Canon 16-35 F/4 Review: My Favorite Wide Angle Lens

It’s time for a new lens! Let’s check out the Canon 16-35 f4 L lens with Image Stabilization! Compatible with Full Frame and APS-C Canon cameras.

This is not a sponsored video. I purchased this lens with my own money. Here’s an Amazon Affiliate link if you’re interested in purchasing this lens:

After working on my YouTube channel for 8 months, I needed an ultrawide lens for when I’m in front of the camera. The 16-35 fit the bill, but Canon offers THREE different 16-35’s.

In this video I look at the differences between them and explain why I chose the f4 with Image Stabilization. There’s also a sweet b roll montage with sample shots from the lens, and a gratuitous corgi cameo.

What more could you want?

Episode 61

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marlonsayajin says:

Great IS

Gary J says:

This lens has brought me in here, i did suscribed, the stuff you do looks good, so hopefully it will help to build the channel 😉

MariNate says:

Just picked this up today instead of the mavic pro

Jason Roberts says:

Normally don’t comment on videos, but you’ve done a great job with this one. Very good breakdown of the ultrawide options and you’re very good with the cinematography, use of colors and lighting, and just the clip of your descriptions. Well done, subscribed.


Dude this video is great. I have have the 16-35mm 2.8 II and was going to sell it for the version III but have been contemplating the F4 IS because the smoothness in video. I can afford either so price really isn’t a concern so that aside I am having a tough time deciding what to go for, I do both video and photos. I have a 24mm 1.4 II so I feel like the F4 IS version might fit better in my arsenal. whats your thoughts?

Alex Herrera says:

Great vid – subbed.

mark geodhel says:

Hi there! Would you be able to shoot astrophotography using this lens? There’s not enough info about this lens on how this lens on night sky or astrophotography. Thanks

Wayne Robertson Photography says:

Nice review of a very good lens. I enjoyed watching, well done!

Kyle Pieri says:

So you don’t trust Nikon? Rather have my D850 than any Canon

Matthew Ferrara says:

Wowwww! Every time I was hoping you’d show comparisons or explain features in detail you did! Really well put together and I think you just sold me on buying this lens! Can only imagine the education you’re providing your students! Awesome work professor

Saman Heidari says:

Great video. What were your video settings through out this video. Thanks.

WinterMotion Studios says:

Beauty at it’s finest!

hard truth around says:

Sigma….no tamron????

IELTS Fahim says:

Hi, can you tell me how did you record the audio with the Rode video mic up there but not with the camera itself? Do you have any tutorial on that? I really would appreciate if you could make one.

Tomas MC says:

Dam, the server had hyped me up for the video, but I did not expect this. This is insane! Your video was awesome, extremely informative and well edited. My respect for your ability is over the roof man, this was insane.

389 subs already! It feels like yesterday we were waiting for you to hit 300! Congrats Tom, great video, I hope to see more like this in the future.

LetsDrone It says:

5:30 whats the name of that song , it just keep coming back and back in my head all the time , and i cant remember ,, great Video and thanks for the good info

Clarke Surrey says:

Hey! Glad you had a video on this. Im just about to buy this lens! Hope you’re doing well!

ALarmingx says:

I just wonder if i can get the same results like the wide angle look if i have a canon 200d instead of a full frame camera?

ZxF says:

Because of this review I decided to get this lens. Thank you so much for a nice constructive review from a users perspective.

rich Mck says:

I liked your video for your clear and concise info.
I am in need of a wide angle lens from canon to pair with my 6d ii.
This lens seems to be the one but is it bright enough for outdoor live concert shoots and street shoots?
The 16-35 f2.8 is heavy, has no image stabilizer and is very expensive!
What would you recommend..?
many thanks

Polt Fitness says:

I appreciate this video!

Cerriscapades says:

Hey Tom, you’re on full frame right? I’m on the other side of the fence (Nikon) but have an equivalent lens as my go to for 99% of my shots – it’s a 16-35mm F4 as well!

HarvyDanger Films says:

How could one not love a channel called, ‘The Enthusiasm Project’!? You are putting out some solid content. ✌️

huexley Yannick says:

Super great video. Wish you the best for you carreer on youtube !

Paulo Carvalho says:

I’m hoping for a 16-35 RF lens at 2.8 with IS for the EOS R, if not I will be getting this one!

Christopher Jahn says:

Really good vídeo. Does the lens suffer from vignetting at 16mm with f4?

Looting Life - Quitting The Grind says:

Ok, dude. I have to admit – this is next level stuff. Can I get your autograph now before you blow up? Insanely well done with everything. The talking head, the editing, graphics, drone – everything! You gotta tell me how you did that smoke effect when the lens came into frame. 🙂

Paul Atkins says:

Lose the dreadful drum thing whatever it is, please.

AsexyKane says:

This will be my next lens to buy. Thanks bro.

Lollos says:

Can you hear the AF of the lens when using an external mic like the videomic pro for vlogging?

CasSandra dk says:

Thanks for the review! Just wondering what music is playing?

Dylan James Peterson says:

You Rock! Nice work

mat v says:

I have the 24-105L and was wondering how much wider the 16mm would be. Thankyou for the comparison. This lens is definitely on my shopping list.

Notgazo says:

I’ve just bought the 16-35 2.8 Mk III. And I can say this is a fantastic lens, it is bulky, heavy but amazing. And I can say this is a fantastic lens. This lens is bulky, heavy but amazing. It makes focus quieter than my 24-70 2.8 MkII and sharpness is comparable.

A few months ago it would cost me 2650€ and I bought it 1840€ on amazon (and this isn’t come from grey market)…

If I had not the 24-70 2.8 I probbly would have bought 16-35 f/4 IS but the 16-35 f/2.8 and the 24-70 2.8 are 2 brothers with the same size the same weight and the same treadfilter so it was more simple (for me) to go with the 16-35 f/2.8.

SW says:

I need 16mm for my eyes because these progressive eyeglasses aren’t working.LOL. Look at that subscription rate. You’re moving on up!

WW2 Discovery says:

Great video. I’m very interested in this lens but I saw on another review that the video autofocus makes a slight clicking sound. When have the mic on the camera, is it picking any noise up from the lens? Many thanks. Ross

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