TOO CHEAP? Tzumi SmartLens Telephoto 8x Zoom Lens Review

The Tzumi SmartLens is a whopping $14.99 USD at Best Buy, but is it too cheap to be worth anything..?

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Frederik Ruijter says:

Thanks a lot, you convinced me completely!

john falcon costanzo says:

I received mine today it sucks .sending it back now hope that they give me my $76 back

Thomas Shue says:

16 degrees is FOV as in field of view

Larry Monske says:

The clip is junk focus the lens the clip turns off center and scewing with in dropped the phone with lens attached no damage.The camera needs a statinary plate to screw the lens into.

over9000713 says:

F18mm is the Focal Length, 16° is the Focal angle (e.g Fisheye is usually 180°). The numbers on the display is the focus distance, the aperture is wide open as the phone has a built in fixed aperture.
The zoom sounds strange as it is {your phone’s focal length} x {phone sensor crop factor} + 18mm

The pricing is controversial as at Walmart Canada sells them for $25, and BestBuy sells them at $15 (Rounding numbers) and I didn’t know of BestBuy selling them.

I bought this outrageous lens just so I could film 240FPS from a slightly further distance when quality doesn’t 100% matter.

bonemeister090909 says:

fuck u!! you white piece of shit! u are the cheap piece of shit! now fuck off!

Kenneth Mayer says:

Thank you for the thorough review. I would have liked to see more examples of with and without the lens. I can see the “chromal abrasion” that you talk about (the colors seem to alter in the shot), but I would like to see more examples of what the magnification can do. My guess as to the numbers on the side: they are distance estimates. The gear moving the lens up and down is not a telezoom but a focus and the #s are a guestimate of where you need to have the focus for a particular distance, maybe? I know nothing about cameras, but that’s my guess.

theoneandonly SICKTRASH says:

I just wanna know what the photos are like!

Bernie Langs says:

This video was very helpful. Thanks

Christopher Bolton says:

Very nice review. I admire how comfortable you were. I’m never comfortable in videos lol. I could be wrong but I wanna say the 16° is in reference to the angle one of the lenses concaves or convexes. It could also be the viewing angle, like how a camera lens will tell you its Field of View.

Satvik Thote says:

zoom are locked are variable ?

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