The Best Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon APS-C?

A LOT of people ask me this question. In fact every week my comments report is inundated with it. Here are my thoughts, for what they’re worth.

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All pictures and footage shot by me on Canon 550D, 60D, and 70D cameras.

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williamdlc3 says:

Currently rocking the 70-200 f/4 L lens! As a new freelancer, it was a nice balance between professional build and performance and price. Don’t be afraid that it doesn’t have IS as for video work, a lens of that focal length should be on a tripod anyway (although I was able to use this on a Benro S4 monopod without it shaking too much)

Don’t see a point for me to upgrade until I have the money to get the f/2.8 L II IS version, and I plan to keep this as well because of how much lighter it is compared to the 2.8II IS.

Steve Haresign says:

Hey Chris, I got the canon stm zoom earlier this year and was lucky enough to go on a safari in Africa and used this lens, although at times I had to crank up the iso, the pictures I got back were stunning, national geographic.L would say, awesome lens for the money.

Nicolas Garrigue says:

Thanks Christopher! I was looking for this comparison and you did it again! Great job!

Csab says:

I have the tamron takes great shots on my full frame but it has alot of vigneting

Thiago Cardoso says:

Thanks to your other videos, I have replaced my Canon 70 300 non is by the new 55 250 stm and I don’t regret, it is a very good image quality lens.

jesse alvarado says:

I found a canon 55-250mm is stm on craigslist for 60 USD:) best deal ever!

Elean Mendoza says:

Hi Christopher. I always love your videos. One of the most informative reviewers out there. I would like to also suggest the Canon 70-210 f3.5-4.5 USM. It’s an older but lens but it’s very sharp and SUPER CHEAP. You can get one here in the USA for under $100 shipped to your door via ebay or craigslist.

My channel says:

for sharpness video and photo on Canon 80d Tamron 70-300 vs Canon 55-250 is stm?

Marcelo Duarte says:

Man, i think i already watched almost all of your videos. Incredible how didact you are and how good are your reviews. Thanks for the excelent work you are doing for us, beginers, but I think even advanced photographers probably watch your videos too. Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, I´m from brazil and my english is not very good. lol

heyimxegu says:

Please review the Tamron 35mm 1.8 Vc!

SupraWes says:

I bought the Tamron a few years ago and have loved every minute of it. The VC is awesome, you would have to be nuts to try and shoot handheld video at these focal lengths anyway so the jerky VC is not an issue. It is clearly designed for stills shooting and for that the VC is incredible. The images coming out of it have great contrast, are sharp, and the focusing is fast and quiet.

Donnie AI says:

Great video as always Chris! And that bird at the end of the video is lovely! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Canon 70-200 f/4 IS USM with its corner to corner sharpness and your video even convinces me more. I don’t shoot f 2.8 that much since I want the entire face to be in focus rather than eye and i use flash and strobes 90% of the time. So f4 f5.6 sometimes f8 is home for me. Thank you again and hope to see more of your videos coming ^___^

Petkovski says:

I wish you had a Nikon camera so that you will do Nikon lens reviews 🙁
besides that , great job!!!
as a Nikon user my choice will be the Tamron 70-300 VC

cristian alonso herrera becerra says:

Hi there! great videos and thanks for shedding light on cameras and lenses!!! I’ve got a question for and hope you can help me… would you recommend the sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 Macro for canon?? or you would still recommend the canon 55-250 over the sigma?? thanks in advance for your help!

Dibyah Rana says:

what do u say about Sigma 150-600 mm sports

Andrew Gach says:

so will the tamron 70-300 on a nikon aps-c give me a 1.5x crop or will it stay at 70-300mm?

Kara Spierling says:

Hi. I have a canon 7d mii and looking for to replace the 55-250 non stm. I was considering both the tamrom 28-300, which you seemed to review well, the Canon 55-250 stm, and the tamron 70-300. For Sharpness and build quality which would you recommend? The 28-300 seems versatile and I would spend the $ if it a better lens for sharpness overall. I would be happy with the 70-300 or the 22-250 stm if there is not. Love your reviews! Thank you

Frank Torres says:

Cool video

Asif Kotabagi says:

hi, bro… I want to buy Nikon Af-p 70-300mm vr lens, and I m in dilemma which should buy for zoom, what is your opinion for 70-300mm and 18-300mm.. plz suggest thank u….

Ruud Peeters says:

Thanks a lot for all the interesting and informative videos, you really helped me choose my lenses 🙂

Jay pante says:

im a fan i am so much happy hearing your review im a follower i learnerd a lot….can you give me as a gift an old efs-55-250 canon lens…

dragan lazarevic says:

What do you think of Sigma APO 50-150mm f/2.8 II EX DC compared to canon 55-250 f 4-5.6 ?????

Partha Dey says:

Thank you very much Chris.Now I am clear about what to buy next.I am thinking about the 70-200 f/4 L USM.

Shelby Trejos says:

this honestly helped me so much thank you for this !!

Sandy says:

The EF lenses have the same quality with the EF-S ones? Is it better to buy an EF-S if you have a cropped camera?

Ron Powell says:

What please is the difference between the Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 VC USD and the Tamron AF SP 70-300mmf/4-5.6 Di VC USD?

KareInCOLOR says:

: can I take pictures of the moon and stars with this?

Sombra Sombre says:

A question out of curiosity:

How is the image stabilisation for photography from the Canon 55 – 250mm IS STM compared to the Tamron 70-300mm VC?

I own the tamron one and the OS is insane. 1/15 at 300mm is not an issue.

ozan oğuz haktanır says:

Dude, your videos reaaly are valuable. You thoroughly see what people need. I just wanted to thank you!

michael enochs says:

Looks like the one person to down vote was from Nikon haha

Melchor Libuton says:

hellow chris i would like to shoot some sports and some portrait shot.. which would you recomend bet the two.. i used a canon 70d

Swaroop Bhonde says:

Just as I was on a mission to choose my first telephoto zoom lens, you post this video!!! No doubt I’m going for a Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM!!

You are just amazing +Christopher Frost Photography! Can’t miss any of your videos.

About video suggestions, I would love to see a comparison of budget/not-ultra-expensive normal/wide fast primes, especially for APS-C cameras. And yeah, those weird lens reviews never get old; please continue that too! 🙂

Rezky Abadi T says:

Chris, what do you think about Tamron 70-200 f2.8? is it a sharp lens and good enough?

thiskory99 says:

I always enjoy watching your videos. I’m sooooo happy we have you on the Canon side of things! 🙂

You’re very informative and have such an amazing voice for voice-over work. I watch every new video you post and enjoy them all the same. You’ve helped me decide on many lenses and I find your opinions on each lens very accurate.

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