35mm f/4 🙂 thanks

herald9 says:

I have the opportunity to get this lens for around $550 for my 7D as I’m looking to get a wide-angle lens to compliment my telephoto (tamron 70-300m). should I bite? I also have intentions to buy a full-frame in the distant future.

Emmanuel Nalli says:

Dear Christopher I have both apsc and full frame and currently using canon 10 18 4.5 5.6. I find zoom range of 17 40 quite interesting, do you recommend selling my 10 18 and go for this for my 6 d ?

Abhyuday Tewari says:

what is special/distinctive about ‘L’ lenses?

A Rijkse says:

Dear Christopher frost, i own a canon 70D, and i want the best possible image quality for travel photography at daylight. (no ultra zoom needed), what do you recommend?

Thanks in advance! Adrian

Jose Rios Obreque says:

hi, can you do a review from Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 AT X please??? i’m been thinking in buy one, but first i want to know more about the quality and sharpness, i saw a few videos on youtube, but nothing better than your reviews, greetings!!

mrnomore says:

Hi Chris. I wonder one thing…was the corner softness in all 4 corners?

Krans says:

should I buy 70-200 f/4 L or 17-40mm F/4 for landscapes/portrait use ?

Antonio Rivera says:

Thanks for the review Christopher. One large camera store has a sale that includes this lens and the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens for $899! I will probably get it. All the best! Maranatha!

Vladimir Brozik says:

I would like to see your review of EF 16-35 f4L IS USM on full frame if possible 🙂

Obaid Hofiani says:

I love your reviews man! Very helpful!

Pavol Pav says:

very good but that price 🙂

Metal FilL says:

why the image is shaking ?

hi hi says:

Hi are there any issues if I buy this lense for a camera which is not full frame?

Robbe Gils says:

Hi Chris!
Do you know how this lens performs on a 7D mark II?

Dwhphotography says:

You have great informative videos but that background piano music is bloody awful and distracting

Christian Leonardi says:

hello chris, better Canon 17-40mm f/4 L or Canon 24-70mm F/4 IS USM L? thanks!

RedGear Films says:

Will this work on my GH4 with my MB speedbooster?

人外 says:

Might be a stupid question, but I have a 70D and plan on buying this Lens, will it still be a wide angle even though my camera isn’t a full frame? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

davin phelps says:

Thank you for all your reviews Christopher, they have been very helpful! Im currently trying to decide between this lens and the TAMRON 17-50MM F/2.8 VC. I shoot with 2 canon 7D cameras, which have APS-C sensors. Based on this review I am thinking I will go with the Tamron lens because of my APS-C sensor and because I can get the Tamron for $300 cheaper than the Canon 17-40mm f/4. Would you agree the Tamron is the correct choice for my 7D cameras? Thanks again for your help!

James Bell says:

16-35 F4 please 🙂

Eco Habitat says:

I always enjoy your videos. Great advise when it comes to making desitions on what lenses to buy according to personal needs and budget.
Thanks for sharing.

Rob Level says:

Great review man. Thank you 🙂

Rafael Bruno says:

Boo doesn’t have IS image stabilization! Video is so shaky!!

CalyptusCity says:

Hey Cristhopher, thx for your video. Can you make a video comparison between this lens and the ef 24-70 f/4? or with one you think is better?. Thank you so much.

Youssef Higgins. says:

Would you suggest to take photos, as wide as possible and then crop them in for the sharpest results and to avoid those blurry edges.

Khatija Barday Wood says:

I have purchased a canon77d and have this lens Which wide angle lens would you recommend to replace my 17-40mm lens

Bethan Jones says:

Hi Christopher, great vidoes. What lens would you recomend form my 7dmk2…Canon 17-40F4L or the Canon EFS 17-55mm IS F2.8? many thanks.

Gregor says:

I’ve searched for a lens suited for travelling and landscape photography on an aps-c camera. Later I found this one used for 350€, should I invest in a l-series lens or should I rather buy the samyang 14mm f2.8 instead?

Akiss Paraskevopoulos says:

How does it compare to 16-35 f4 IS?

Zenza says:

hello chris, I think it would be very interesting review for sony a7 shooters if you compare some budget – affordable UWA zooms such as Canon 17-40 and Tamron 17-35… The only UWA zoom is so far fe 16-35 which is very expensive for so many….

Jesse H says:

Best reviews around. Glad I saw this because I was not impressed with this lens in this review.

Jo Perez says:

I go to Digitalrev for a bit of laugh. I go here because I want actual information. Thanks!

MaT Cecchetti says:

what lens u think is better? 17-40 or 24-70 f4 ? just need to buy a lens of those 2

Monstermayank says:

Nice review, how is it compared to Tokina 16-28 f2.8 ?

YellowDieselGolf says:

I just bought one of these tonight.
For my 60D.

I was shopping for a 16-35, but the 17-40 seemed like a good buy. Should have watched this review first! 🙂

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