Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC Telephoto Lens Full Review

Photographer and Reviewer Dustin Abbott shares a full and complete review of the new Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC including detailed looks at its build, handling, and image quality. You can read his full written review here:

You can also see an image gallery here:
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MyLifeFrAiur Yang says:

thanks for the review!

Utkarsh Anand says:

Great Review man, convinced me to buy this over the Canon 135 for Sony A7R

Gerard Donovan says:

Excellent lens especially at f2 and f4

Alain Sadun says:

Very nice review

Jim Alpin says:

finally someone who knows how to focus manually, great review and shots to show off the capabilities of this lens

GamingShiiep says:

“just a really nice bokeh”

Richard Seekins says:

A great review but as a wedding shooter I wouldn’t dare use it. I rather use a 70-200 F2.8 and get fast accurate focus, or any other 135mm with AF. In my experience the client base don’t really care about the attributes this lens can provide. Its a pixel peepers dream though. You are my number one go to for lens reviews. Thanks you 🙂

John Doe says:

“It does have a bit of a hyper focal distance markings here”. Really just a depth of field indicator, for any given aperture.
That COULD be used to set the hyperfocal distance. Just sayin’. Very good review. Thank you.

oliver williams says:

Hi Dustin, thank you for your great reviews. As I can’t easily get my hands on the Samyang, I was to curious to know your thought specifically on the colour rendition and perceptual depth in comparison to the Zeiss APO Sonnar 135 F2. I really love the pop and 3D look and colour rendition from the APO Sonnar and how it creates such a beautiful organic look especially for a digital file but at near 4 times the price of the Samyang from ebay Australia, I can’t afford it atm. I know the Samyang is as sharp and captures as much or more detail, but that beautiful timeless organic film like Zeiss look if you will, does the Samyang produce images that can create and rival that “timeless organic film like Zeiss” kind of beauty also?

Daniel Batts says:

The one with the Nikon mount has an AE chip. I think only the Nikon version has the chip though.

markstanley2001 says:

that comparison between the canon and samyang is unbelieveable… it made the canon look like a poor zoom lens. but thanks for your recommendation… auto focus is an important feature.

freedomlife freedomlife says:


Timur Dzhambinov says:

Most if not all sy/Rokinon lenses allow aperture control and exif data on Pentax cameras 🙂

Foto4Max says:

I have it on my A7 ii. Optically it’s amazing. As shown in your shots, it is a true APO lens. No abberations at all. I wish i would use it more, but 135mm is quite long for my use.

MyLifeFrAiur Yang says:

my next lens it is

Hermes Ortega says:

I had this lens and I returned it. I couldn’t dial the focus properly. I bought it to use it on a FF Canon and a MFT Panasonic that on paper was a killer 270 mil F2.0 but even with focus picking on the GX8 pics were not in focus. I didn’t play long enough I guess, I wish I can have it back to give it another chance. That lens is solid!!

arnel nugraha says:

Awesome review man!

vince B.G says:

I buy it 2 day ago, amazing lens, do you think it is good as Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ?

Claire's Daddy says:

I bought a Nikon copy and tried it out today. Amazingly sharp at F2! I am very impressed. I was able to control aperture on my Nikon D810, and focus confirmation is dead on. (I didn’t even use my 3x loupe.) My only gripe: the focus ring seems to be on the stiff side.

Mats Olsson says:

You sir, make very good reviews, pleasant to watch ! This will be my next lens. I am a Pentax shooter and soon (hopefully) I´ll have the new full frame in my hands to try it on. I´m not an actionshooter, so the manual focus suits me just fine. Your pics made me decide..especially those leaves..but, all of them really. Very nice!

saysergej says:

I have the Zeiss Sonnar 135mm f4, it is still crazy sharp, true colors, contrast lens for its age. I am thinking about to sell it to buy the Samyang, did someone compare them?

Johnny CincoCero says:

Nikon versions have an AE chip with focus confirm.

