TAMRON 70-210 f4 Lens Review | Best Budget Telephoto Lens?

This is a review of the Tamron 70-210 f4 VC lens. I took it out to get you sample images so you can decide for yourself wether or not the lens is the right choice for you.

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NWP4440 says:

Definitely an option for me. I do 95% of my work outdoors, so it’s a real tasty option to me.

Ankur Tripathi Photography says:

Y not buy canon l series F4 which is sharp and cheap

Wasin Silakong says:

We dont need the warranty card

Max Shean says:

Can’t do anything wrong with a used Canon F4 L IS version. A lot older but I cannot see an advantage of the Tamron here.

boehseryappi says:

I have the Nikon 70-200 F4 VR and im happy with that
(took the cashback and trade-in my old Sigma 70-200 F2.8 non OS – so the price was ok for me)
A comparison from that Tamron to the F4-Nikkor Version would be interesting for me

Superuser TechMods says:

That’s always my fav part, don’t need this won’t use that lol

Alberto 9324 says:

im chilling with my $99 olympus 40-150 f4-5.6 lens

Thomas K. Villadsen says:

I mostly shoot landscapes and nature, so I bought this instead of the 2.8, mostly due to the weight. I’m very happy with it, I think it’s a fine lens in very good quality. But as you say, the zoom ring furthest from the body, is a bit stupid.

rfluharty says:

You said that on a crop sensor it was still a f/4? I thought that when you went a crop sensor the effective focal length is multiplied by the crop factor as well as the aperture, which would make it an f/6. Is that incorrect?

Anthony Augeri says:

Can you do a challenge using a Nikon D7000 at a low light event that has a lot of fast moment?

Nick SAM says:

F4 not enough for me. SORRY guys =.=

Benjamin Cornwell says:

I really enjoyed this review as it confirmed many of the things I was hoping for about this lens and I will definitely consider buying it!

Chidvilas Prem says:

What is vc?

Samuel Graves says:

PLEASE tell me you added the vignetteing in post!

Jefferson Steelflex says:

Im looking to buy a zoom lens (250$ budget) is the TAMRON 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC any good?

VincentHannon says:

I am less enthusiastic about this product. I think it’s neither fish nor fowl. The question I feel is there so much difference between it and the 70-300 at a fifth of the price. And if you bought the 70-200 from six years ago for the same price.

Calvin Corrigan says:

why not the 28-400

neofelis BASS says:

Which is better the VC on the Tamron 70-210 f/4 or the IS of the Canon 85mm f1.4?

Chris Hall says:

Landscape togs take note, this ones for you!

Jay P says:

Been really digging this lens. Love the size, function and quality.

StormBlåst says:

Now that 28-75 f2.8 is out for Sony E-mount I wonder if they are gonna release something like this but f2.8 soon…

Phillip Farano says:

Where is the review..????

yuri886 says:

Great review , I have it and I like it , another bonus is the zoom Is internal!

Lawrence Tellez says:

This is a really nice lens I got day one it’s very sharp I shoot landscapes.

Stan KMT says:

I own that lens. Hecking amazing of a lens for $799!

P Hibon says:

I own the Nikon 70-200 / f4. This lens is tack sharp and I would definitely recommend it over the Tamron (if you can provide the funds)! Since I’m a landscape photographer I don’t need the f2.8 persé, although it would be great especially when attaching a TC to it. However, the 70-200 f2.8 is a bit too expensive for me.

Tech 101 says:

*Idea : Photo session with my GF as the model*

Who’s agree with me?

Johnny4eyes says:

I went with Canon’s 70-200 F/4 IS after multiple considerations:
– Canon’s 2.8 costs a mint.
– Tamron’s 2.8 has almost equal image quality from all reviews and is much cheaper. But weighs a ton, wouldn’t be fun to hike with.
– I primarily shoot nature & landscapes so I don’t really need F/2.8.
– Tamron’s F/4 is cheapest with VC but other tech reviews show significant distortion & slight softness compared even to Tamron’s F/2.8, NM the Canon offerings.
– Canon’s F/4 has IS, very portable, good price, and image quality is highly comparable to the F/2.8 which is widely renowned.
So unless you REALLY need F/2.8 (e.g. portraits or indoor sports) I’d go with the best F/4 that fits your needs & your camera.

Nikhlesh Verma says:

Thank you Jared, I was looking for the review of this lens from you.

okokok i know says:

you forgot one MAJOR ability of this lens. you kinda showed it, but didn’t mention the fact that this lens has a great close focusing distance for higher magnification. the lens also stops down to f32, so that paired with the reproduction ratio can make for some great shots. o yeah, the tamron 1.4 and 2x extenders keep just about the same focus distance. 1:3.1 alone, 1:2.2 with the 1.4, and 1:1.6 with the 2x. the iq holds great too. i’ve had this lens since it got to the store, and i’m having a hard time wanting to change up. i don’t think i have ever mentioned bokeh before, but this lens is pretty fn dope. this lens has very good qualities around the board…..highly recommended.

fallen1102 says:

“105mm-315mm on crop sensor at f/4” but it would actually be 105 to 315 at f/6…

Steven Rix says:

More wind tunnel tests please.

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