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Why I checked out the 24mm EF-S by Canon

I recently purchased a 24mm ef-s pancake lens by Canon for my Canon EOS 80D for two reasons

-Super small size
-Wide field of view

My goal was to have something that would allow me to use my bulky DSLR in the more relaxed and non challant context of real life. I had recently used my phone for pictures and they were horrible. Good for most people taking snapshots but not to my standards at all.
This lens facilitated taking my larger camera out for walks. I used it on the 80D APS-C sensor camera where I would really have fun testing the lovely autofocus that is the 80D.

Here are the observations I made today with this lens

I was surprised to see that on the side of the lens it was written macro. I tried some really close up shots and it really did blow me away.

24mm on the canon 1.6X APS-C crop ( 38.6mm) is a perfect focal length for afternoon walks and I would even go so far as to say I would feel safe just bringing this lens as a tourist lens as well. I could even commit to a whole trip with this thing.

The f/2.8 proved useful in dark places like at the museum. Allowing for better ISO that is so crucial on the less noise tolerant APS-C sensors

Surprisingly sharp. Its defaults did not bother me at all. Vignetting, small lack of sharpness, chromatic aberration etc.

The video possibilities are huge for a run and gun situation. Remember, focal length is perfect to catch it all.

I paid 219$ Canadian on but for that price I was expecting the build quality of the nifty 50 but was surprised to see that it was actually way better and felt very sturdy indeed.

When to use this lens and when not to use it

When to use (according to my personal experiences)

Those who want to render their bulky DSLR camera a bit more portable.

Those who want to use their DSLR as a higher end alternative to their phone camera

Might even be able to replace the crappy 18-135mm as a tourist lens if stowability is an issue for you.

Those who need a quick go to camera when a dslr is stowed away. Its pancake form makes it a lot like a live body cap
Usefill in all instances where low light is a factor. Like the museum shots. Having the 2.8 apeture was a Godsend
People wanting Bokeh for cheap

When not to use (according to my personal experiences)

For diverse reasons, mostly sharpness, purple fringing, and vignetting, I really would not suggest this lens in a studio situation

For the same reason I would not use it for portrait photography
Any sport, show or or event photography is not recommended. It is a fixed focal stuck at 38mm wide equivalence. You need to play with focal lengths in show situations

If anyone wants to work with an old school style lens that makes its presence in your hand, this will not work. It is small and made for those who prioritize just that.

Another small note

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Gina Belanger says:

What lens are you filming this video with?

Hairil Ilham says:

Can I use this to canon 7d?

Bp Rijal says:

potatoes are better then your sample pictures

rgonza49 says:

My family and I are going to Disney in a few months. The last lens I had, I had to stand pretty much across the room to get a full length pic of my family with the characters not to mention lugging a heavy camera. I obviously am an amateur, so can I stand at a decent length from my subject and still fit everyone in the shot lengthwise using this lens? I have a Canon Rebel T4i. Thanks 🙂

Ad-LibbyTV says:

I can’t help but notice those gorgeous glasses…sorry had to put that in there. Nice review. I was looking for lenses that I can use for real estate tour videos. I need a wide angle lens. Correct? This could do the trick. Correct?

Herbert Willkomm says:

Noob question. Can I use this to my 600D t3i?

Allan Bodington says:

If you want to do landscape photos would the 24mm=38mm be good enough or would a 16mm=25 mm for a aps-c sensor.

Petr Gladkikh says:

I can use it as a body cap and it’s much, much better than cameraphone. I’m sold 🙂
Seriously, comparison with kit lenses would be more useful.

MadnessMobile says:

just shot with this ridiculously low cost lens today on my new 80D for the first time. love it.

XenatR says:

omg.. Julie in that latex. I need her number

Alexander Semenov says:

lg g4 rocks

dirtydockerz says:


aidan flood says:

fantastic video! very informative! maybe ive just bought the lens after watching…maybe…i have.

cashino says:

Just got mine yesterday, used it indoors great as you’ve stated it will be my on body lens ‘always on my apc’. Auto Focus is super fast ! Great price can’t go wrong with this.

Great review~

Frèd Négrovich says:

complete off topic: how do you do that swipe effect @2:39 of this video? thanks in advance. thumb up, anyway

Sammy Diaz says:

I really like your videos and how you explain things. Keep up the great work. I bought a Canon 80D and I had second thoughts until I saw your video explaining why you chose said camera. I ended up keeping it, no regrets! Thanks!

