The BIGGEST ULTRA TELEPHOTO ZOOM EVER for a cropped sensor DSLR!! TAMRON 18-400mm Preview

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Introducing the BIGGEST ULTRA ZOOM Lens ever made for cropped sensor cameras, the Tamron 18-140mm F3.5-6.3 Mega Zoom. This is a 22.2x zoom ratio in a lens that weights 24.9 ounces and has the 35mm equivalent of 27-600 on a Nikon DX body and slightly more on a Canon cropped sensor body.

This is the lens for the person who never wants to change lenses and get the most zoom for their money. It’s priced at $649 which is reasonable when you think of what the cost of two or three other lenses would be to cover the same range.

How will the quality be? It probably will be fine, as in okay. It wont blow your socks off but the people buying this lens probably wont care or know the difference. The person who purchases this is most likely leaving the camera on auto and take snap shots of whatever comes there way.

I personally would accept the challenge of trying to get great photos with this lens to see how the quality really is. DSLR, Mirrorless, Camera

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Rodrigo de Piérola says:

People who buy supe/ultta/hyper zoom lenses are almost never pixel peepers. They want good pictures from their trips, shoot in auto and not change lenses. They never complain about chromatic aberrations, busy bokeh, or soft corners. When you use those lenses you want your wife and kids in the picture with Machu Picchu on the background, or the castle far away or a bird. They won’t be serve with a 400/2.8. If it’s remotely good, it’d be a hit for its actual users. No ammount of “my 135/1.8 zeiss is sharper and you can crop” will be better that the one-lens option it brings.

Talat laldeen says:

hi jared 18-400mm I bought this lens i’d like to ask, could be use with nikon d5100.
look forward for your reply.

Cathy Zangri says:

when is coming soon?

Nightowl358 says:

I’m a hobbyist with an old D300s and newer D7100 body. The D7100 came with an 18-140mm; I’d part ways with it if this lens delivers.

RonThePhotoGuy says:

I used Sigma’s 18-200 and 18-250 lenses. I bought Tamron’s 16-300 because of the “splash proofing” I’m not sure it consists of anything more than a rubber gasket at the mount but I have great hopes. 16 mm at the wide end is worth more to me than 400 mm at the long end. Going from 18 mm wide to 16 mm wide lets you fit more in. I used my Canon 100-400 zoom to check the difference between 300 mm and 400 mm and decided 300 mm was good enough. The super zooms aren’t super fast but you can still get some background blur and they are great for trips.

Jeff Cameron says:

You said “when I was selling cameras”… Did you leave your day job?

David Green says:

I was about to buy a Nikon 18-140 lens for my Nikon D 7200 , then I heard about THIS lens !!.

Because airlines are getting frugal on how much stuff you can bring into the cabin of an aircraft , I usually bring my kit lens , and the ultra awesome Sigma 10-20 f 3.5 . when I fly abroad .
I just hope the other half won’t mind me stretching my lens budget a bit more to accommodate for the cost difference !!

BTW, filter thread size is 72 mm

Sue Huhn says:

I travel with the TAMRON 16-300mm lens. LOVE IT! I like that I don’t have to keep changing lenses when I want to shoot something close, then far. I just wish it was lighter.

Chris A. Aguirre says:

For sure, I love the 70-200 I guess this one is better for open spaces

Breeg2011 says:

I would be surprised if its image quality should turn out to be en par with the more specialised lenses, but does it really have to be? If it should be just a tiny bit worse then a lot of photographers might wonder whether the added flexibility might be worth a bit of quality loss. Particularly sports photographers might appreciate the improved reaction time that would come with such a lens, but I am sure that many other pros would also consider it, IF it should turn out to be only slightly worse than the aforementioned specialised lenses.

TL M says:

Well what the bleep? I just bought a Canon 400mm f5.6 a few weeks ago. Ah well. Since it’s a prime lens I’ll bet it will take sharper a image then the Tamron.

Daniel Astello says:

We want a real world review! We want a real world review!

Ankur Tripathi Photography - 00971 528693220 says:

i pray that images are sharp – that”s all i want – it will be a superb walk around lens !

TheMagnificentZoltar says:

Is this lens with an APS-C DSLR camera recommended over the Sony RX10-III bridge camera with 1″ sensor as all-in-one solution? I’m considering buying the RX10 III as replacement of my Canon SX20 IS. (I’m looking for versatility with a better low-light performance than the tiny 1/2.3″ sensor I have now.)

Syed Asim Ali Shah says:

i want 18-400 f1.8

Billy L says:

I have the 18-400mm for canon and I will be in Yellowsone /Grand Teton next week

Garnett Leary says:

I have extensive experience in optics. Not photography so much but I can assure you were this possible effectively an L lens or other UD quality lens would have been produced already. How many elements are there? Too many. Compare any range of this zoom to its prime counterpart. FAIL.

