Nikon’s BEST Ultra Telephoto Prime lens – FIELD TESTED

In terms of maximum aperture to focal length – nothing beats the 600mm f4. It’s longer than a 400mm + TC, and faster than the 800mm. And this new FL E variant from Nikkor is simply amazing for bird and wildlife photography.

I rented it from – use code GEAROUT15 for 15% off.

You can also buy it from Amazon Worldwide:
Or B&H Photo:

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yoyoeveryone says:

sir your twitter id

Brant says:

17 grand. At what poin can you recoup an investment lol

Peter says:

6:09 love that shot!!!

attila Thehun says:

Iceland is not a “dangerous country”. Look around in your neck of the woods….how dangerous is that…

David Norton says:

for us mortals, a P900 80x optical tiny sensor camera will suffice until we lotto

Sylvain Paquette says:

This is the fov where I take most of my wild life photography. I use the olympus 300mm f4 and add a mc-14 to get a 840mm equivalent fov and f5.6 light so the pdaf of my om1.2 works like nothing I’ve experienced in long telephoto setup. You get really great reach with the tc for birds and can remove the x1.4 tc and use it for larger animals. In my case the compact size make it perfect for hand holding for hours and most importantly be able to track quickly combined with the system speed. I used to rent a 500mm f4 on a ff setup and it was almost unusable to track anything been too heavy and slow.

One important aspect to have on a lens like that is a manual clutch focusing system else finding your subject is a nightmare. It is a lot harder than it seems to take a photo of a bird in flight with that kind of reach specially if it’s moving toward your or at an angle but it’s also rewarding when you get it.

Cheetos Ortiz says:

I’m a nature lover, but I do like architect, old and modern. Perhaps you can do some shooting in the cities for future episodes.

Mr T says:

That Nikon Guy

Felix Belanger says:

That’s it… next year I’m going to Iceland 😛

Loukas 360 says:

Nice video, nice spot of Iceland

Patrick Lindahl says:

There is no such thing as “Centigrade”, that was changed in 1948 when it was decided to be named Celsius, after the Swedish scientist Anders Celsius who divided the range between melting ice and boiling water into 100 degrees. So the correct term i Celsius.

Sam Garner says:

Love the Jacket, Where did you get it from?

James Harris says:

It seems easier and much less expensive to just grab a bag of seeds or whatever the birds find tasty and get closer. 🙂

mugdays says:

Quick question: Will this lens “blow out” backgrounds MORE than any other lens in Nikon’s range?

Gryff Longprong says:

My Zenith photo sniper would shit all over this piece of crap.

Kaas Stengel says:


Ian Shives says:

Beautiful video, Matt

Georg Kleger says:

You are very strong. For me handhold 500 f4 is the limit.

Cam365 says:

How about a D500 and a 200-400f4 or a D850 and 200-400f4 or the zoom lens 180-400f4 with inbuilt tele , you,will be able to zoom back and reacquire the subject.

Greg Zarkodimos says:

How very time convenient, now that there is another brand that can easily beat that with a tc and is much more ergonomic…

expat taffy says:

Hi as a matter of urgency please reply to my question here as soon as possible. When viewing with this camera and lens re you viewing through the lens?

This Is says:

Can’t do this with Sony.. oh yea and macro, and fisheye, and tilts shift, and a shitload of other stuff.

Noé Déverchère says:

Rich photographers…

meffke says:

well i don’t have the money for this type of lenses.
but what’s the best 150/600 mm for nikonD7200?
the tamron g2 or the nikon contemporary??
or should i buy a 500mm in the same price range, say about 1000 bucks?

Wesley Mooney says:

Geez like 25k for all that ! Waste of money ! Why not just a telescope refractor and put a camera on that for a faction of the cost and have even more zoom!

Dennis W says:

Build the biceps up packing that around?

Vamp9190 says:

Incredible series, keep it up! I’m a budget-minded amateur so for now a (Nikon) Tamron 150-600mm (Gen 1) is my birding lens. Once I hit MegaMill I’ll upgrade to the used-car priced lenses 😉

pete draper says:

Really enjoyable video: thank you. When I owned a Nikon D500 my favourite wildlife/birds in flight lens was my Nikkor 200 – 500mm f5.6. I found that at 500mm it pulled in birds in flight even better than my Nikkor 300mm f4 PF ED VR + TC14EIII. Brilliant though it is, I could not imagine lugging the 600mm f4 about for 7 – 8 hours a day.

Ruff Prophet Productions says:

this is an amazing series. the commentary on the photo gear, wildlife and iceland all molded together in an entertaining video. usually i put videos on 2x to speed through life but i slowed down for this one. very much worth it. i hope you are enjoying making these bc i know it takes a lot of work

Auke Bierma says:

Like your coat where did you get and what model is it.

smilsmff says:

Buy a Sigma 500/f/4, and D850

stanglova86 says:

such a beautiful video…

Mike Thomas says:

Love your real testing of this stuff + seeing actual decent photo results. Much preferable to whining in a basement like a freak!

Mr Hist says:

Great video!!

Nekon Samorayee says:

matt you are always best for me . I think this video is in my beautiful country iceland

Bill Friggle says:

Nice video. I would do almost anything to get that lens. It is just amazing. 90% of what I shoot is birds. I have the 200-500 and am happy with it. But the 600 is in a different ballpark. I dream of having that lens. And my dream camera is a D500. Crop for more reach. Awesome autofocus.And great ISO. But living on disability, neither are going to happen. But I get good results from my 200-500 and D600. Check out my Flickr page if you would like. Thanks for another great video. Keep them coming Mr Nikon Guy. I enjoy them all.

Brant says:

What is wrong with your forehead ?

Julio Esteban Perez Escudero says:

I remember a professional wildlife photographer who wrote a book were he stated that the shortest the lens the more skilled and knowledgeable the photographer was. Food for thought.

dcphoto80 says:

Show us more SL stuff

Tomáš Andraščík says:

it’s a shame for nikon to supply the lens with a cheap nc drop in fitter that reduces image quality same lens has problem with VR…same interaction.. with same nikon bodys…

bestamerica says:

many lens are big problems with badly blur focuses as depth of fields…
cannot adjustment / canoot fix / cannot repair

A Thom says:

Great video and really enjoyed it. Just a question about the grey coat you wore is it waterproof and who manufactured the item.

Scott Miller says:

I’ve been waiting for a review of this lens! I just got a used 500 f4 and wish I’d have gotten a 600. I’ll probably splurge for it in the next year or so but it will likely be the VR-I and not the mark II. Thanks for the vid.

arthur lamir says:

its a nice piece of glass but…you could bang so many times for that buck

Matt Granger says:

What would you choose? The 500mm, 600mm or 800mm?? I rented the 600mm from – use code GEAROUT15 for 15% off.

You can also buy it from Amazon Worldwide:
Or B&H Photo:

CHECK OUT MY upcoming Iceland tour at

tectorama says:

Nice lens….I do a lot of wildlife photography so need a zoom telephoto. I use a Nikkor 200-500 f5.6, on my D500 with sometimes a 1,4 TC fitted. This has a lot of reach, and auto focuses very quickly, stabilization is excellent. I can also zoom right in and get a lovely photo of a dragonfly which is about 10ft away. It’s a great package.

Gary M says:

Thanks for the good advice Matt

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