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Hey Folks!

Thanks alot for watching this review of the Laowa 15mm, F-2, Zero-D, D-Dreamer… wow what a long name, but fitting for such an incredible lens. In my opinion, this chunk of glass is extremely underpriced for this type of color reproduction and sharpness not to mention the speed for this focal length. It’s my all time favourite Ultra Wide angle and i’m so stoked that it’s built for E-Mount.

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VforVallee says:

Hey Guys! Thanks so much for watching, really appreciate the comments and the Subs!!
If anyone was curious about the Colors used in this video, It’s the VFV CinemaScope Picture Profile + LUT pack.
For more information, check it out at: https://sellfy.com/vforvallee
Little (Low Light / City Scape) example video i quickly put together using it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhp-_FKR478&t=103s

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David Kristjansson says:

No outo focus its bad fore gimbal work

MaheshGvelly says:

hey do you think its better than Rokinon 14mm f/2.8?? does it have auto focus?

さとうくんの見せたいモノLOG says:

Your videos are very helpful and great even for just watching! I just subscribed!
I’ve got a SIGMA 16mm f1.4 for movie shooting with a7iii but the laowa lens looks better… But I’m still not sure is it good with gimbals or not because it’s MF. How about for walking-selfie like clips in VLOG?

fernando DISLA says:

Awesome results thanks!

Josh Jones says:

Hey man keep it up. Your content is great.

MaheshGvelly says:

hey as you said , i did get the lens. Wanna try that out with milky way photography? any suggestions? do you have any ND filters in mind? how do i set it to infinity focus…..Bro you are very helpful how do you i find you on instagram

Norman Weichel says:

This lens wasn’t an option a couple years back when I was building up my A7 kit (not that I know of anyway) so what I did was get the Sony 28mm with the 21mm adapter. With the 21mm attached it slows down to 2.8 (I’m very happy with that) and the combined weight is still under 500g. A really great option for folks that want to keep autofocus but honestly, I would rather have the manual focus ring and not the focus by wire or whatever, that’s so annoying haha.

Thomas Breithaupt says:

You are doing a great job with your ‘pros/cons’! Did you have much trouble with your manual focusing? I read some people complain if you focus to infinity it tends to blur and its near-focus is not good. Also, does EXIF data come through? I looked all over but cannot find info. In future reviews if you could comment on the EXIF data and focus this would be great.

Laowa - Venus Optics says:

Thanks man. Awesome review! I am glad you love the lens.

John Callery says:

Thanks for the review. Wouldn’t the f2.8 12mm Laowa be better suited for astrophotography than the f2 15mm Laowa?

Calvin Cornel says:

Great vid. Im definitely going to check out this lens.

Axel says:

blue and teal every where today…

Bao Richard says:

btw, more videos plz!!!

DannyDD1979 says:

Dude, this was really helpful. I’ve been trying to figure out how good this lens is… Cheers!

Born to be says:

Sigma brought out a 14-24 f2.8 for e mount

Bao Richard says:

you are just so great, how you get that clean and sharp image…

Bao Richard says:

what lens you are using for shot at 0:12

Mark Eadie says:

Great vid. I’m thinking of either picking up the 15 or 12mm. Using either crop mode or clear image zoom on the A7iii while using the 12mm would give more versatility for tight, indoor realty shots. Thoughts??

Cole DeRuse says:

Love your work bro.

v3z says:

Would you vlog with this lens????

Toby Deane says:

I love the siri monpod with the crane wouldn’t have it any other way. Beautiful colors btw. What CPL did you use?

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