Red35 Review: THE BEST iPhone lenses by Zeiss (ExoLens® Pro)!!

It takes a minor miracle to convince Jimmy to leave his Billingham at home, so you know we’re not playing around when he turns up to review the ExoLens (R) PRO with Optics by Zeiss range without his beloved Eventer. Zeiss very kindly let Red35 borrow their latest in optic designs for the iPhone, so Jimmy and Paulina met up to take them out for a spin (*iPhone not included!).

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Aadil Rashid says:

I need a lens with more zoom with quality of a dslr on my iphone? What do u suggest?

hugo sanches says:

something that give better quality for the frontal camera?

Nawras Al-Abbas says:

Are they the best for Milky Way shots? If not, what do you suggest instead?

Col says:

iPhone lens LMAO what a total joke

Douglas Gottlieb says:

Any plans to support iPhone 7+ with dual lenses? The tele would be nice there. Could be a portrait length.

Josh Bowman says:

Very helpful review, I’d love to use this for video work but the ‘case’ makes it an issue with my gimbal (as in, it wouldn’t allow me to fit the phone in the gimbal) so it looks like I’ll have to wait and see what Moment comes up with for the v2 wide lens (their current wide lens has too much chromic aberration and softness at the edges for my liking).

Sazumaru says:

Hello! Can I use exolens pro with Filmic pro ?

Mahendra doshi says:

Thanks a lot for your quick response
Ok , so case will be much better option.
I have a fear that such a tight fit will damage the iPhone while sliding it in and out
Will return back the bracket and buy the case

Daniel Lee says:

How do these compare to Moment lenses?


Качество фото с помощью данных линз – говно (плохое).

Mahendra doshi says:

Exo Lens do also have a edge bracket. Is it also very tight and can it be used with a screen protector
Thanks in advance

Irene lct says:

Hi jimmy, have you used bitplay hd wide lens? How was it compare to zeiss wide lens?

Mike Ko says:

Just discovered you guys! You guys produce great content! SUbscribed

Maximilian Weinzierl says:

an awesome macro lens ! thanks for review.

Zen Phat says:

What’s the lowlight in comparison between this telephoto and the 7 plus’s second camera?

Phonegraphy Tech says:

Great Video

SergeyFM EN channel says:

5:00 and I can’t agree with the notion that 80-90% quality of other lenses at much lower price is a good offer … it is kind of ether you have quality or you not.

TheDarthvader123 says:

Strange that zeiss let the sleep button open, now you can make the mistake to use it as a release button.

Mauricio Carreño says:

Excelent review! You should try or do a comparation with Moment Lenses

Hisham of Japan says:

you see, the problem is that i do not trust taking my phone out its case. i just cant.

mc joyin says:

hello, out of 3 of the lenses, which lens is the best for portrait and fashion blogging kind of photographs. I am really interested on buying one.

Elmer Cuaton says:

where is the link for this?

Pamela Wong says:

I am looking for a camera to take on my travels…something light that’s good for scenery and street photos. I had been looking into getting the Exolens (wide angle and perhaps telephoto) since it’s so portable, but would I be better off spending a little more to go with an entry-level mirrorless camera? If so, what would you recommend for a beginner photographer?

Moses Megalli says:

The girl on the background at 3:10 made me laugh. I wonder if she was one of the team.

Simon Goldsworthy says:

Good review. I’m more of a Leica and Nikon photographer for stills, but I need a iPhone lens for some V-Logging around the election. This looks just the ticket for Facebook live.

Mahendra doshi says:

Thanks for the video
I find the bracket mount very tight
Difficult to put it on and off the iPhone 7
Do I have to remove the screen protector glass from the iPhone before mounting the bracket mount

Intertwined says:

Will it fit the iPhone 5s

Jason Lim says:

Can it screw into the moment case?

SergeyFM EN channel says:

3:14 indeed, here I’m impressed


У бабы такое лицо, как будто она она очень хочет понять, что ей объясняет кореш, но все тщетно.. )))

J Tomas says:


LeMonk says:

does it work on the 7plus?

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