Review | OPTEKA 500mm F/8 Lens (Nikon mounts)

This is a review of a very cheap 500mm telephoto lens. I purchased this lens over 3 months ago and have been using it on a regular basis. I wanted to give a review to anyone who is thinking about getting this extremely affordable lens. There are a lot of downsides to this lens but it is really great for video.

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thanks a lot christopher,, its a great brief for me because of I am looking for secs type of high zoom but low cost lens,my device is nikon it ok for by camera ?

Werevertumoto says:

This was very useful, thanks

Robert Nugent says:

I’m wondering if some of the people who use this and don’t experience shake are mounting it on surfaces much more stable than what the OP is using.  I’m assuming that since just standing near it makes it shake, that means you were on a wooden deck of some sort maybe?  If you mounted on concrete or the ground do you get different results?

Thibo Tech Corner says:

Hy i have a important question? My olympus camera has built in body focus, so am I able to do sport fotos since my camera body has built in focus

Will M. says:

Thank you for the review. Now I don’t plan to buy this lens.

Skittzy says:

What about for Moon / Nebula Pictures? 

Brother EZASOMO says:

Hi, I’ve just received mine today. But, even though after putting my Nikon d3200 in manual, all my pictures are coming out dark. Can you tell me what settings you are using in other to have clear pictures?

tophtml1 says:

Great review Chris.  I am considering purchasing this lens and the 2X teleconverter for slow paced nature shots (not birds in flight) but ducks on the water and fly fishermen at work – stuff like that.  I have just read a review from someone who bought this lens and he states that, after several weeks of using it, he is getting small black flecks on his mirror and sensor.  Is there anything on the T-Mount that could flake off during mounting and un-mounting this lens?  I’ve taken a look on the Rokinon web site and the T-Mounts look like anodized aluminum.  Thanks for any information you can provide.

erikdravn says:

I realize this is an old video but I’m considering a purchase of this lens. I need a nice long lens for astrophotography, specifically pictures of the lunar surface and what not. Do you think this would fit the bill? I realize that the longer the lens, the more “unstable” they are. I have remote shutter releases and intervalometers so that’s not really an issue for me. I’m thinking this may be a less expensive option than picking up a telescope or something similar. (Mostly due to the expense of adapters and mounts for the camera that would be needed to mount it to the telescope) Any advice is gladly accepted and appreciated. Thanks.

Mohammad Ibrar says:

Thnx for the review you saved my money

Arnab Chatterjee says:

Hi Chris I have a Nikon D7000 and not in interested for any fast paced photography. I am getting a lens of same configuration of Rokinon. As D7000 have a inbuilt motor would it be any help in terms of focussing? And would it also give good result for photographying mountain peaks? Please suggest.

Lex5151 says:

Thanks. Very clear review. If I could, I’d put a “like” almost after every paragraph.

Russell Page says:

Mine does not rattle when shaken.

jack002tuber says:

These are like 110 buck on amazon now. I plan to get one to take pics of the moon.


I just bought the same lens and NO SHAKE, can I suggest you bought a turkey. its a great lens for the price, as I have tried 3 other 500mm lenses which are not as goo. I consider it good value…why yours rattles ? something wrong with it for sure.

Briana Wyman says:

When I put this on my Nikon D3300, it says lense not attached and when I try to take a picture it just comes out black. What should I do?

F2.8 Studio says:

I hope that helps! Let me know. 🙂


thanks a lot christopher,, its a great brief for me because of I am looking for secs type of high zoom but low cost lens,my device is nikon it ok for by camera ?

53rdcards says:

So in your opinion with a good tripod, would this lens, or one of its bigger brothers, be a good low cost way to take nice photos of the upcoming total solar eclipse? i have looked into renting, and i can rent a 500mm for 3 days, at about the same price i can buy this one. Or could spend another $10 and get the 500/1000mm version of it. you said it was good for video, but my interest is if it isnt touched and is on stable ground, could it with a remote release on the camera, take good pictures?

Vasilios Petris says:

have you tried it to shoot the moon on tripod? Is it sharp and no-hazy ?

Noah Bartlett says:

Bought one of these a while ago, and this review is pretty spot on. If you just want a telephoto lens for super cheap, I’d say this is the way to go, but it really is low quality (the lens not the pictures — if you can manage) and pretty delicate so be careful

Tecnovlog says:

i like this lens for astro photography

ricertaz says:

nice review dude – i almost bought the samyang version of this – think ill pass now after seeing this.

F2.8 Studio says:

+Lenni Lindi Thanks for the comment.  It is a great lens for video as long as you have the time to set it up, focus and plan out your shot.  It is not good for fast pase photography.  I am glad I could help you out!  Thanks for your comment!  Let me know how it works out for you in video.  🙂

perla padilla says:

Hi there, I bought this lens, but I can’t mount it to my camera Nikon D3000. I think the adapter is wrong, maybe. Could you help me?

TheBeteljuice says:

as an amateur astronomer and amateur photographer since the early 80’s, I can say from experience that the quality of your optics is irrelevant if you are poorly mounted. A crap tripod will consistently wreck your view. telescope or long lens.

Darrell Petrosius says:

See if you can help. I have the lens in this review. Trying to work it on a d3100. And getting a. Lense not attached. I can’t find out how to use. Please help

F2.8 Studio says:

Make sure your camera is in manual mode. This lens will only work in Manual Mode. It wall not regonize the lens if it is in A mode or S mode. Once you are in manual check your shutter speed and look at the aperture ring on the lens. On the aperture ring you will see the number 8 and it will go up to the number 32. F/8 will allow the most light in and F/32 will allow the least. Make sure your shutter speed is about 1/200 of a sec to start with. Just make your adjustments using those tools


With the x2 coverter taking it too 1000mm its brilliant for moon shots.

Mop Krayz says:

is this lens any good to spy on your neighbor whilst she is showering?!!!!! 😉

pooyan6969 says:

Great review and info on this lens!

Tom Toner says:

Was thinking of buying this for Lunar photography. It doesn’t move much.

David Belitz says:

Lens support (can be attached to a tripod) use a rubber band or string to lock down the top side:

Rail system for lens support (more for video people but certainly useful for photographers as well):

This system is a serious money-saver you can use the opteka 500 without the shake! I personally love the glass in opteka lenses so this is a huge breakthrough in my opinion!

Kalhara Dasun says:

useful. Thanks =)

Chris Alister says:

The more a lens magnifies, the more it magnifies any vibration. Lenses with IS(image stabilization) help a lot to reduce this, but your best bet is to make sure everything is rock solid. Even the wind will cause vibration as a large telephoto lens has a lot of surface area.

Chase Fitzpatrick says:

I feel like I’m watching Bill Paxton from Twister. Awesome review!

Donald Brown says:

I have the Nikon d90 and I just got one of those opteka 500mm f8 mirror lens and I need info on how to set the camera for use.  Should of watched your review before I bought the damn thing.  Thanks for your time.

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