Best Inexpensive Wide Angle Lens for Nikon & Canon

In this video we’re taking a look at the best cheap wide angle lens for dslrs.

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While wide angle lenses for photography and video can add a whole different look to your videos, they can be pricey. It was my mission to find a decent wide lens for cheep. This week we discuss my feelings on the affordable, Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 lens. I also discuss why you should consider getting a wide angle lens if you have not done so already.

If you are looking for the best DSLR wide angle lens for canon or for Nikon, this wide angle lens for video and photography is a great option for those who have a tighter budget but want that wide look for their videos or need a wide angle lens for projects like real estate videography or photography. There are also options for both wide angle canon users and wide angle Nikon users Links for the Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 lens are below.

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———-Equipment Used to Shoot this Video ———-
Camera: Nikon D5300

Lens: Tokina 11-16mm (Nikon Mount)

Tripod: Benro S6 Fluid Head

Lighting: Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light

Microphone: Audio-Technica ATR-6550

Audio Recorder: Zoom H4n

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Deluk says:

The Tokina 11-20mm F2.8 lens would be even more versatile. I would certainly like one to go with my D7000.

Jeff Cameron says:

Nice review. Use a D500 and can afford the Nikon wide lens but after watching your review I am going to think about this lens.

thespartanchannel says:

Thanks for the video!! This is awesome. I think I’m gonna get it.

Nancy Pirrello says:

I have a question about this lens? is it suitable for D5500 motor, because my D5500 AF-S and DX lens, is what I own, and previously I sold a lens which was 18mm by 140mm wide angle. It was not focusing accurately. I kept it for a long time too. But I am wondering if this Tokina 11 to 16mm f2.8 is suitable??? i don’t understand it too much, but I know that a full frame camera. this lens ???? is it a prime lens or zoom>. Can you please reply? as I do wish to purchase a wide angle lens with a good reputation (from people who own one and Nikon camera) thanks.

rk says:

what is the software you used to stabilize the video?

Jumping Vegan says:

$400 dollars in US, £400 in Uk….. XD

Tina Siz says:

there is one out there for like 30 bucks that fits the canon fine.

FreakofSoccer99 says:

Will this auto focus with the rebel series. I have a t5i?

Utsav Prazoo says:

so he came here from ”the suite like of jack and cody”??

Sean Moran says:

Nice video

Hard Juan says:

What audio equipment are you using in this video?

Luke Brincat says:

I too have the Nikon D5300, But WHY did you get this if it doesn’t autofocus!? Couldn’t you have tried maybe the Sigma 10.20 F3.5?

David Presley says:

what video editing software do you use?

Tim Nunyer Bizniz says:

The mark II is better with some improvements. The Canon 10-18mm is also a pretty cheap though sweet little lens with IS 🙂

Autonomous Life says:

Maybe I’ll use this on my vlogging camera? Thanks!

Swaroop Bhonde says:

Awesome video! And you got quite a few more other than this! You deserve a lot more views and subscribers, man.

Sub’d, of course!

About the stable video out of the box with wide-angle lenses — completely agreed. I rented out and used this exact same lens a few days ago on a casual shoot and realised how stable the videos look even when I took zero efforts for it! Especially considering the fact that this lens does not have optical image stabilisation. My only grudge about this particular lens was — LiveView focusing during still photography. Somehow these third-party lenses just can’t effectively focus on Canon cameras with LiveView. Worse part — camera refuses to click the shot unless focus is locked, so you sometimes end up missing a really nice shot! 🙁 (Viewfinder focusing does work on my camera, though — Canon EOS 760D).

The toggling between manual and auto-focusing is a bit odd in this lens! Though we can quickly get used to it.

