MUST HAVE for Mobile Photography | NEW Moment Lens Review & Comparison

Moment lenses V2 ($90-100) just came out! Unboxing review and comparison (using iphone 7+) to the Pixter ($54) Clip On smartphone lenses. Fisheye, wide, telephoto & macro photo & video tests! Pixter 🐟👀 –
✨Click show more for Moment & Pixter lenses✨ This video was filmed on –

Moment lenses and photocase:
Pixter fisheye:
Pixter wide:
Pixter telephoto:
Pixter macro:
iPhone 6 olloclip:
iPhone 5 olloclip:



Sony RX100 V –
Camera Case / Strap –
Bendy Tripod thing –
DJI Mavic Drone –
Sony A7S II –
Sony 70-200mm –
Most common lens on A7S –
My Shoes –
My Ray Ban Sunglasses –
Best phone accessory (back of my phone – pop socket) –


New Here?

Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. There is a new video on my channel EVERY WEEK NIGHT (Mon-Fri). I upload vlogs, tech reviews, travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.

For more about me watch my “Film My Life” video –

These lenses were sent to me for free but this IS NOT sponsored by either of the companies. Both pretty dope tho. Should definitely check them out. I used my iPhone 7 plus in this video – I linked other smarphone lenses above to check out.


Shadow says:

I like the moment more! too bad its not 180 degrees

7FootVlogs says:

First off I need this lens, second congrats on 200k!

saavaa says:

Played the video, in first 1 sec you said YAAAAS…turned off the video.

Grindman3000 says:

I see you used the moment which I hear it is great from a big time Youtuber (CN) But you should try the Olloclip.

Tanja Kappler says:

Pretty smooth! thank you!

hburgstrom says:

Ughh! That dude need to shave his damn chest…

PowerL1N3 says:

+Sara Dietschy **LOL pronounced peachy huh?** XD Anyways… I just bought my first MOMENT Wide Lens V2 18mm!!! and I can’t wait to try it out soon! I’m definitely gonna have a lot of B-Roll for it so I’ll make sure my IPhone 7 plus is fully charged because I’ll also be using Filmic at 4K on Extreme. I’m so excited!

Otakugame FR says:

7:58 : Dat Ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !

Nico Chen says:

What’s the best ??????

Peter McKinnon says:

These lenses are MONEY! 🙂 kbye

Nader Zomzom says:

hi sara ….. whats tha cam that u used to shoot this video ???

Matt Long says:

Moment all day everyday. Cinema glass helllloooooo

Easy E says:

Biggest advantage of pixter is… It works with ANY phone AND both back/front facing camera for live sessions!! In the end, I like the moment lenses better.

whoami Pro says:

Check out Olloclip!!! Literally the best lenses out there!!! They use a sort of slide-on technique, where you don’t have the problem of targeting the lens!!!

French On Call says:

Thanks Sara!!

Erin Fudge says:

11:58 What a cute smile, also I’m going with the moment lense!

Sara Dietschy says:

I hope you guys enjoy this video! Will be posting some pics / video from these lenses on my Instagram soon! SMASH THAT FOLLOW BUTTON IF YOU HAVEN’T YET 🙂

Aryan Gorasia says:

I’m the 200th comment yay

karin's gang says:

These lenses do not look good

Katrina Kaija says:

Moment lenses are available for more than just iPhones…

Philip Lee says:

hey what filter/lut do you use on your vlogs?

Christopher Daniel says:

The case mounting system seems the only way to go for at least two reasons; accuracy in mounting lens and handling. Am not impressed by either the Pixter or ExoLens mounts. Was hugely disappointed by Moment’s v1 wide angle, but might have to give them a second chance by trying their second wide angle iteration, with case, strap, etc. Thanks for the review.

DadsSkateShop says:

Moment lenses are not strictly for iphones. They can be used on Pixel and (select) Galaxy phones. Also Moment lenses are not strictly for their cases only. they have minimalist mounting plates.
Arrived here while searching for polarizer filters. Manfrotto doesn’t seem to make them anymore

Eliomar Araújo says:


Oh My Drifter says:

Definitely preferred the Moment lenses—much better quality. Funny, I have a friend who works at Moment! Also, congrats on 200K! 🙂

The POV 7714 says:

moment wins by far

RedBlueTalk says:

Five Below sells a $5 fisheye clip-on that works very well, and it’s a great way to try it out, for almost no money.

O-O says:

i love you sara <3

Lucas Eiróz Rodrigues says:

Sara is so amazing… Cheers from Brazil!

CandleMovies says:

I have the olloclip for iphone

Dilan Croos says:

Hey, how about these lenses with a stabilizer like osmo mobile?

Dave Budness says:

Hello Sara, late last night I found out about theses small lenses from some other youtuber. So, I decided to dig around and came across moment. Had, no idea there were another company to compete with moment. But, watching your video, I like both products.. As for me I’m big into the car scene thanks to the Fast Movies, so I go to a lot of car meets with my car and such, and love to take pics of my car and others while there. I’m thinking of going with moment. I like having a case,just to protect the phone, since the phones are so damn expensive. Also, while browsing moments site, there’s lens that can attach without having a case. But at any rate, thanks for the great video buddy.. I don’t know how you do it in the big city, I’m from the country side of Mass, and moved to CT, Danbury, for a job, but I live in a nice country side town, I don’t think I could stand to live in such a huge city with all the noise and such.. Thanks for this awesome video.

Phonegraphy Tech says:

The Moment lenses look really good

tintuu says:

If I like the lens or not, I love the girl here in the video lol, remember “not like” but “LOVE” haha

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