A Wide Angle Lens That Does Macro! Laowa 15mm Review

If you need a wide angle or a macro lens you might take a look at this incredible 15mm that does both!
Laowa 15mm Macro Lens on Amazon: http://geni.us/NWZ41yx
Also available on B&H: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/laowa_15mm_macro/Ntt/laowa%2B15mm%2Bmacro/N/0/kw/search/BI/6566/KBID/7173/DFF/d10-v1-t12

In short, the Laowa 15mm F4 Macro lens is a wide angle lens that can shoot 1:1 macro AND has a shift mode for landscapes and architecture. This lens is fully manual with click less aperture settings and low distortion.

Great wide angle with low distortion
Very short minimum focus distance
Smooth focus and aperture rings
Declicked aperture
Shifting mode for correcting tall distortion
77mm filter threads

Available in the following mounts:
Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE (e mount), Pentax K and others

No autofocus
A somewhat heavy lens
Focus ring is at the rear of the lens
Heavy focus breathing near minimum focus

Do keep in mind there are two versions of this lens. Both seem to be identical but with different ascetics (newer model has a blue ring with different lens rings and shift button). I’m checking with Laowa to see what the differences are exactly.

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This lens was supplied to me from Venus Optics free of charge. This review and it’s content was not reviewed or paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.


Venus Lens Laowa says:

Thank you so much for reviewing our lens!

Simon Wendel says:

That intro is even more amazing with earphones! Great lens, might be a great option.

Andy Chih says:

If this beauty could only run on my Canon M6 sigh 🙂

Alan Tay says:

Awesome review! Thanks for sharing.

Late To The Table says:

Man…I was just in the market for a wide E-mount lens and I went with the Sigma 16mm f1.4.

I’d be all over this lens if it wasn’t an f4, maybe down the line when I can get specialty lenses I may grab this.

Paulo Hatake says:

Make a video about the rokinon/samyang lens!!

Neon Lotus Productions says:

its crap my friend had it

Chris Mayer says:

Very interesting, Caleb. Thanks.

Michael Mangold says:

Now I want to try extension tubes on my Rokinon 12mm.

Thaimachine Films says:

<3 love you#

Robbie Maynard Creates says:

I have wanted this lens for a year or so now.. This made me want it more. Great comprehensive review!

Sronpop says:

Great video, laowa have some super interesting lenses, lack of distortion is crazy. Have my Samyang 14mm which has me happy on the extreme wide end but I’m very tempted!

Btw I always mean to ask you but what’s the song at the top and tail of your videos?

Christopher Knell says:

Guaranteed to be on backorder by tomorrow because Calib loves it.
I’m still on the list at a few places to get that Apature F7 LED light.

Matt Eldon says:

Is it available for micro four thirds? Or does Laowa have some kind of adapter?

Greg's Garage says:

Looks awesome. How far away can it focus?

- P Y C L - says:

Another super great video 🙂 Thanks !

Brandon Washington says:

I got so many ideas for perspective affects using this lens. Will have to see if it mounts on Canon to.

Harlan Mccoy says:

Laowa lenses are great. I have the 15mm f2.

Antonio Meres says:


Seth Payseur says:

Dig it!

Blackbirddc says:

This lens is insane! I never would have even given this lens a second look if you hadn’t shared what it can do. Now I neeeed it! Haha

vlinnus says:

I wonder can Laowa 15mm f2 provide the same focus distance?

Maria Fernanda Gonzalez says:

Caleb!! please do a review on their top lenses, ive been struggling to choose between this or the 12mm zero d, and then ALL OF THE OTHERS!! they just seem so great but also very familiar to each other (as they have a few that are repeated lengths) any thoughts?

MOORI says:


Eightpspi says:

Just added to my wishlist

TOKYObrah says:

Does it work with a speedbooster and GH5?

Jonathan Masters says:

Probably buying this lens because of this review

BrandAid says:

Man I wish they would make this in a cine focal/aperture ring options instead of photo.

Brent Newman says:

I almost bought this lens but went with a refurbished Tokina 10-17MM to save money. Both are recommended by Thomas Shahan and provide very similar results.

Christian McGuinness says:

Any chance you could do a video explaining anamorphic on gh5 and gh5s? Cheers

Blaknorris says:

finally a lens I can use to replicate my over the top anime live actions lool

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