Sigma 70-300mm f/4 – f/5.6 APO Lens Review…with samples

It has a red ring like the most expensive Canon ‘L’ lenses…but actually it’s another cheaper telephoto lens. It’s compatible with expensive full-frame cameras…but here’s a review of its performance on an APS-C camera (specifically, my 18-megapixel Canon 60D).


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Rusty Nugget says:

i use to have this camera and the L lens line did fool someone. they thought i had a super good lens because it’s huge and has a red line. little did they know i paid $170 USD

Haggis Eater says:

Actually this lens, is very sharp, functions well especially for the price. The shape isn’t  an issue.

Kurra Sreekar says:

Does this lens have in built auto focus?

Lee Hemmings says:

tamron vs sigma 70-300mm Macro which is better ? i have pentax K-3

James Feng says:

this is hilarious haha well done

Роман Плетнев says:

Soo, the 50-200 is better than this one?

Konul Sultan says:

hi, what not expensive lens could you advice for taking sport events(especially volleyball) if camera is nikon d5300?

Zahidul Hasan says:

Hi, can u add a small piece of extension tuber and check macro capabilities?

_ _ says:

This review doesn’t do the lens justice. It currently costs <£100 and is solid. I have the older version of it and the image quality is sharper than some of my more expensive lenses. The auto focus isn't the best in low light but when in decent lighting is pretty quick for such a cheap price.

Martin Milevski says:

Is this lens capable for the Nikon D3100

Fumantze. says:

One of the things that I like the most about this cheap sigma is actually the design. :3

matias loverde says:

(sorry for my english, im from argentina)what do you think about the nikkor 70-300mm f4-5.6 G AF (non VR)?

Amaanur Rehman says:

this lens can work in conon 1300D?

maddiebelike says:

Do you know of any nikon lens like this but without all the zooming noise? Great video, thank you!

Rory Campbell says:

I use this lens and I’m very pleased with it. As for this review, it could have been worse. It’s case of, if you don’t like, don’t look.

jason legaspi says:

i’m using this lens worst for vid but great for pictures
im using magic lantern when i’m taking a vid shot or edit it at adobe premiere warp stab.

Mr. Logo says:

Is the moon picture counted by this lens?

Alex Pandy says:

Hi Christopher, Robot!
Please don’t mislead the viewers.

john sait says:

COST !!!!!!!!!!!! FOOL

Sean Glossop says:

Why does the voice on this video sound like Siri or something off google translate playback?

Jm Sounshi says:

Which one is best Tamron or sigma 70-300 lens??

Shanamarie Cooper says:

Can I use it on a Sony Nex 5? (beginner here!) thanks

preetham konda says:

Which is better plse tell me plse Tamron 70 300 or sigma

Saad Uzair says:

this lense or nikon 55-200mm ? i need for sports and portraits at the same time.


this lens is compatible for nikon d3200

julio romero says:

dude, this lense its pretty usefull for macro photography, if you try to make a Makeup or Macro detail with your 5d MarkII its very sharp!!!!!!

Anshil says:

Last week I bought this sigma 70-300mm lens for my Nikon D3100.I took photos on different medium of lights..all are pretty cool.Best lens for this price.Macro is perfect & image clarity is also good.

babyansel says:

So whcih one the Sigma or the Tamron?

Sandy says:

So…when a lens is cheap we should be worried.

TheFamilyguy421 says:

This is a very nice lens

James McMurtrie says:

Can I adapt this to a Fuji X-T1? Thanks.

Kanishka K. Bandara Photography says:

I have a Nikon D5200 and I do portrait Photography… What is the best lens you recommended for me

nirvan jasrotia says:

I have a Nikon d3300 .. Can I use it for that ?

Sai Dinesh says:

i have a question..? i want a clarification for chosen lenses canon camera 1300D am using …(55-250) (70-300) which one is best and i have alredy 18-55 stock lens ..please reply

Megan Davies says:

Can this be used for a Nikon camera?

Dracule Mihawk says:

This lens is sharpest around 100mm & aperture of f5.6-f8.
DxOmark nails it, I swear!

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