Review Opteka 650 1300mm lens

I review the Opteka 650- 1300mm f8- 16 lens looking at build quality, ease of use and optical quality with samples. I also look at who this lens is aimed at and if it is worth buying.

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twealve dread says:

I’m hopefully going to get it! Thx for the review!

monari ogari says:

Please advise me about heavy lens support options and how to mount it. I want to buy one but I can’t find enough info about a good heavy telephoto lens support/gimbal tripod head. Great review otherwise.

Hector Cadavid says:

What’s the mount of the lens??

Anthony Assaad says:

if i want to buy it where i will
found it ?

Pete Siruk says:

what would be best for taking picture of a moon that is really close.

Tracy Ray says:

Thank you so much for your thorough review. I am an amateur interested in nature photography and I just bought this lens. The video helped so much!

Jeremiah Watson says:

Who is looking at this in prep for the solar eclipse?

Harvey's TechnicDen says:

Where in New Zealand are you mate

xn67 says:

f8-f16? Whaaaaaat!?! That is insane.

Michael A. says:

Thank you for the detailed review. I am buying one!

laura B says:

Thank you for this great review. This is so much cheaper than other lenses and when I have talked to so-called photo experts they say that it’s like a toy. I think there’s a lot of prejudice against non-standard brands here in the U.S., but your review has put that unfair perspective to be in this case.

Glen Rollinson says:

Thanks for the review, I was after a lens for astrophotography, you’ve just saved me £200+.

Michael Johnson says:

These work for Sony a6000 right?

Eric José says:

I have a canon sony nex-5n, is compatible with it ?

3Vimages says:

Have you tried the Optika 2 x teleconverter with this lens?

3Vimages says:

Great review thanks …. especially as I just bought this lens for $90 used once on E Bay! 😉 I must say though your examples were informative rather than exciting shots …. a twig and a white post! Stalking a bikini girl from the bushes and a soaring eagle next time please! 😉

Ghost Shadow says:

I have an Opteka and a Bower 650-1300 mm lens, the Opteka has antireflective coating on lens and takes slightly sharper photographs, some other minor differences are on the Opteka the focus ring has a smoother action, the tripod mount is slightly further forward and the Opteka zoom locks solid, on the bower the zoom can still be moved when locked.

J says:

I have a canon T5 (1200D) , is compatible wit my cam ?

Ibnul Alam says:

Thanks for the video. It was so informative.

EastAngliaUK says:

Would it work with a Panasonic G6

Bobby Marsh says:

is it good for sports

IMDEBESable says:

Thanks for this! After seeing shots of the SUPER supermoon the past 2 nights, (Gigantic ball at moonrise,set, with a Philly or NYC skyline, knowing they grabbed this using 600-800mm+) I’m certainly interested in something like this now. High f8-16..not idea at all for night shots I realize. Sure a Canon lens would be nice but I don’t have 10K+ to drop. $190 on Amazon and it comes with a 2x teleconverter…it’s not bad!

keyproductions100 says:

would this be any good for astrophotography and videoing stars etc?

Really Weird Videos says:

This channel is great! It taught me all about using the right protection for my camera!

Prithvi Mattikop says:

will it come in the same quality if its ordered from to india

Nathaniel Ashton says:

Thank you for this informative video. All my questions were answered with this, but you should calm down and relax. You did an excellent job, no need to be so nervous.

SIG442 says:

I wish to have sharp photo’s, so this may not be for me then. Too bad, nice lens and cheap. but looks like it isn’t for me. Thanks for the review.

SeanSpit02 says:

Would you recommend this lens for photos of planes really high up?

Luis Hernandez says:

can you use this lens for sporting events? or not?

lostintimeline says:

i have the same lens you have but from vivitar should i sell it and go for a 150 600 mm for instance? the result was impressive though i took pics of cloudscapes and the moon and the pics looked sharp.but what should i do ?couse i read mixed reviews about the lens
i also have the nikon d3300 and it sux the lens works only with manual mode

Patsy D. says:

I ordered one of these and I am having trouble trying to get it secure on a tripod. Doesn’t appear the hole in the camera tripod mount doesn’t have threads so screw in my tripod. Suggestions?

Ghost Shadow says:

I have a Opteka and a Bower 650-1300mm lens they are not exactly the same the bower zoom doesn’t completely lock and also lens is reflective, don’t see any reflection on the opteka lens, the opteka appears to focus better than the bower.

Freds Bloggs says:

Avoid this lens!!
There are plenty of “real” telephoto lenses that are way way better than this telescope converted offering, any reasonable MF or otherwise 300mm lens cropped will produce way better results. Look on ebay.
BTW. These are not chromatic aberrations just the dreaded and almost impossible to remove “purple fringing” which is a characteristic of cheap uncorrected optics.

DML Channel says:

I use a 2X teleconverter with my Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 and place my full frame Nikon D810 in APSC mode for long distance shots with an effective result of a 550mm lens. For the most part, I’m pleased with the results.

For those really rare shots that I need super long distance, I might try this lens with the understanding that the chromatic aberration is definitely there, and is significant.

There’s always a downside at very long distance via a lens at this price .

Vital Outdoors Tv says:

I am getting into wildlife photography and looking to expand my camera arsenal. I was looking at this lens for a nikon d3200 and as a beginner i don’t exactly understand all of this. would it work with autofocus on the camera? And would it not be as blurry with the 24mp? Also how big of a print would you want to make with this matched up to the 24mp camera? Any advice is appreciated!

Ray Nelson says:

Appreciated viewing this. Been trying to figure out how to try this lens, but your video answers many questions. One thought, it would be nice to see some HD examples of the pictures you have taken with the manual settings. Hard to judge expectations of photo quality from the video.

photoopd1 says:

this lens is junk dont waste your money

Jesh Goram says:

does it fit canon 70d ?

randym1954tx says:

Very useful video.  Your general description was very clear, the pros and the cons.  Your analysis of the example was very useful.  Thank You!

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