Unboxing and review of universal 12x Telephoto lens for smartphones

This is a review of a telephoto lens accessory designed to be fitted to smartphones, promising 12x magnification and supplied with a mini tripod.

The product was purchased from BangGood.com – here’s a link to the item: http://www.banggood.com/12X-Universal-Zoom-Lens-Tripod-Camera-Telescope-For-Mobile-Phone-p-908181.htmlp=ZY11015266992014041U


Shepherd Omata says:


android tech says:

hey bro…is it works in redmi note 3

Raymond XL says:

Great review. Thank you.

Shepherd Omata says:


Kakha Khmelidze says:

What is the manufacturer and exact model of this lens? Please even give us Amazon (or other) link for this product.

K162KingPin says:

Have you tried mounting this on a gopro or similar action camera? These are high quality cameras with do not typically have any zoom. They also typically have very boxy or square cases and would seem to fit that sort of mounting system

Khalil Abbas says:

u stupid stupid FUCK!!! i just wasted 8 mins of my life watching thus shitty review!!! u stupid asshole should zoom in and out to show the fucking distance not just show us fucking bunnies!!! fuck you i fucking hate you !!!!!

Kaustubh Divekar says:

what’s the price of this product?? where did you get this??

Shoukat Ali says:

zaber 10

Toohard Toobe says:

Thanks. Now i know that there’s no big difference between most of the “universal telescopes” or whatever they call them.
Bad lenses and exaggerated zoom level are their typical attributes.

BBC Lab Assistant says:

how to decrees the zoom.

karan singh rana says:

I need only this lens not tripod or holder

Kalvi says:

You can use the Clamp for 37mm lenses??

balaji B says:

can I use to my phone lenovo k4 note

KosIS GUrUnG says:

we can use it in galaxy a5 or not?

avinash paliwal says:

Can you please tell me how can I use in sony xperia t2 ultra dual

Shepherd Omata says:


Makaila Magana says:

Can you please make a video on how to clean the inside of the lens :/ I got mines yesterday and there’s dust inside of the lens where I can’t get to it .. Maybe you can shed some light on this issue I’ve tried everything ..

Thirdworldfilmaking says:

you are right with the black distortion on the edges and blurry…Don’t expect to much guys but better than regular video..

Jayesh Rathore says:

hey i wanna ask that is it a variable zoom lens or zoom is fixed through the lens? 

BiasDeathjam says:

This would be better on a Lumia 1020

Ray Luis D. Monserrata says:

I guess this will fit into my ZOOM Q2HD handycam.

JH Tayieb says:


Troy Villegas says:

Thanks im planning to buy that

Alexey Storozhenko says:

Thank you! Changed my mind to not buying it

Banggood says:

great job mike

Nashaat Mahmood says:

I just Want a telescope lens on the LG g4

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