TAMRON 18-400mm Review | BEST Ultra Zoom Telephoto Lens?

Our mission is try an answer all your Tamron 18-400mm questions! Make sure to leave one below and tune into our 5:30pm EST/2:30 PST Live stream TODAY for a closer look at this ultra zoom telephoto lens!

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TAMRON 18-400mm Preview | BEST Ultra Zoom Telephoto Lens?


Lori Leduc says:

Looks like s great lens. For amateurs that want one inexpensive but good quality lens.

Fred Schmitthammer says:

Thank you for the great information

erickg36 says:

Would this lens be a all I would need? Instead of carrying 3-4 lenses

Antonio S-M says:

Que calidad ofrece el Tanrom 18-400 ?

Shane Labrooy says:

What is the price?

Bhargav Jani says:

sir this Lance i can Use in Nikon D7200?

Yerko Rodriguez says:

So can’t I use it in a full frame camera??

Dennis Reyes says:

When will the bundle be available on Amazon? (approximately)

J P Vinay says:

hi dose it fit to Nikon D610 camera

ariel balajoro says:

I will consider buying one if AF speed and IQ is acceptable, but first Tamron has to make a weather sealed 600mm 5.6 VC to pair with this one.

rico sanjaya says:

how about mirrorless camera?.. it is work on eos M3 with EF adapter??

J P Vinay says:

cost of it ?

lonely wolf den says:

I am buying a canon t6i for my hobbie and year book is the Tamron 18-400mm Superzoom compatible with the t6i

Edwin Maldonado says:

Is this better than the 100-400 Sigma for wildlife

William Shaheen says:

Super helpful video very well done. Thank you.

Buddh Sharan Sahu says:

does this lens have equal zoom as 70 to 300 mm non VC Di lens…because 70-300 non vc is a full frame and 105-450 on my DX body…so if really is the same i think, i wana to check both lens zoom capability, as 70 -300 gives me more reach to the subject or this 18 -400…..plz compare these both lenses…also compare the image quality of both

Ashraful Islam Shuvo says:

Does this lens will work properly on Nikon D7200 ?

Bill Britt says:

From what you said it sounds like an awesome lens for APS-C cameras.  Do you think Tamron will make a similar lens for full frame cameras?

joseph leblanc says:

that looks a top shelf lens

J P Vinay says:

thank you

John Vance says:

looks great and sounds wonderful! for my Nikon

Yasitha Kasthuri says:

Can i use this with my sony a6000? If can can you suggest me a good adapter. Thanks in advance

Peg Bird says:

Nice presentation. Than you

TheMagnificentZoltar says:

Is this lens with an APS-C DSLR camera recommended over the Sony RX10-III bridge camera with 1″ sensor as all-in-one solution? I’m considering buying the RX10 III as replacement of my Canon SX20 IS. (I’m looking for versatility with a better low-light performance than the tiny 1/2.3″ sensor I have now.)

Safeer Mufti says:

Will it be good on Nikon 800 series everything else was well explained

Chi Blackburn says:

How would you rate or compare this 18-400 to their 16-300?

Martin Rivera says:

Is this lens available for purchase and do you have some in stock?

sreejith b says:

is it compatable with Nikon D5300?

Tomás Gustavo Rodrigues Fonseca da Silva says:

How is the overall image quality? Thanks.

J P Vinay says:

quality of photos ?

Joseph Shaykewich says:

Will AF, etc. work with a teleconverter attached (1.4x, 2.0x)?

roshan rana says:

is this good for my canon 77 d ?

Sana Ullah Rajpoot says:

Will this lens work on full frame camera too?

Windsor Jang says:

Why is the lens not made in Canon EF full frame mount instead of APS-C mount? A full frame lens can mount on a full frame camera, such as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, as well as on an APS-C camera, such as Canon EOS 80D, though the result is not as sharp as it is mounted on a full frame camera just for some split-hair photographers. However, the opposite is true, because an APS-C mounted lens sometimes cannot be mounted on a full frame camera, at least most Canon APS-C made lenses cannot. Did you mention in this video that this lens can be mounted on an EF camera, which is a full frame camera? Anyway, I like this lens to replace my Canon EF-S 18-135mm lens.

testthewest123 says:

Is the image quality about the same as the kit lenses?

Robert Tallard says:

Sorry for my english…but i have the tamron 17-270 and i want to know if it is better the tamron 18-400? it is verry better for the long distance et the qualité of the picture? Thank you .

mcatuara1 says:

Can you recommend this for weddings?

Rabih MAAMARY says:

whats the maximum aperture at 400 mm?


canon 200d is good choice to Tamron 18-400mm lens

blindkkj says:

Hi, I’m a m43 owner. I hope this is not a stupid question.
Why Tamaron doesn’t make similar superzoom lenses on m43? I know they had 14-150mm few years ago but not like 18-400(9-200mm in m43). That could be interesting to some m43 owners since there is no competition.

Do you happen to know why?

Julesmaree56 says:

This Tamron lens is just what I need for my photography. What would be a better lens to purchase on a Canon 7D, a Canon 18 – 200 or this Tamron 18 – 400? I know there is probably about $200 – $300 difference between them both, I want one good lens to do close ups and pictures further away? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Bernt Olov Hellström says:

Does this lens give a acceptable result on a D500 or would another 18-300 make better results?

lanx0003 says:

Fantastic. I had old Tamron 18-250 mm and love it. I brought it to almost everywhere. Hopefully I win to test this beast out and continue my adventure.

daniel endemano says:

has been able to prove with a metabones adaptor in a Sony A6500?

jessee lynch says:

Will this lens work on with full frame or only crop sensor?

Todd10260 says:

Can I just say…I WANT THIS!!!

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