Steve Zadarnowski says:

I got one for panorama shots – the 50mm didn’t really cut it because it wasn’t wide enough, and all my other lenses are zooms and it’s a real pain if you accidentally knock the zoom while doing the shoot. I did a shooting day with it, I liked it a lot. In some instances it wasn’t quite wide enough in really tight situations but that’s how it works. Having an 18-135, and some expensive ND and CPL filters, I got a 52-67 adapter, and can use them all because they’re so tight against the front of the lens – the adapter added 2mm. Have not used it for panoramas yet but maybe tomorrow. It really is a handy light compact lens.

BrashTix says:

Decent overview bro look forward to more in the future.. I found that this is a great lens for budget vlogging also beats paying 400+

Borderlands says:

The 24mm pancake is ever present on my Canon, and it makes the handling more like a point and shoot than a lumpy DSLR, which is great.

Two points, on Canon’s 1.6 crop APS-C sensor the 24mm is something like 38.2mm (very similar focal length to the 40mm pancake on a full frame Canon). Second point, there’s no image stabilisation, so you really need a gimbal for run and gun stuff.

Tamas Varga says:

I use it on my 100D it makes the camera almost pocketable.

Damian Gildea says:

I have the 18-135mm kit lens and the 50mm prime. My main use for the 80d is video, would you recommend the 24mm or are there better options? Looking towards short movies and self taping mixture of stuff.

roki977 says:

That 24 STM and 50 STM are enough to cover a lot and deliver much, much better quality than any kit lens for really cheap. Only downside is switching but huge plus is small size. I would skip kit lens and get those two from the start.. Nice review.

Alin Cristian Militaru says:

The video on it its not nice! The focusing on it its not cool 🙁


Awesome Vid, What lens did you use to record this video?

JustVape Br says:

Good review, just don’t forget to mention that in a Aps-C sensor, like that 80D, you have basically 24mm X 1.6, crop sensor, so you actually have a 38.4mmn lens

mi3rebus says:

Thinking getting this lense for my 70D. I’m going towards this lense or the 24mm IS USM. Which of these two lenses takes better image quality for 70D? I really want the IS but its really expensive though i want the STM version for its lightweight to carry around. Any thoughts?

iClickWeddings Photography says:

@7:59 – The zoom ring is nice… Are you meaning the Focusing ring?

tirapalla says:

I would like that canon releases something wider, like 18, 19, or 20 mm EFS pancake. I already have this 24 mm, and also the 50 mm, the 10-18 and the 18-55. All have great value for money.

InternetPaige says:

Would this be a suitable lens for street photography, including street art and side of buildings? I am going travelling soon and have always enjoyed those types of images. I’m also considering adding the 50mm 1.8 STM to my pack. I have currently got the EFS 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 and the EF 75-300mm 4-5.6 and have found them both to be suitable for landscape photography when I was using the default camera settings. However now I am planning on branching out into the manual camera settings and want to have a versatile set of lenses. Do you think the 24mm and 50mm would be wise purchases or would you suggest something different? Thanks for the video!!

venkat kumar says:

subscribed! simply AWESOME.

Jacques Gaines Photography says:

If you would like to buy this lens and support my channel click on this link

Ardito Goller says:

can it used to the old camera body like canon 1000?

devfaulter says:

I also love this lens: it’s been my favourite carry-around lens for over a year on my 70D as it’s so light and such a sharp little lens. I’ve taken lots of great pictures with it.

Kendra Something says:

Great review.

simplymaci says:

Would this be a good lens for videography? I’m considering buying this lens since the one I’m currently using is the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM and I love the quality and all, but my only problem is how incredibly zoomed in it is and how far I have to be from the camera in order to fit in the shot.

Would ordering this lens give me the same (if not, at least a very similar quality) to the nifty-fifty?

Ricardo P Aquino says:

Fine! I’ll get one of these…

Wanja Pixelz says:

Wow! This is a great great review!!!

Lea Walsh says:

I am very happy with my 24mm! I am more of a novice, and am looking to purchase a sigma 50mm 1.4 or canon 50mm 1.8, but there is a $180 price difference. Any recommendations?? I like to shoot video as well as photo.

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