Sirui Portrait Lens VS Moment Tele Lens Review

Sirui Portrait Lens Review
Overall Grade: 98% A+

Raw Scores
Build Quality: 100%
Image Quality: 95%
Value: 100%

My Weighting (Relative Importance to Me)
Build Quality: 0.8
Image Quality: 1.0
Value: 0.9

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Gear I used for this video:
Google Pixel 2 XL:
Zhiyun Smooth Q Smartphone Stabilizer:
Tascam Audio Recorder:
Panasonic GH4:
Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 for Nikon F-Mount:
Metabones Speedbooster for Micro-Four-Thirds:

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Ernest Ramos says:

I was waiting for this! Thank you for the short but very detailed review.

I’m adding this to my wishlist! 😀

Andrew Peralta says:

What’s the filter size so I can put a filter on the sirui Tele?

Jonathan Krämer Rochefort says:

Thank you for the review I got the Sirui Portrait Lens and not the Moment Tele hopefully I wont be disappointed.

Daniel McIntosh says:

This channel is going to be amazing at a million subs

Jufloca says:

Was that a Moment 2, or its first iteration?

KidAFateen says:

I bought Sirui lens from BH Photo too and I didn’t get a carrying case nor did it have the back cover :/

SleptOn says:

Does this lens produce bokeh without the software effect?

Robert Magbee Jr says:

Thank you so much for teaching me and making me aware of other options than moment I have been trying to find something other than them for my needs

Lewis Wong says:

Surprising result! Do you think in the wide angle lens comparison, Siruis also outperforms?

PuppyzLover says:

does the sirui lense fit on iphone moment case ?

Emily Liu May says:

Love the review

Tony Kim says:

Great video. Loved the snarky part at the end, way to shut him down with class

OnYourMark says:

any chance you will review the Sirui wide angle lens against the moment wide angle lens?

John Harvey says:

Thanks for the shoutout 😀

Douglas Knisely says:

Where’s the lens cap for the back???  Did I miss something in the packaging??  Totally agree with your review and results.  I also returned my Moment Tele, and told them they need to up their game on that lens.

SleptOn says:

If you don’t mind waiting a little longer you can get the sirui lens for less through their eBay account.

AlwaysAlpha says:

Between you and John there is NO QUESTION that this Sirui 2x is far superior to the Tele from Moment. However, I have both (will return the worse of the two) and I’ve been disappointed with the coating on the Sirui. I get a lot of flare and internal reflection with this lens. Have you noticed it at all? Maybe I could rig up some kind of hood for it.

Jerry Jauod says:

Whats up.I am planning to have some moment case and lenses for my S8, since you have mentioned that the SIRUI lens can fit to a moment case,do you think it’ll work on a S8 case? thank you

Trackr says:

how about the Sirui WA?

Fernando Salema Casimiro says:

Absolutely subscribed!!!!! Great content, great quality!

Bert Hubbard says:

Glad I came across you channel . Great Content

Lim Meng Seng says:

Would Moment lenses work on the Sirui clip-on mount?

TCK Y says:

Do you happen to know the size of both lenses? I’m thinking about grabbing the Moment wide and the SIrui tele, along with the Moment filter adapter. Just wondering if it will also fit the Sirui lens.

Alexey Filippenko says:

Hey, I got my 60-SA with a universal clip and decided to share my impressions. Well, I don’t think I want to keep it, probably will try to return it if the seller agrees. I can get pretty sharp and detailed images on my Xiaomi Mi5S’s module (using same module and camera app as in Pixel). But with this thing attached, I can never get even close to that level of sharpness – the image looks dull, the contrast of the details is quite frail, so that sometimes it’s even hard to say if you are in focus enough or not. The enhanced optical blur which I expected from it is hard to achieve too, probably due to the focusing issues I mentioned above. In addition to that, this module is very heavy, 230 grams with the smartphone = can’t use Smooth Q with it.. Basically can’t use it for anything I planned it for, if only for portraits which are so smooth that it’s almost retro.
The only upside I found is geometry. This thing has absolutely no distortion and geometry looks very natural. Also it doesn’t affect color reporduction as much as all my other cheaper lenses. So occasional portrait photos is the use I can see for it.

Rob Ctrc says:

Hey Joe, I wanna know how the sirui lens actually fit on the moment case? I’ve seen some reviews about it being not very good with the lens. Thanks

Matt Miyamoto says:

Thanks for this review – the vignetting you pointed out is the exact same on the iPhone x 🙁 How well does the Sirui sit on the Moment Case?

Brandon Lowe says:

I had ordered Moment lens but they were on back order then I saw reviews on Sirui lenses and canceled my moment lens order and purchased the Sirui lenses. I have a couple of comments. First the lenses are great and sharp. My complain it, if you buy the 3 lens kit you do not get any lens covers so you cannot just take 1 lens and go. I called and you cannot get the covers buy them self. This is a big deal for me so I sent the lens set back and just ordered the wide and tele lenses but them self. Now for problem 2, they now come in a hard case and you only get a front lens cover. They are no longer including the rear cover and they do not include a small pouch to put the lens in. Not happy about that but I’m keeping the lenses because they are great.

SleptOn says:

Just received my sirui lens and was doing a visual comparison and have to say that the sirui “features” seem to be higher quality than the moment lens specifically the rubber grommet and spring loaded lock notch. The version I received also came in a jewelry like case with a sirui branded carabiner attached.

Alexey Filippenko says:

There’s just one problem: how to buy in different countries..

Atilla Taskiran says:

As an addition on phones with already build in tele-photo cameras like on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, you get an optically 4x zoom, its like having 120mm lens, BUT there is one big issue. Sadlly, you can’t get infinite focus, it works great like in-doors or subjects that are not far away. Nevertheless, the Sirui Tele is a big addition to any phone (without already build in tele-camera) 

As for Sirui 18mm Wide vs Moment Wide, I did a comparison… read below in the comment.

Alexey Filippenko says:

After a ton of researching I finally decided that Sirui’s telephoto lens is an absolute champ, and finally found a seller on ebay with free shipping and am going to order it, thanks to your video! I’m also in need of a good macro lens, if Sirui’s pack had it I’d probably buy the 3 lenses pack altogether. Subbed to you and liked the vid – the least I can do for being of help 🙂

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