Canon 10-18mm STM Ultra Wide Lens Review & Video Test

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Let’s start this video off and talk about the build quality of the Canon 10-18mm STM.

Now this Canon 10-18mm STM is actually quite different to a lot of other ultra wide lenses. Traditionally they’ve been very heavy and quite large.

The Canon 10-18mm STM on the other hand is incredibly light and almost a petite lens.

But I don’t mind that, I think it will be great for travel.

Some of that weight loss is due to the fact that we’ve got a plastic mount on the bottom, rather than a metallic mount.

That’s a little bit disappointing, but just be careful when you put it on, and you’ll be ok.

As we move along to the front of the Canon 10-18mm STM, we’ve got a nice zoom ring which is quite large for the size of the lens and also, just like many other stm lenses, a very nice focus ring. It’s full time manual focus as well.

One other feature i’m very happy that they’ve included is Image Stabilization.

Sure on an ultra-wide lens it might not be so important, but it’s very nice to have especially for video work.

Now normally in my videos, I like to test out the bokeh of the lenses I review, but it’s not so much of a thing with the Canon 10-18mm STM

Because we’ve got such a wide angle lens and relatively slow aperture, it’s quite difficult to get any sort of out of focus area.

But as you can see here, if you get close enough to your subject you can get a bit of bokeh.

But that’s not why we have this lens is it.

Now I’d like to demonstrate the focal range of the Canon 10-18mm STM for you.

Now a typical kit lens on a crop sensor body like the Canon t3i or 70d, generally starts at 18mm which is good for day to day photography.

But as you can see the Canon 10-18mm STM finishes at 18mm and goes all the way back to 10mm, a really really wide angle.

Again here it is at 18mm.

Now at 14mm.

And all the way to it’s widest angle of 10mm.

Pretty impressive.

Now to be fair, this isn’t a lens that I’m going to use everyday. So what purposes are good for this lens.

Well this lens could great for a few different things. For instance Real Estate photographers nearly always use wide angle lenses to increase how large a room or property looks.

Ultra wides can also be used for landscapes and weddings and another great use for this lens could be on a stedicam or gimbal for video work.

Add in the Image Stabilization and STM motor and it could be a perfect match up for moving video.

Let’s talk about the image quality now.

Overall i’ve been really quite impressed with the Canon 10-18mm STM, especially for the price.

It’s decently sharp and all focal lengths, especially if you use Image stabilisation.

We do have a little be of Chromatic Aberration, but nothing we can’t fix in post and it is quite easy to get flares with this lens, especially if you knock its aperture down.

Distortion is actually handled quite well for an ultra wide and there are many charts online to show you the varying levels of it.

One thing to note is that unless you have a tripod, this lens might not be your best bet in low light conditions. It’s max aperture of f5.6 is getting on the slow end and might result in grainy or blurry images.

Overall i’ve been very impressed with the Canon 10-18mm STM, and when you now consider the price as well, it becomes very attractive.

Amazon have been selling this lens for as low $249 which compared to the competition, is incredibly low.

It’s almost at a price where you could pick one up to have in your bag for a just incase moment.

Sure it’s build quality isn’t like a tank, but for the price, it doesn’t need to be.

So overall i’ve really loved this lens, it’s a real bargain for anyone who wants to get started in ultra wide angle photography.


GIFF India says:

Hi, I have canon 1300D. I want to make short film on this camera which one best wide angle lens appropriate for this camera.plz guide me

Bandit says:

does it make much noise in live video while autofocusing?

Rithy Chea says:

Hello Chris Winter

How much is this lens?
And which model of Canon body should i use with?
I want to do use it for real estate work and may be some personal shooting.


Alex Perez says:

Awesome review, I just ordered my lens and I am very excited to see for myself what it’s all about!

oo0Spyder0oo says:

Another reviewer suggested this is way better than the previous 10-22mm lens from Canon, plus it’s almost half the price as that one as well. I’ve got this on my wish list for sure. Thanks for the review Chris.

ron3x says:

nice review!but will it work on 6D??

Never Time says:

Great information! Didn’t think about using it for real estate photography. My mom’s a realtor.

I just bought it during the Black Friday sale and bought a refurbished one for $199. Excited to use it with my RebelT5!

Bartek Nowak says:

very helpful video. thx

MrRainbowLP says:

great review


what does stm stand for?

Siddhesh Chavan says:

improve the sound quality of video

Κατακουζινός Κωνσταντίνος says:

Hello Chris! I ‘ve got the 18-55mm on a crop camera. I am not satisfied on landscape photos.
Do you believe that 10-18 lens is a must?

John Smith says:

Hey chris, when you shake this lens does it make a little bit of a noise?

vislevi says:

I just uploaded a new video of me unboxing this canon lens!! 🙂

Smart Biz Web Media says:

Hey Chris, great review. I just got a Ikan DS1 3 axis gimbal and although my 18-135mm falls under the combined lens + body limit, the length of that zoom makes everything front-heavy. Based on your review, this Canon 10-18mm seems more practical and offers an even wider focal focal length. My dream lens is the Tokina 11-20mm, but for video, this cannon looks to offer decent quality in a lighter package.

Autocus says:

hey chris. what pros or cons would this lens have at 14mm compared to a 14mm fisheye. i am trying to decide on something for wide landscape and nightsky photos. thanks.

Aaron Spivey-Sorrells says:

please hook me up with one of these.

Hgaara0204 says:

hmm going to Costa Rica. i wanna take amazing landscape shots. should i use a 24mm prime lens from canon, or get this 10-18mm?

Noor Almtowaq says:

Every time I search for canon products. I click on your video or just appear. Keep the hard work. I got a question for 80d

Caleb Ennis says:

how does this work with the rebel t5? how does the image come out?

Danny M says:

So if I put this on a t6i…can i still use the auto focus while I’m recording?? Like without touching the focus ring? Please reply I need help

Socrates Philo says:

I was only looking to get the 50mm lens because of the bokeh effect but realized that the 10-18mm is included in the bundle as well. Should I just buy the 50mm or is the 10-18 mm worth it?

Laccer says:

I was thinking about doing some 21:9 aspect ratio content for YouTube. The thing is, 18mm is kinda not that wide enough and if I would crop that 1920×1080 picture it would show even less on the final video. Would you recommend the 10-18mm for me in that case?

Jonas Owusu says:

How is this sense for landscape pictures?

FastLaneTalk says:

Really want this camera to start my channel going. Great job man! Love your videos, so informative!

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