Sony 55-210mm Telephoto Lens Overview

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Joe Izca says:

So… the suspect and the main charecter are the same actress?? thats a low budget movie right there XD *just kidding* I liked the intro

AliveWeGrind says:

babe , its all in the editing! haha your channel just fkd my head more….now i want this zoom and the 35!!! but my issue IS the built in image stabilizer not on the 6300 is HUGE issue with video and this 55-210?? …and is the Lack of 4k a huge isue for video because it seems the A600 is better for my wallet….although you did say the 6300 in another vid fixed the over heating issues…(i want good video, a zoom lens and that 35…not a kit lens…i think haha

Martin Wolf says:

No actors, but still at lot of fun to watch. Keep going on. Thanks

LJ K says:

She’s beautiful. Goodness

Jackson Dasilva says:

Great video! Is the Sony APS-C E-mount 18-105mm better than this lens or should I go for the 18-135 for even better sharpness?? Thanks!

Hans Gaiser says:

I think a review of the new SEL18-135 would be very nice

Tesu Kim says:

Cool intro!

Uranus Phobos says:

Taking into consideration the specs and price parameters I was blown away with the sharpness of 4k video it produced on my a6300. And I’m talking about 200mm focal distance. Thanks for this entertaining review!

Mike's Man Cave says:

I just bought that lens second hand on eBay, can wait for it to arrive.


HAHA. This cracked me up. Thanks for the fun skit. I actually didn’t fast forward and just decided to stay because you all made it funny. Your wife’s hair is just like my wife and she constantly has to pull it down or make it work when I take photos of her :)!

khalid jan says:

Yep i have this one its assume..

David Lewis says:

If you are looking at one of the a6xxx series cameras the best way to get this lens is through one of the bundles. I can say that I was extremely pleased with the performance of this lens (with an a6000) on a safari trip I took. This is also the only Sony APS-C specific long range telephoto lens. Great job with the intro.

boondoggling says:

Another great video. I like hearing your takes on Sony e Mount Lens’.

Hopefully you’ll pick up the new SEL18135 and do a review. It looks like a sweet form factor for a decent zoom range. I’ve seen in your other videos you tend to favor a smaller form factor for travel, as do I. We’re taking a trip to London and Paris this coming fall and I’m thinking the SEL18135 would be a great lens to replace my kit SEL1650 and SEL55210. 

I’ve also got a Rokinon 12mm and am thinking a SEL35F18 or an SEL24f18z (pricey but used deals can be found). You’ve never tested the SEL24f18z or the Zeiss Touit 32mm @F1.8 have you? Those would be some fun ones to compare to the 35F1.8.

Thanks and keep having fun!

Frederik says:

Does this lens both have Auto focus and Manuel focus?

sharpenednoodles says:

haven’t watched your channel for a while, but this intro is gold

Franoir says:


Fantastic video, thank you for sharing! Which lens would you recommend me between Sony 55-210mm vs Sony G 18-135mm for wildlife shooting? Thank you.

kyle c says:

Could you do a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 G2 or older model adapted to the sony a6500 and see which adapters if any let it use its similar native lens functions? I’ve been looking around to put a 70-200 to a sony a6500 and I’m trying to find what works the best without getting the super expensive sony lens. I’m trying to shoot indoor/gym sports and hoping I can accomplish this because every photographer I talk to just use full frame which I don’t have and they use the 70-200 f2.8. I’m hoping even though I’m putting full frame on an aps-c that I can get away with around f4.2 because 1.5 multiplier.

TheWinLlen says:

Hahaha. Nice intro. Very nice! Pls make a comparison video bet this lens vs the sel18135. Thank you

Brock Leonard says:

If you had to choose which lens took the better long range shot; would you choose this one or the Sony 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS, thanks!

Joe & Jamel Moore says:

I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, but I had to sub after that intro!!! Lol!

Travis Goodburn says:

AHA I loved intro extremely original!

tunor erton says:

Can you review the new E 18-135 ?



Jorge Miranda says:

ahahah I love the outtakes

John TL says:

Funny intro! Awesome Video!!

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