At 2:40, you said, keep the focus to ∞ (infinity) to get everything in focus — which kinda works. But since you own this lens (I don’t), I’d recommend you to check for Hyperfocal Distance (you may already be aware of this, but just in case). There’s a small margin of focusing distance at which you can get the deepest Depth of Field, which can be very useful for you considering the types of shots you’re up to. If you focus to infinity, the objects closer to you may be ever-so-slightly out-of-focus which you can notice in high-contrast regions at wide open apurtures.

ervie60 says:

For auro focus using in-lens focus motor get the mark 2 version of this lens; you have bought the mark 1 version without built in focus motor.
Mark 1 verion needs the focus svrewind on Nikon bodies ( D7100/D7200 and pro bodies)

Nikola Dubljević says:

Hey. I have Nikon D3300. I am doubting between TOKINA 11-16mm vs NIKON Nikkor 10-20mm. I need it for landscapes and real state shootings. And second question. Tokina is 104° and Nikon Nikkor is 109° is that 5° alot or not for small spaces? Sorry for my english. I want to buy best for hiking and open spaces (mountains) and for shooting apartments. Thank you! (Explain please difference if you know this new Nikon nikkor lenses!? Will tokina have automatic focus on my camera d3300 and will it have automatic focus on this nikon 10-20mm nikkor?
Thank you so much keep good work!

TonyToniTone05 says:

Thanks dude!!!

Manu Abraham says:

Excellent work mate, refreshing and down to earth .. liked subbed n following !

Evan Paglinawan says:

I understand this lens is for crop-sensor camera, is it reasonable for me to use this on FX body and not breaking the bank? Any suggestions?

Tech Factory says:

ONLY 50 SUBS?!?!??! you deserve to be way up there with this sort of quality and personality! Keep up the great work you got my sub!

Roland's Art says:

Amazing video… I have a Nikon D5200 and I’m planning to get that lenses … Subbed!!!

Donald Cone says:

Samyang Sir…..14mm AE is awesome …12mm fisheye great 2

gadda33 says:

Show Us a resolution tests !
And then everything will be clear :)))
It is NOT so amazing…….
Value for money ? I give a solid 7-8/10 which is very good.

ali99 _ says:

Does this work with nikon D3300

James Tananan says:

Hey I was looking for lenses I surprised that this video was shot in Lindernwood campus. Keep it up! Good Content!!

Eurodollar tv says:

what is the differences between 0.35x wide angle lens and 0.43x wide lens?

dyyllaaann says:

Excellent video – great information and examples. Does this lens auto-focus with nikonD5100?

Nicrotix says:

what is the screensaver you are using? btw great review!

Edwin The Truth says:

So you wouldn’t get this lens for a Nike 5300 if I wanted to vlog

los vuelteros says:

Thanks, that is what I’m looking for. I Think it is perfect for travel videos

Autum Schnell says:

My D3200 isn’t compatible! What kind of lens should I get for a wide angle lens??? Please help!

Maxwell Ridgeway says:

Nice! Keep up the good work! I’m subbed!

drstevenrstanek says:

Good review. All valid points.

vnktravi says:

Thanks for the review, I never owned a non Nikon lens yet. Helped me make a choice. You have a new subscriber … 🙂 Cheers!

Djone Tan says:

nice lens. but the problem is i bought used canon 600d cost les than 300usd and this lens is 400 usd.. i am broke! 🙂

Sk Raghav says:

Hi pl suggest which wide angle is good for my 80D canon. and serve my both purpose landscape and portrait photography…thanks

Sergio Diaz says:

great video

Joshua Benjamin says:

Hi! great video! Subscribed!

Fadzli Realtor says:

Hi, which lens would be great for a real estate photography that requires a wide angle and good in low lights on an entry level DSLR?

Donald Cone says:

I have the tokina 11-20 for my 7200 and the 17-35 F4 for my FX My favorite lens, and dont laugh, is Tamron’s 28-75 DI (FX) lens for my D700 3-400 bucks its f2.8 and takes a great photo thought the range. On the DX side, I like the Nokia 18-200 when walking around. I also really like Sigma’s 17-50 f2.8 DX, and i have the 70-200 and 150-600 which i use on both bodies.. Great Video

gigerbrick says:

Thanks for the great video man, I am going to take your word for it and order that lens.

David Lloyd says:

love this lens. takes filters plus it works on dx and fx. only negative is the lens cap and sun flare.

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