0.45x Wide angle lens review

Just a short comparison of two 58mm wide angle lens adapters for my 550D kit lens. These are all over ebay and super cheap.
**UPDATE**. I often receive the same questions in the comments regarding the exact lenses I have used in this video. I would like to clarify a few things and offer an update on this review.

Here is a link to find the first cheaper lens used in this video: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=0.45+550d&_sacat=0&_odkw=0.45+lens+550d&_sop=15&_osacat=0

Here is the second: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=58mm+0.45X+Wide+Angle+Lens+82mm+Front+Threads+for+Canon+High+Quality+Lens&_sacat=0

BUT!!! I have realised a few things after having used these two lenses for a while (and after reading a few helpful comments).

1: The more expensive lens suffers more from chromatic aberration (Google it) than the cheaper lens.

2: I think the only reason the expensive lens does not have vignetting is that it is simply not as wide as the cheaper lens. (wanna see for yourself? open my video in two tabs, pause the first video when the cheap adapter is on [2:58] and pause the other when the expensive lens is on [4:38]. compare)

So in hindsight, I would now actually recommend going for the cheap lens and simply zooming a little on the lens itself or in post production.


Eurodollar tv says:

what is the differences between 0.35x wide angle lens and 0.43x wide lens?

Sombat Krieng-areekun says:

Thank for your review.

Johny Zachary says:

hey Chris Angel lol

Daniel Peprník says:

NIce review man, but could you send me/ us link or name for the second, more expensive lense? 
Thank you!

Ikrama Muhammad says:

how can i use it without macro?

Edwin Sykes-James says:

Hi. I know this is a long shot since the video was years ago but can you tell me where you got the larger of the two lenes please? I have searched ebay but no luck. Thanks

bkfilipi says:

thanks for the info

Bayley Peachey says:

when i screw mine on to my canon 550d, nothing happens, its as if there is no fisheye!? 

Diego Pocovi says:

Hi, can the second model be used without the macro in between?, just attaching it direct to the camera lens.? please let me know..thanks

Kristoffer Didriksen says:

Very helpful!
Think I’m gonna buy the cheap one

Gustavo Guzman says:

the first lens actually looks better. the second larger one shows a lot of chromatic abrasion.

Killer MeMe Star says:

Would these lenses work on the canon power shot sx 50 hs ? Please help i really wanna get a wide angle but not sure which ones will fit what should i look for ?


hello, can you tell me the manufacturer of the second lens. i dont find one of these ones 🙂
thank you and happy holidays

Andrei Petrea says:

The second one doesn’t have vignetting, but boy that’s a lot of CA…

Johny Zachary says:

hey Chris Angel lol

ঈশা করিম says:

Great Video! Thank you! It’s even cheaper now at 75SEK, just ordered from ebay 🙂

pballerss says:

Hey there! thanks for the review.

Are you sure the front end is 82mm? can only find 62mm on ebay :s

Darsan Dharmarajan says:

which is the 2nd lens????(the larger one shown in this?)

Old Guard Kennels says:

Thanks for doing this

Fahry Sugiono says:

is it applicable as a filter ? so can it used with a step up/down ring ?

Julian Spira says:

I’m surprised the more expensive one has so much chromatic aberration

Bailey hicks says:

What’s the one called that doesn’t vignette

Dustin Bradley says:

ben affleck?

Patsoy Querubz says:

whats the brand of the second lens that is wider, thanks

jamie walder says:

chromatic abrasion on the second lens is painful and bright, really stand out round the picture on the left wall and tv on the right. i would rather the first one, much sharper and can sort dark corners easy. i might just have a go now i seen this, thank for the video, helpful info. *****

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