5 Reasons Why You Need an Ultra-Wide Angle Lens

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5 reasons you need a 35mm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X17Tba_azxQ
5 reasons you need a 50mm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwmCrGVS3ZQ
5 reasons you need a 85mm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIFZzq6D3dw

Now, we’re giving you 5 reasons why you need an ultra-wide angle lens.

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John Adams says:

I really like your transparent camera strap.

Giorgianna Sillars says:

Anyone else notice the part at 1:46 when he points to himself and it looks like flipped a book with his fingers.. or something like that. I don’t know how to explain it but I thought he did a magic trick at first.

outie555 says:

real pokemaster

Camilo Gomares says:

Hi everyone, which lens would be the equivalent to get this kind of wide angle on a canon rebel?

Long Tran says:

The legendary crew…Cameraman Lok, Production assistant Alambyl, Host Kai Man Wong :))

Enrique Castillo says:

Anyone knows what lens they use on intro scene? Seems to be really good lens.

Zulfan Muhd says:

is it ok if i use ”Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM” for videography?

ASMR Klotz says:

I think photographers get “camera shy” because strangers don’t like their picture being taken by random STRANGERS on the street!

Steven Johnson says:

I nearly dosed off during this video, pretty boring with little info. Well at least Kai didn’t look as pale and pastey as he usually does ! He must be getting three square meals a day ……finally. He’s nothing but skin and bones.

Andrew Lai says:

I am new to photography and I have just bought the Lumix G85. I have a question, which wide angle lens would you recommend for real estate photography (lots of tight spaces and to capture large square footage of a property)? My second question is if I use my kit lens at 12mm, isn’t that already a wide angle? Then why would I still need to get a wide angle lens? Is the kit lens at 12mm the same as the Rokinon 12mm? They are both at 12mm, what makes Rokinon wider compared to the kit lens? Would you recommend the Rokinon 10mm? I appreciate your help a lot!

MaZEEZaM says:

“Got a load of sweat on your arm” ARGH lol “I kissed a fish and it wasnt so bad” Hes so good for a laugh and useful info. 😀

SparkinHeart says:

i know you may not be able to read all the comments, but i just started making youtube videos and I find yours one of the most informative. Kai ( i think his name is) is really great to learn from.

sh9683 says:

i am renting the 1O-24mm nikon lens, and so far i am very dissapointed and happy i
rented before buying, the quality seems to be worse then my kit lens,
using a tripod, 2 second timer to reduce camera shake, using the same
camera settings, f8, .5 seconds {indoor}, iso 1OO, {using it on nikon
d33OO} {I have also taken it to the park to take some landscapes, I
tried it with many different fstops and shutter speeds, I cannot seem to
get s sharp image near or far, I have used auto focus. and have focused
manually to get it looking sharp but cannot seem to get a sharp image,
{I do not have this issue with the kit lens, {also, i used the same settings for both lens}

the image is not as sharp with the 1O-24mm as with my 18-55mm kit lens,
is there something I am doing wrong maybe? as of right now i cannot see
myself forking out over a grand for this lens as its quality seems to be
worse then the cheap kit lens.

any help would be appreciated

TheBorgCollective says:

Chinese serving live fish – Chinese = scum of the earth

MrNoFaces says:

@1,47 the Guy in the Background push the Flyer in the exact right Moment in the Air. 😀

truefilm says:

Great video! Love your wide angle lens: no fish (pun not intended) eye distortion!
Well I am actually looking for a wide angle for my Super 16mm film camera. The only (kind of) affordable – and matching – lens is the Belomo Peleng 8mm fish eye (which will look roughly like a 16mm lens on that film format). This is great for “fun, run and gun” filming. No need for manual re-focusing all the time and no “shaky hand held” camera effect either, even without any kind of stabilizer.
Yeah: the “guesstimating” with traditional viewfinders. Mine sees through the lens (ground glass and mirror shutter), even including lens flare patterns, but it doesn’t contain the widened image of the Super 16mm conversion on the right hand side. Oh the hassle just to get that gorgeous real film look 😉
Nah, it’s actually great fun and exciting doing things yourself instead of letting the most recent high tech gear doing all the work – and coming up with unoriginal results…

P.S. IMHO you should get some kind of hand strap for your camera to prevent it from falling (especially on hot days with sweaty hands). 🙂 Thanks for the great video!

Eurodollar tv says:

what is the differences between .35x wide angle vs 0.43 wide angle lens?

fajoka says:

Whats that camera u using?

Sboy's World says:

how do you do these without a light meter?! :O

pmc820 says:

Anyone know what they’re shooting on for this video?

jljyuhuh hyygiu says:

This dude is so lame

thelolcat100 says:

he’s a bit of a douchebag isn;t he?

unrealhit88 says:

sigma 10-20mm or tamron 10-24mm ???

MeDoMeer says:

1:46 looks like he threw a card in the air 😀

TechReflex says:

3:32, it was tremendously sad to see the fishes running out of oxygen and dying this way, seriously, cant they kill them instantly, or with lesser pain? :/

NETVO TV says:

Leica TL2 pair with 11-23mm, good?

Javier Carranza says:

I would love for you to do reviews with a Dslr and old school lenses reviews, for example Canon eos with fd lens? Really enjoy your channel and reviews

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