Why Every Photographer Needs a Telephoto Lens | Fujifilm XF 55-200mm review

Let me explain myself – EVERY photograph needs a telephoto lens in there kit! Why? Watch this vlog…

Today we will explore what happens in comparison to shooting with a wide angle lens then taking the same composition to telephoto. It tells a complete different story within the image and gives the viewer another dimension.

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Intro: Color Wheel – oomiee
B-Roll #1: Faded – Ooyy
Photo: Pacific Crossing – Daniel Gunnarsson


They Caged Non says:

Love this lens

kieran stafford says:

Nice one Matthew, looks an awesome location too.

cameraman655 says:

Landscapes with a Tele..?……..HERETIC! No doubt some “purist” landscape shooters are cursing this video. However, I agree with you, teles and landscapes are a great combo. While not a landscape shooter per se, as my background is photojournalism, however, I dabble. I also use the Fuji system after defecting from Canon after 38 years and I have several long Fujinon glass. What landscapes I do shoot, I use a mixture of teles and wides. My favourite is the 50-140, often matched the Fuji1.4x converter. And if I am feeling adventurous, I’ll break out the 100-400.

Paul Compton PDphotography says:

I bought this fujinon 55-200 a couple weeks ago. I have not used it much yet but I had it out last weekend. I have not looked at them yet. But I like it’s feel

Robbie Cody says:

Another fabulous photograph, just loved it, all that info in RAW really shows up. I normally shoot Jpg for holiday snaps but l will certainly change to RAW for anything serious. Slovenia wow l have to come back, for a few months this time. Hope all is going well on the Asia trip.
Regards Rob

scotty4418 says:

loving the outros Matthew lol.

Great images this week and not long watched Nigel Danson’s vlog this week on the same subject about shooting with the telephoto lens. Think if I looked at my lightroom catalog it would tell a tale about how little I use my telephoto so maybe its time to start challenging myself and leave the 24-70mm off the camera and focus for a bit on the 70-200mm

Bernhard Wimair says:

great shot but y didn’t you wait till sundown/rise? 🙂

Stephen Singleterry says:

Hi Matthew, regarding the last image you showed us, I believe you said you shot at f/8, what was the focal point you used?

Christopher Cauchi says:

What camera did you use for this video?

Omar Acosta says:

Thx for the video… I have been thinking about getting the lens. After your enthusiasm, you have pushed me a little further to getting it.. lol

Thomas Johansson says:

Been looking at getting that 55-200 lens. I keep waffling between the expensive and heavy 50-140, but I honestly don’t think I’ll use the speed the 2.8 aperture gives me. I have other lenses for portraits and stuff like that. By the way, have you played around with vintage lenses? I have a few, but I keep going back to the Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.4. It’s CRAZY sharp and the bokeh is just breathtaking! So fun to use a manual lens too. 🙂

Small pet peeve here too… but it’s called a panorama, not a panoramic. Panoramic is an adjective, panorama is a noun.

John Allibon says:

Well done Mathew you really nailed it. The church & mountain shot is superb.Keep them coming -Rgds, JA

Yuri Ramirez says:

I never wait for sunset or sundown, I’m never at a location long enough. Someday. Excellent video. I’m shopping around for Fuji lenses.

Asim Sohail says:

Excellent video Matthew. Also, could you tell me what tripod you’re using in the video?
Thanks 🙂

Angela Thomas says:

Very good video I have just brought a XT2 and now looking at getting the 55-200 🙂

G. G. Momin says:

Great shots …the camera looks like an XT3….

Alex Mcdougall. says:

Thanks for another great video. Can’t wait for you films from Asia.

Lynne Otter says:

Buongiorno from Italy… rain, rain…. So good to see some sun and mountains that you are enjoying. Great vlog, straight to the point, no pfaffing

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