Timur Dzhambinov says:

Was wondering if you ever tried the Mitakon Speedmaster 85 1.2? I’ve seen good reviews for it, both Mitakon and this Rokinon come at similar price points, trying to figure out which one of those could be my fast portrait prime 🙂 shooting with Pentax K-1

max factor says:

I m wondering if canon makes any minor improvement or modifications to its old product without mentioning it. let say canon 50mm 1.4 or 85mm 1.8 are nearly 20 years old. I am pretty sure that the electronics of these lenses cant be the same as the one produced in let say 1990. or maybe the coatings as well. manufacturing wise it is sometimes gets cheaper to use new technology to make these lens rather than the old tech. any thoughts?

Miguel Garcia says:

Those images of that leaf aroused me.

Sigma Octantis says:

I do really want this lens, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t communicate with the camera electronically and have autofocus.

Allan Busta says:

Brilliant review! Thanks. I’m getting one. Ask Samyang for a commission!

AnI says:

Just ordered it for my A7r, and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Also loved to watch your photos and thoughts. So, thanks!

Paul Garafola says:

VERY helpful – especially your summation at the end. Thanks, Dustin!

Salvador Espinosa says:

Dustin, thanks again for a great review! I had the canon 135mm it was stolen 🙁
so I was looking for a replacement, I do wedding video and pictures, do you think the price difference is worth going through the troubles of focusing manually? I was thinking on using a sony with EVF.

Mike Earussi says:

Is there any difference in the image quality between the Samyang 135 vs the Sigma 135 Art?

Prescott Kane says:

Hello…you seem knowledgable on camera equipment. I recently acquired some photography equipment from a relative including accessories like: Samyang Interchangeable Lenses 75-300mm F4.5-5.6
, ROKINON AUTO ZOOM MACRO 1:3.5/4.5 F=28-85MM 67 NO. 210667, Minolta X-700 with flash, etc…
Are these worth keeping and are they good quality? Also, they seem either unused or mint…thx!

Edwin Mendez says:

Hello Dustin, I have enjoyed every video you have share, thanks. I have a question about this lens, I have two cameras, Canon and Sony a6300, I would like to buy it for Canon and then with adapter use on my Sony, do you have tried how works the Canon version on a6300 with adapter? Thank you very much.

Albert Argilaga Claramunt says:

I’m amazed by the differences with the canon 135mm f/2, the Samyang is much much better! I hope I can afford it some day, for the moment I will stick to my Pentacon 135mm f/2.8

Stefan Vidojevic says:

holy shit.

Joshua Mack says:

it is quite as good as the zeiss  : ) says lenstip.       better wide open! 45 to 46.7….so about doesnt matter. marginally weaker 47 to 49 lines in max.      doesnt matter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    thats my next lens.        damn ill have to save. and then will think i can get a 70-200 for that..but.. i want this   i think.

Enkoder Novi says:

Nikon version has electronics (it can work in A mode) and focus confirm works

Achilleas Labrou says:

Simply the Canon 135mm f/2 was introduced in 1996. It is being constructed with 20 years old specifications.
The Samyang / Rokinon 135mm f/2 was introduced in 2015. 19 years difference with canon. That means a lot.
The full electronic autofocus Canon costs around 1000$. The manual Samyang / Rokinon costs around 550$ nearly half the money and that is important.

Koreans and Chinese lenses were the underdogs before 2010. However they narrow the gap with the big players Canon, Nikon. Mirrorless cameras and especially the full frame Sony a7 series are very friendly and easy with the focusing of manual lenses. That is a game changer.
Amateurs can enjoy the quality of top Canon, Nikon lenses at half the price.
Nikon and especially Canon have a great variety of lenses. Unfortunately most of them were introduced during the film era and are aging. They are very slowly updated and Chinese and Koreans are exploiting that.

Gerard Ferry says:

focus is a problem obviously so the canon it is for me

Kyle Octavious says:

Will this work for the Canon rebel t6i or will i need an adapter

Aron J Anderson says:

Nice video thanks.

Varun Jain says:

Hi Dustin, very good review. I have never bought a Manual lens but I do have enough experience with manual focusing.
Before purchasing this lens I had a couple of questions.
It’s with regards to no chip being in the lens.
(1) Does this mean that Aperture cannot be controlled/changed from the Body ?
(2) Does it mean that the body would not have exposure reading ?

Anders Vesterholt says:

I’m really impressed by the complete lack of chromatic abberations. They should do a manual focus 200mm f/2. If they can do that at 35-40% of the cost of the Nikon/Canon equivalent, I’d buy it.

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