George Coleman says:

Sounds like the perfect lens for hiking

Clifford Zeman says:

Have the Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 and shoot semipro football from the side lines and end zone. I also have the Canon 100-400mm f/4.0 and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm too. If this lens tests out well I would purchase for shooting day games and need to carry only one lens, that would be a beautiful thing… Lets see the reports first before I purchase and the price is unreal, only $650.00 WOW!

Aventurismo says:

saw some pictures of bryan peterson with the 18-300, they look good…

Umpa Lumpa says:

If It me yous 2 of this lens tis on my  neekkon d3200 can it got 1200 millimiters of lenght?  Tis is beter tahn tha 70 to 300 milimiters tat neekon has alreddy. Tihis is a very sweat lens for mi camera.


If autofocus is precise and fast, if edge sharpness is good to very good at all focal lengths, then it will be my travel and all around lens!
Still, I will not hesitate to propose this lens to an amateur for an “all in one lens” since it is relatively compact and light.

Mark Keohane says:

Be interesting to see a full review; sure IQ will be good enough for most and v convenient having one lens for every situation from street to safari. Natch, there is reference below to the P900 and of course there are other compact superzooms (more compact than a DX Nikon with that zoom out front, anyway); though they all rely on sensors a small fraction the size of even DX, which would put me off, yugely.

Personally I’m planning a big road trip/f’tog project next year where I will only take one lens – but that lens will be a 40mm 2.8 definitely non-zooming, manual-focus, manual-aperture pancake to go with my 1980 Pentax ME Super and a stack of Ilford. Which I’m v excited about. Now that’s really gonna test my skills as a ‘tog. Wot – no chimping?!?! :o)

David Cowdell says:

I travel a lot and one lens sounds good, but I would still have to find room for my nifty 50

Steve Bucciacchio says:

Would be nice to see a real world review. Jared, any chance you’ll do one?

Seanography says:

This looks like a really nice piece of kit that will lower the work load of Amateurs like myself, it’s definitely a good lens to help you learn about lenses which, in-turn, would lead you to getting a better quality piece of glass when you become more competent.
This teamed with a fast 50 covers, quite literally, every area you will need, be it shooting portraits, to getting quality wide angle shots, getting that 600mm telephoto for wildlife etc or getting stunning Macros. Definitely on my wishlist

Chris Summers says:

I could see myself owning this if it tests out ok for general sharpness. I sometimes travel where airlines restrict carry on for regional international routes. I usually use my Canon 7D MkII and the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 for a wide angle zoom. For longer zoom ranges I either take a Tamron 24-70 f2.8 and/or a Canon 70-200 f2.8. I might like to sacrifice a bit of sharpness and the weight for these 2 lenses and shoot with the 18-400mm making for a 2 lens travel kit. And at $649 the price is worth trying it out.

Stephen says:

Jared, I have traveled with three f2.8 lenses to get me from 15mm to 300mm but it can be a bear. Walking all over Stockholm or Barcelona carrying that much glass get tiring. Scott Kelby had recommended a Nikor 28-300 zoom for traveling. I picked that lens up but I am very disappointed in the quality of the images that I get. Perhaps it’s me and not the lens. Either way, I would love a solution that gave sharp photos but didn’t require 10 pounds of glass. I will be curious to know what you think of this Tamron ultrazoom when you get to test it.

Richard Oleck says:

First,nwhy do you want to try it only on a cropped sensor camera? Is it strictly a ‘DX’ lens? And I’ve had surprisingly good luck with their 18-270. It’s surprisingly sharp. I think good liquid glass is being made available to all manufacturers of lenses. A lot of what would be otherwise flat in the old days are now sharper than in the old days. The biggest problem I worry about with these large magnification lenses is the helixes used to zoom and back off. Because of the mechanics of these long zooms, the helix has very big loads on the twisting action of the barrels and they have a strong tendency to want to break…so let’s see how Tamron did with this one. Sigma’s 28-300 was junk. I had one…and without abusing it, it broke. The helix was not strong enough to carry the load of zooming in and out.

Timothy Gritzuk says:

I am going to Hawaii in early 2019 for my cousins wedding and am a semi pro photographer. I would absolutely take this lens instead of taking a wide variety of glass. Being able to get multiple shots with one lens is a time saver in my opinion.

Kafeen Konseps says:

Just got it a few days ago. Been trying hard to get good sharp shots. I leave to Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week next week and want this lens to work for me.
Even at 200mm, 1/500shutter, on a tripod,, Not even close to sharp at any f#. Maybe its my old T3i body? Maybe the lens? Maybe me? I just don’t know. Any Thoughts Jared?

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