Top Max telephoto 420-800mm lens review

A review of TopMax telephoto lens sold by com2save Ltd in the UK on Amazon –

is a very interesting bit of kit, that can reach to the moon 😉


Michael Cezar Villaflor says:

I’ve had one of that, i’m exited to try this thing i am just waiting for the t-mount. i’d like to try this to hunt some chicks on the beach. 🙂 lol.

Biblical New Year & Aviv Barley Watchmen says:

Hi Night shooter. I shoot the new crescent moon from Israel every month. Are you still happy with your purchase? Would you suggest this lens?

Devon Mcc says:

hi would you think it would enable to be used on a canon sx60 hs camera talking about the top max telephoto lens

Christian's Films says:

Good for sport photography?

bvdashok bathhula says:

Good for wildlife photography?……does it fit for 700d?

Rufaro Haruperi says:

I’m seriously considering to buy , will it work on my Nikon D3300 ? I read a review on amazon someone saying it didn’t work for them, will it work for me?

Andrew Gray says:

This is supposed to be a review but you don’t even show it in action or any photos it took??!! Can you please post some?

Cherry Pepper says:

Would this work well (with appropriate filter) to shoot a solar eclipse?
What camera settings do you use to shoot the moon with this? Do you have any samples?

Mary Kay Mills says:

I too was looking at this lens to shoot a solar eclipse. I can’t find the camera to scope adaptor for my B&L 800mm scope. and 800mm is perfect. you don’t think it would work well?

Jed Mclelland Drum Covers says:

What is the total length of this lens when it is at 420mm. Just wondering would it fit in my camera bag

Farhan Shajahan says:

what you mean standard 50 mm? can we also click in 50 mm or minimum is 420 mm?

Don Sullivan says:

These types of lenses are cheap but it would be worth the extra money if the manufacturer made it from the factory to fit on a canon camera. You would not have to try to find an adapters that works

Devon Mcc says:

lol ok sounds like I have every thing I need in a camera rite sweet thanks for the info bro

ph D says:

I recently bought the same item for my Nikon D3200 but as I figured out I need an adapter to fit…
As i read in your comments the Nikon d3300 needs T2 adapter but i don’t know if i need the same…Any thoughts or a link how the adapter looks like?

TY for your time

Farhan Shajahan says:

what you mean standard 50 mm? can we also click in 50 mm or minimum is 420 mm?

knots Adrian says:

what adapter is needed in Kelda 420-800mm for my canon 700d please respond thank you

Beck Olivia says:

hello I have just got this lens. I have mounted it the exact same as you ( I have canon 700D) it is coming out blurry, exactly the same as with out the lens. I have set it to manual but still the same is it a faulty camera or lens?

Erick Kamaruddin says:

how about, if i applying to XT10.

dronespace says:

great review

Farhan Shajahan says:

what you mean standard 50 mm? can we also click in 50 mm or minimum is 420 mm?

wasim shaikh says:

i have taken the new camera 1200d canon it will fitted the lens in 1200d bruh ….yes or no ..

Sumit Sharma says:

Hi shooter, I am having trouble getting it mount on Nikon D3300 with the T-mount (provided with lens). Do I need to buy another adaptor?

corrine mccarty says:

This video helped me a lot.    I bought an Opteka  420mm telescope lens and wasn’t sure how to get to the other sizes and how to use it properly .   This is a great video.  THANKS!!!!!!!!   I use this one on my Canon Rebel T3 EOS.  Now I will have try my lens and see what setting I will like the best.

wasim shaikh says:

this lens is fitt 1200d camera canon bro….

Glowith says:

Damn it’s so cheap, but it’s a great lens, I suggest it!

cashino says:

Mine just arrived. Will try some moon shots tonight, for the price can’t go wrong. The EF mount was fine and yup front lens cap 🙁 . Very light lens as you stated. Cheers

harry gresham says:

Why isn’t it good for sports?

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