Sirui 2X Telephoto Lens vs Moment Tele Lens Google Pixel 2 XL

The Sirui Lens –

The Sirui Clip –

My Other Gear
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Moment wide angle lens –
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Table top slider –
Phone tripod mount –
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SleptOn says:

How’s the “bokeh” or blurred background when taking portrait pics with the Tele Lens?

Michael Thomas says:

Measure the magnification. Sirui is only 1.7x (not 2x). That’s a HUGE difference in the design. It’s that last bit from 1.7 to 2.0 that makes the design difficult. The easiest way to make a sharp 2x tele , is to NOT make it 2x……..

Corina Sim says:

Hi! May I ask if this if the moment tele lens used for comparison against Sirui 60mm in this video is the Original Moment Tele Lens or the New V2 Moment Tele Lens?

Jigar Rajgor says:

Wow, didn’t see that coming. Sirui destroys moment. Would you mind comparing the video quality from sirui vs. moment? I shoot mostly videos from my Pixel 2 and would love to see a comparison. Thanks for making this video. As always, great video.

Josh Nelson says:

Thanks for posting this! I have been disappointed the the Moment New Tele lens…wasn’t really planning to use it. It’s awesome to see that there’s another lens that does a better job and also fits on the same mount – what a game changer. As you are, I’m bummed that Moment didn’t do a good job on the Tele. Shocked really that I didn’t come across such negative reviews beforehand.

SleptOn says:

Do you have an IG with pics taken with this lens?

Ryan S says:

Do you have any photos using the telephoto for landscape shots/mountains? Instagram?

NMBR-47 says:

Ordered one last night. There needs to be more competition in the space, and I already own a Moment Case and Wide Lens.

Ken K L Wong says:

I do filming using Sirui lens. They are a good lens. I bought it from China Tmall store for CNY256 (Approximate USD40.50) compares to Moment Lens USD99.90. I Can’t find the justification to pay more for the Moment.

Sean O'Sullivan says:

Have you tried this company’s wide angle lens also? Curious to see if it holds up and saves me some money.

And is the mount truly identical? I can’t believe that.

Devin Andrew says:

Would you make a comparison video with native/Moment/Sirui ? Highly considering buying one. Dude you are the only who has a video on their lens!

Jared Quackenbush says:

I love moment, but I have the tele and HATE IT! Wish I could return it. They told me it’s supposed to have that natural blur/vinetting. Who approved this!? Why would you need it. If I want vinetting I’ll do it in post. However I have 2 moment cases, their wide, tell, macro. I love the wide and macro! Great company, just hope they do better on the next tele lens.

Patrick Tomasso says:

This is not negative all but you sound just like John C Reilly.

Pete Pagan says:

Yesterday I received my moment lenses and I have to agree with this video…. the 60mm Tele is awful.
At first I thought it was my lens on my iPhone X needing some cleaning or the lens was misaligned. Took pictures with all the other lenses and they were nice and sharp but the 60mm lens just was awful.
Thanks for this review. Will be sending moment an email for return….

Javier Romero says:

Can I use Moments Wide v2 with the Sirui clip? Trying to use the lens with my iphone front camera. The sirui lenses will fit on the Moment new case? please let me know!

Amnart Hengprasitwong says:

Thanks a lot John. Your video is very useful for me.
Please try about can the clip attach and use for the front camera? How it image quality look like? Is it same as it’s used with rare cam? Thanks again.

john sweeney says:

Would love to know if the moment filter mount works with the SIrui lenses 🙂

Johnny Dai says:

thank you John, this test video was useful to me because I bought the moment tele lens yesterday. I knew how awful as you said

Jonathan Stranders says:

Hey @John when you says it mounts on the moment case, do you mean Moments version 2 or their version 1? Thx in advance!

Emily Liu May says:

Receive my moment reel photo today and tried it out. It is not good 🙁 I have to return it ASAP and get the lens you are using

alexis villalobos says:

hi men, i want to know about what do you prefer a gopro hero 6 or pixel 2 xl with this lens fisheye or wide, please gime me your suggestion, thanks

Lala Mabaso says:

My moment tele gives me blurry images. I tried talking about it on moment’s Instagram page but the answer I got was that I was using it wrong or something.

Buthos says:

Can’t find anywhere that isn’t sold out of the Sirui telephoto, guess I was too late to the party 🙁

John Harvey says:

Spoiler alert guys. This lens destroys the moment lens. It’s so incredibly good.

Brandon Lowe says:

I had ordered Moment lens but they were on back order then I saw reviews on Sirui lenses and canceled my moment lens order and purchased the Sirui lenses. I have a couple of comments. First the lenses are great and sharp. My complain it, if you buy the 3 lens kit you do not get any lens covers so you cannot just take 1 lens and go. I called and you cannot get the covers buy them self. This is a big deal for me so I sent the lens set back and just ordered the wide and tele lenses but them self. Now for problem 2, they now come in a hard case and you only get a front lens cover. They are no longer including the rear cover and they do not include a small pouch to put the lens in. Not happy about that but I’m keeping the lenses because they are great.


Hey I found a moment lens discount code. Hope it helps

Jonathan Strong says:

@John – thanks for posting this. I checked out Sirui’s website (and their About video explains the pronunciation!) and history. Looks like a solid company overall with a rep for high quality photo accessories. I’m intrigued to see that their lenses fit the Moment case (we have two Pixel 2’s and my Pixel 2 XL in the family)…but when I checked out Moment’s website, I saw that they have two generations of their product: with the “original” mount and the new style mount (heavier construction / stronger – but a different fit). Do you know if the Sirui lens you tried fits the new style Moment case, or the “original”?

Jose Hernandez says:

Great info. I’m looking for something I can use mainly for video, which one would you recommend? I have a pixel 2

Joao Paulo Luiz da Silva says:

could you pls make a video about sirui telephoto lens showing some portraits with the bokeh effect ?

Minh Huynh says:

That’s amazing, you just saved me 30 dollars! Thanks a ton

Dante Corbett says:

Just Pre-ordered 😀 Thank you kindly. So stoked to get it, and try it on my fabric case.

Raymond Chan says:

Thanks for this video! I haven’t bought any “phonetography” gear yet but this will definitely help in my decision making!

李垚 says:

hi, john. I was surprised you talk about a chinese brand lens, and I’ve never imagined it to be so good. haha , I’m a chinese , I really like your channel and thanks for your share. I’m your new follower

Yu Heng Tay says:

Hi, I’m interested in replacing my Moment Tele with the Sirui Tele lens. I’ve read on other pages that there may be issues with the lens at further (or infinite) focusing distance. Is that true? I noticed your shoots in most videos using the Sirui lens are on shorter focusing distance.

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