Affordable wide angle lens [Samyang 14mm review]

Hello guys, and welcome to a new video, now about the affordable ultra wide angle lens Samyang 14mm, also called Rokinon 14mm and Bower 14mm! There is a also a Cine version of this lens with declicked aperture and follow focus gears on the lens itself 🙂

Currently I’m using the Panasonic Gh4 with the Metabone speedbooster, and the Sigma 18-35mm with aperture f1.8. I wanted to use my Speedbooster to get extra light, so therefore I was looking for a full frame lens or a aps-c lens that would fit the speedbooster. I ended up with the Samyang 14mm with aperture f2.8. It costs $320 and is available for both Canon and Nikon cameras. It’s a manual lens, so maybe not the best solution for still photography. For video however, it’s a great lens.

After some tests, I have concluded these pros and cons:

Pros: The lens is sharp even with a wide open aperture. It’s fast (Aperture F2.8) and even faster with the speedbooster (Aperture f2.0). It feels robust, and the focus ring works smoothly. The price is affordable.

Cons: No autofocus, no image stabilization and the aperture has to be controlled from the lens only. You need to turn the focus ring several times to focus from infinity to macro.

My video about Panasonic GH4, speedbooster and the Sigma 18-35mm lens:
My video about the Kamerar SD-1 slider:
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Reuben Rasmussen says:

I was wondering if this could work as an auto focus lens?

Momekh says:

there was a declicked version of this available, no? Why didn’t you buy that one, given that you will be using it for video? Great vid though… thanks.

Evaldo says:

i want it so bad

Ravi Sanath says:

Nice Video and very informative… Thank you for this

lisa wen says:

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Life of Neal says:

Is there any reason why you didn’t purchase the Sanyang cine T3.1 14mm instead?

Ethan Koster says:

why didnt you go for the rokinon cine version, with a declicked aperture ring?

WSWEss says:

i gonna buy that shit

Ilkin Manafov says:

Please tell me or make video how you do your little amazing slider i need like this one)) Can you share it)))??

Lea Bloemendaal says:

Love this review, very informative. Do you recommend this lens for real estate photography taking photos of interior rooms for magazines? Just wondering how wide I would need to go without the fish eye effect to get good quality pictures.

Luis Benzant-Ozoria says:

would this work with canon 80d?

Kristian says:

Is there a lens similar to this one that offers auto focus?

Alex Abadi says:

Nice review, thanks !

Aaron Wong says:

Great video!

Nikki Pascoe says:

Great video! Why did you buy this over the cine lens version?

MidoTV Adventure says:

Can you please refer me to 2 camera lenses for shooting a film? preferably with an is option and under $100 each or $150 .. Thanks a lot:)

duncandrake says:

Thank you! This seems a fine lens for my shooting

abhishek kumar says:

i want to ask u one question as i m planning to shoot on canon 70D…..i want to shoot wide shot,where 5 friends are seating on a sofa sets…..i wan to cover 5 of them in one single shot….like a sitcom….which lens should i use , because as this is inside shot,i dont have much space to place the camera far from characters…….please help…..i m waitng for ur reply…..

Gerry E says:

Beginner here. Just bought the GH4 and am interested in a wide lens. If I buy this lens would I need any adapter or can I just plug and play? What is the main point of a speedbooster? How can I get killer manual wide-angle shots? What is the meaning of life?


Hi @Andyax one question: Are you using the CANON version of the metabones speedbooster? I’m a little bit confused if a manual lens can be used on the canon speedbooster version? Or do you use the Nikon version of the SB and your Sigma 18-35 1.8 is also a nikon lens? Thank you!

Josh Parlee says:

Hey man what is the text reveal template you are using to display your name?

G.E. A. says:

If you job with video, why not buy the cinema version of this rokinon lens?

Sjokolade Monsteret says:

Wouldnt it be better with a is lens? i have resently noticed alot of shaking when i try to film myself (without a is lens) i i wonder if it would help alot if i got a lens with is instead?

Arvydas Gasparavicius says:

Brilliant review! Now all I need is a full frame camera body or the speed booster..

iris muddy says:

this was so beautiful and informative, thank you!

Michal Px says:

Tokina AT-X PRO 116 11-16mm f/2.8 DX AF Lens Canon for ronin ?:) whats better ?:)

marlies timmerman says:

This is the best review ive watched of this lens, finally my questions are answered!
I’m thinking to buy this for landscape/city photography since i’m going to london and nyc this year.
Would you recommend this also for photography?

Newport Beach Media says:

Excellent content, have you ever considered Olympus 7-14mm F2.8? (Has anyone done a comparison video between Olympus 7-14mm and the Samyang 14mm)

Michal Px says:

HI , what about Tokina 11-16 f2.8 ????:) whats better ?

Mr Hipster Josh says:

If anyone could answer this question it’d be much appreciated. I’m going to be starting youtube soon, currently I’m saving up for the 5d mark ii, a big part of that is the fact it was such an important camera when it comes to video. I want a camera that can handle low light when used with a good lens, I plan to use it in all weather, freezing cold, snow, rain, etc. I plan to get the 14mm for either the 5d or G7. But currently I can’t decide between the 2 cameras. I also plan to do some photography in all weather, and a good amount at night.

asap steve says:

how would it do for vloging

jeff mathew says:

will it fit on canon 600d.?

Christopher Menz says:

Nice informative video.
A little tip: If you put an f2.8 lens onto a speedbooster it becomes an f2. But you are using the GH4 with 2x crop so the resulting aperture is f4, not f2.


Thank you, this was incredible helpful for us. 🙂 Greetings from Germany

Sarthak Kanchan says:

can you suggest me some standard lens for gh4 under $550?

Jamie Seymour says:

Love the fact that at 7:40 you ‘walked with the camera like this’, and the result after ‘adding warp stabilisation effect in post’ is turning an indoor shot into an outdoor shot!!! 😀 😀 😀

Michael Menton says:

I love watching your videos, they are always so helpful. But I have a question, I am looking to upgrade and get a GH4, but the available lens is pretty overwhelming. I film mostly travel, adventure videos handheld, but I also purchased the Yelangu s60t steadicam. Is there one all round and affordable lens you could recommend?

Tools Pro says:

Congrats! First class video!

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