Canon 11-24mm f/4L USM Hands-on Review

There are ultra-wides and then there’s this – the Canon 11-24mm f/4L USM( . At its widest of 11mm, and a completely rectilinear wide-angle too, this is wider than a lot of lenses out there. But is this is monster ultra-wide zoom as good as it sounds?

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Kandi Klover says:

I would like more Hidden Gem please like this and that print shop. Have Ian do Analog Rev of places like that plz

Benjamin James says:

Can it do  small space quality portraits being a 24mm if your trying to get the entire body and face detail

Angelica says:

I have a question. How is this lens different from any of the GoPro cameras? (GP5), aside from the obvious mega-pixel, sharpness, size and price difference.

Marco P says:

C’est à chier ta vidéo

biggoofybastard says:

2:05 “Flash, flash, penis. Fungus. Deer cock.”

Ah, reminds me of my high school sex life. I wish THAT only cost me $3,000.

JC Mapula says:


Humsamuel says:


DirectTech22 says:

3:17 you guys know how to play mahjong, huh? lol

OtakeoO says:

that lens is big af lmao

colelaurain says:

How did they record the ambient radio noise of the barber shop?

Rohan Biswa says:

buy a red camera instead of 2500$$ lens….stupid idea

andy van says:

nice video, you say that a filter can’t go on the front?, have seen a col kin adapter for the Nikon 14-24 mm that has the same shape front as this one, would that fit?

HypeBeast Vallky1 says:

my galaxy s7 is betthe tha this camera. i use morzet lens. for galaxy

Rodolfo Pimenta says:

10:30 i’ve got so shocked :v

Reinis Brūvelis says:

Love these episodes, where the tools are combined into a story – which, mostly is what photography is all about – storytelling.

Meraz Reza says:

Chinese can’t grow beard…..!

5olace says:

ya I’m good with my sigma 10-20mm

Chris P .Bacon says:

any more price reasonable options??

Catalan Loco says:

Awesome videos! Professional, informative channel with the younger, Asian version of Jeremy Clarkson as host. BRILLIANT!!

Visual Line Ltd says:

I liked for more hong hong hidden gems

Jonuthunt says:

2:06 some kind of penis?

trog lodyte says:

Stupid price, better off buying a Samyang 10mm with a 2.8 aperture. It’s manual focus but then why would you need to focus at 10mm?

Cth Andrei says:

i have a Samyang 6,5mm fisheye f3,5 lens, now that is the widest i ever seen

India ki kajal says:

nice camera

Activity says:

Plz Sub back guys.thanks

Viet Trinh quoc says:

You have nice voice.

Suzhou Chen says:


OtakeoO says:

i just checked the price lmao i’ll just stick to my 250 dolls samyang 12mm f2.0 losers boooh!!!!

Tarek Del Moreno says:

Hey man thx a lot for the video always great ones , I have little question
15mm fish eye is it wider than a regular diagonal wide angel also 15mm?
Os it is a same wide but with fish eye effect?

raredreamfootage says:


Soren Cornell says:

I just wen’t on yet another magical photography adventure with Kai and Lok. **Sniffles**

Whatever Lah says:

how to be voice like that,

Sylvain Paquette says:

It goes to 11 ????

Zach DeWitt says:

10:09 I was thinking, “dam, china has some nice beaches”

Manoj Kumar says:


Irakli Sokhadze says:

Hello, if you gave me one lenses…pleaseeeeeee

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