TELEPHOTO LENS SHOWDOWN: Which is Best? Why? Price? Resolution? Application?

TELEPHOTO LENS SHOWDOWN: Which is Best? Why? Price? Resolution? Application?


Nacho Diablo says:

How do you feel about the 80-200 f2.8 old version with the push and pull zoom and slow af? is it worth getting at all if you are in a tight budget?

Eliza Chaves says:

Thanks for the video, what´s your opinion on the Nikkor 70-300 VR you have there vs the Tamron 70-300 VC?, I´ve read in several places that the Tamron is better in sharpness, VC and autofocus but I´d like to hear your opinion on that please

Darren S says:

that was obscene AP mouth was watering lol, I too was thinking that table was looking a bit wobbly

Mark Reynolds says:

the 80-200 2.8 afs your thoughts please

Youssef Jouad says:

Would you recommend Tamron 150-600mm for wildlife?

Chris Hay says:

Does the AFS version of the 80 200 also have the backfocus issue at close range?

協咒曲-皮諾切特 says:

Cheap Chinese mirror lenses? Oh you mean the Korean Samyang/Rokinon/Vivitar/Prooptic/Rokkor/Wallimex/…………………..

Jim Jones says:

Exquisite !

Mark Acevedo says:

That 300 really does look like the peeping tom special lol my goodness that front element though! and 2.8 that is amazing

guitarwinds says:

Don’t need autofocus and wanted to stay on the cheap so I went with the old Nikkor 200MM f4 and 300MM f4.5 for telephotos. Just picked up the TC201 and TC301 teleconverters on eBay for cheap so I’ll have some fun this spring seeing what doubling out their focal lengths will catch me. I pretty much always use them during the day so the light loss from the teleconverters doesn’t bother me. After you mentioned the teleconverter in the 500MM f8 review I started looking into those. There’s always something new to learn in these lens review videos lol

Marckymarc71 says:

You know what get’s my panties in a wad, Ken? Wangnobb photographers like this who’ve never heard of using BODY CAPS or LENS CAPS:

I wonder what his sensors look like (If he’s still in business that is) Aaaaahhhh!!!

619RobdoG says:

BEST is the $1,400 200-500 VR3 period

Sohail Alam says:

Is the 80-200 compatible with tele converters from either Nikon or third party like kenko?

Crewchief 227 says:

Ken you know I like your videos and recommendations but I have always thought one thing was missing being that you have access to more older glass then usual. Example overlays with actual pictures taken with the lens in question. Like I have the Tamron and that’s fine but was curious about that older AI-S 300mm f/2.8 at the end. I don’t wanna spend a nice used car on the new 300 2.8 but this seems like a doable option. However I have to admit that once you give a lens the nod it is an utter pain in the ass to get your hands on, I can’t tell you how hard it was to get that Tokina 100mm. I was on a waiting list forever. lol

Kevin Holmes says:

Snagged one of those 500 f/8s on ebay for 170, free shipping. Looking forward to trying it out in Shenandoah national park this fall

WMP3333 says:

Hi !
I have a question. I am looking for a super tele photo lens which I am exclusively using for landscape images. (mostly mountains)
This means i have no problem with f8 and no autofocus.
Which would for my purposes be the best lens where I can get maximum focal length ( 400mm; 500mm; 600mm or best 800mm) relative to best possible image quality when I therefore take compromises in speed and missing auto focus in oder to save money?
A good tele lens with good image quality for reasonable amount of money 🙂
There are so many newer and old lenses out there that i have difficulties to find the very best combination…….

Many thanks in advance!

stanley Narz says:

You’re so boring, no one will feel the connection

Matt M says:

Only a very brave man puts that amount of equipment on a wobbly table!

jmehlers16 says:

I know you don’t like the Nikon 70-200 f2.8s, but what do you think about the Nikon 70-200 f4 for travel when I don’t want to lug around the Tamron 70-200 f2.8? Especially when compared to the Nikon 70-300VR? Thanks!

PJ Smith says:

One lens I truly miss is the Nikon 180mm 2.8D and now that you reminded me about it, I’m going to start looking on Craigslist! I have the 400mm 2.8 VR and I believe out of all Nikon lenses (excluding the 300mm f2 ED) has the shallowest depth of field. If you divide the aperture from the focal length the 400mm decided by 2.8=143…while the 200mm f2 is only 100.

Michael Russo says:

A fast 200mm is my favorite. Anything bigger 300mm and above, can be a bit much. Reflexes are their own world.

Marcus Riley says:

hi, thoughts on the 80-400 v 200-500 v tamron 150-600?

Sajith Kumar says:

nikon 200-500 or 80-400 ,which is better choice ?

Frank White says:

Nikkor 28-70 2.8 D ED? I see one locally thats cheap. Pros/cons?

Rick Mahoney says:

Ken will the Nikon 500 mm f8 work on my Nikon F 100 thanks Rick Mahoney

Virginia Hoffman says:

Excellant video your logic is perfect. Insanley happy with the Nikon 500mm reflex I purchased on Ken’s recommendation. My use of this lens is for artistic purposes, portraits, nature studies, to take advantage of the dougnut bokeh..Fine for me due to the fact I have no interest in pursuing wildlife shooting.

Kenji Shiroma says:

How do you feel about teleconverters?

Aljaž Repnik says:

What about the nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 vr ii vs the tamron?

Aaron Underwood says:

Here so fast the vid is only in 360p still :’) Question. I just learnt my 80-200 is very soft at 200mm but sharp at like 195mm. Is this normal?

Ben Mak says:

Long hard rod showdown: which is best? Why? Price? Resolution? Application ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

G-God Gaming says:

great video ken thank you

Maja Midžor says:

what about 80-200 af-s? 
it’s just a bit more exp. and much harder to find, but it does focus faster and more silent; what’s your thoughts on it??

Wilhelm W says:

Very informative

Marcus Riley says:

ty, I was kinda going that way haha cheers for confirmation.

teamwork77777 says:

I would love to watch about K 30. Thanks

Stefan1968ful says:

I made here in Shanghai a good deal. The Nikkor 600mm 4.0 FL for 69k RMB new incl. a camouflage cover. That is about 8.8k Euro or 11k USD. Not bad. 1/3 cheaper than in my home country Germany where this lens is sold at least for 12k Euro (usually more). Yes, even 8.8 k Euro are crazy. But you live only once 🙂 Plus, even if I sell this lens later in Germany I hardly will make a loss. So it’s fine, this lens is just a super stellar performer. It’s outstanding It’s simply god-send 🙂

Geoff Bosco says:

How does the 180 Ai compare to the 180 D?

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