Best Wide Angle Smartphone Lens — Camera Lens for your iPhone/Android

Check out the best wide angle smartphone lens! It’s a great tool to really take your videos, photos, and selfies to the next level .

AUKEY 2 in 1 Wide Angle Macro/10X Micro Lens

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**** Show Notes and Gear Used For This Make This Video ******

iPhone 7 Plus

——— Lights ——–
NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel

AUKEY 2 in 1 Wide Angle Macro/10X Micro Lens

Ravelli APLT4 61-inch Light Weight Aluminum Tripod

Arkon Tripod Mount for Smartphones

Rode VideoMicro Microphone

———-Editing Software———–
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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About this video: In this video, JD from JDTechTV talks about the Aukey 2-in-1 wide angle macro/10Xmicro lens for your smartphone. In his opinion, it’s the best wide angle smartphone lens.


Jean Prevost says:

It’s been awhile since you made this, do you still think it’s the best?

Hi says:

will this work on a ipad?

SJJA S says:

will it work on iphone 6s? thanks

MsMoua01 says:

Will this fit iphone 6? And when taking photos do u even need filter at all? Or foes it automatically give you that dslr like picture?

Wild Rats says:

you stole the Pepsi logo

Jonathan Sintes says:

Wide angle… hmm….

2ridered2 says:

great video, thank you!
What do you think this lens would do to a smartphone on a gimbal? Too heavy? I realize some gimbals have a way to “balance” your smartphone within the gimbal but just wondering if the weight of the lens would overwhelm the gimbal.

Wayne Harries says:

Great review, noticed your using the iPhone 7 plus, does the actual lens sit ok on phone lens?

SmackNPie says:

nice vid man, only one problem… those BEEP at the end makes my ear bleeding….

Luis Quintana says:

You said you use an iPhone 7 Plus? Any of those lens would work on 7+ iPhones? I’m asking cuz of the shape of the camera

Peter Ros says:

Im strugling between this Aukey (140 deg) and the Aukey (110 deg)..reason is in my experience 140 deg may be too wide specially for selfies of group of people where it tends to distort people’s faces on the side…
No doubt this is good for landscape-like what was shown here.

LadydeeTee 13 says:

Would have been great to see a “with lens” & “without lens” comparison so we could actually see the difference it makes. Also would like to see it compared on different phones…example: iPhone versus Samsung. Some of the clip on lenses don’t necessarily fit the same on different phones. 🙂 I’m currently shopping for a clip on lens that does a good job on wide angle & macro. P.S. Not sure how old you really are…..but you DO NOT look old. 😉

C Bryant says:

Great video! Solved my problem on choosing the best lens. I’m using iphone 7 plus same as yours. May i know is it compatible? Need to buy special casing or just normal casing will do?


Nicholas Jaramillo says:

First thing first Great Video!!! I was about to get the lens after seeing your vid but saw the ratings for the lens and a lot of people aren’t too happy with lens when pairing with the IPhone 7 Plus. I see that you use it with the 7 plus. Is there any concerns I should know about? Thanks in advance

Victoria Stafford says:

That thing is huge! But for such amazing pictures it seems worth it.

OwnOBee says:

thank you so much! I subbed and liked

Scruffy says:

Interesting… build quality looks great but it appears to distort the image slightly, very noticeable as you walked into the room at 3:30-3:35, notice the top edge of the entryway as you pass through.

Roger Joseph says:

Great video, but next time include a comparison.

edie828 says:

Dude. Love the outtakes. GFY getting almost 7K viewers since January! *Good for you 🙂

Ruth Do says:

will this work on an ipod 6?

Slavi Stoyanov says:

Short, but to the point.

Peter .Jones says:

I like this guy, subbed!

Shiyan says:

LG G5 secondary camera is the best so far for wide angle videos/photos.

Arnold giggity says:

I have the same telescope in the background

XmikeDOT Dark says:

i have galaxy s7 and the front part will clip on the screen because my camera is in the center of the phone, i will have a problem with the screen because of the pressure of the clip?

mete kavruk says:

Nice channel, subscribed… Could you please review 360 cameras?

Lisa Byrne says:

What a great review. Question: I am videoing fitness videos from about 13 feet away. Without a wide angle lens – just the iPhone itself I cannot fit the subject in that frame. Would this lens help? Thanks much!

James Ebenger says:

Great video. Subscribed!!

lofwil says:

Thank you so much this lens will help me!!!

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