Tamron 150-600mm Review for Nikon ( A011 )

In this latest review I take a look at the newest lens from Tamron : the 150-600mm f5-6.3 Di VC USD super tele for Nikon.


Cameron Knudsen says:

Great Review and Great Video, was that recored out at BOLO Point? I lived on OKI for 4 years.

Benny O'Brien says:

will this lens work with a canon 70 D

jon small says:

adam lewis,

i have just brought a nikon d7200, im very interested in this lens, will it be a good lens for capturing surfers from the beach???

Christian Taylor says:

hi how does ths compare to a sigma 150-500 or sigma 150-600 thanks

Mostafa Photography says:

Thanks Adam! Good all-around review! Maybe take some shots of your beautiful doggie running around! haha. Cheers

David Yeomans says:

I have a nikon d5200 I will only use this lens for kiteboarding Ventura Cal most day are sunny. Will this lens work for me?

Dave Jones says:

Forget about sunny days as chemtrails are being sprayed all over the planet, purposely falsely modified the weather.

Mad padre says:

Большая мазафака ))

Powerstroke98 says:

Thinking of adding this lens for wildlife usage, on a Nikon D750, which should work well with the low light capability of this particular camera. I’m hoping it would be a good ‘bird’ lens as well, and I understand the Tamron is a fair bit lighter than the Sigma 150-600. I am wondering if you’ve tried using a teleconverter with this Tamron lens, and although one would have to have good light for this senerio, it would be a good test to perform to see if much of the sharpness is lost. Thanks for the video!

AJL15N says:

Will this lens pair well with the D7100?

TheMONKEYMAN827 says:

Will it go on a d3200?

Luca Morelli says:

What is a good lense for my Nikon d5300, I’m taking a lot of wildlife photography. MY ONE THING IS THAT I DON’T WANT TO SELL MY KIDNEY TO GET A LENSE PLEASE HELP

Ricardo Estrada says:

Thinking I am going to Get my Camera from B&H but wondering you thoughts on open box Items ?  Have you heard of any problems when doing this . Thoughts Please !

Anthony Calabro says:

Quick, really stupid question here. 
I noticed that the lens comes buy itself. What is that attachment you have on the end of your lens and is it necessary for a lens of this size?

Grant Hall says:

If you are asking if your camera works with this lens….you haven’t done your research and probably shouldn’t be using this lens. #justsaying.

Ved Prakash says:

hi, thanks for the nice review. Will this lens will work with Nikon D5500?

Chris McGuire says:

would this lens perform well during summer hours around 7 to 9 pm at a local dirt track??

phillip jensen says:

Adam Lewis thank you for the review  .. i pick up this lens for my A99.  i love it. focus is fast at any Fstop . i feel like its a little soft F5 and f6.3 . but not bad for its price . F8 is sharp and I’m happy there. i took it out side on tripod.  took some picture of the nebula. in Orion hilt 1 sec shutter iso 100 . I’m  very happy with it .

Hingle McCringleberry says:

Fantastic review, really informative. Helped me decide to purchase this lens!

Kishore Kumaran.S says:

Hi Adam, i am using d5200 and nikin 70-300mm VR. I shoot birds and wildlife, i really love the 70-300mm VR but i am not having that reach. Iam thinking of selling my 70-300mm and getting tamron 150-600mm or nikon 200-500 mm. tamy had that 100mm extra reach and 50 mm wider than nikon and nikon is f5.6 all the way. I have no plan to upgrade my dslr body for at least a year. Now my question is will that 1 stop of nikon make huge diff or tamy’s 100mm extra reach make diff when shooting birds and wildlife. Thanks.

Dombowerphoto says:

Great review and demo!

Csab says:

nice natural review and such a nice looking dog!

Daniel Batts says:

Tamron has an amazing VC. In my opinion far better than Canon’s IS. This lens looks like just the ticket for my outdoor photography. The slower aperture won’t be an issue with the VC either. Thanks for the great review. 

aqdesign9 says:

Thank you for the great video review of this lens, Adam! I’m shopping around for a super tele, and this was very helpful. And Reef is friggin’ adorable.

TekReviews says:

For budget consumers, I need a telephoto lense for my Nikon DSLR 5100 model. Which one would you pick between an Opteka 500mm Telephoto lense or Opteka 500mm Mirror Lense if both were the same price $95 USD?

BadSho7 says:

Can I use a Nikon D3200 with these lenses?

Daniel Hew says:

The dog looks a little scared of him.

vincent vadachino says:

any idea if it would work well with a d3400? can u link me to a site were i can buy it for a good price?

cameron cameron says:

Hey Adam, great video thanks. I got the sigma 50-500. Can I ask what that base plate is called? It looks super handy but I wasn’t able to find it on ebay. I searched for “1/4 screw plate” but no luck. Would love to know where I can find one

Elaine Fortune says:

do you recommend for a Nikon dslr d3100? If not what would you recommend? I shoot mostly wildlife and my nikkor 300mm just doesn’t cut it

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