Moment vs. Sandmarc TELEPHOTO Lens Battle! And The Winner Is…

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This is the final piece of the ultimate showdown between Moment and Sandmarc lenses on the iPhone XS! I’m comparing their telephoto lenses, looking at the Moment 60MM lens, the Moment 58MM Lens, and the Sandmarc 60MM Lens. The first comparison is between both moment lenses, and the second between the Moment 58MM and the Sandmarc 60MM.

Ultimately, both Moment hand Sandmarc have created incredible mobile lenses that both take mobile photography and videography to a new level of creative possibilities. Tag me on instagram to show me what you create! Get out and do what makes you come alive!

Where to buy:
Sandmarc Lenses:
Moment Telephoto:
Moment Wide Angle:
Moment Fisheye:
Moment Macro:

A MUCH more reasonably priced Variable ND Filter:
A more reasonably priced Polarizer:
A Beginner Set of Filters:

Moment’s Video I reference:

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Robert Musat says:

First of all i have to say that i love your content! And you killed this review, far away the best on yt at this time. Hmm..Video idea? How about behind the scenes and some edit tips and tricks?

Lisbeth A says:

A great unbiased review – easy to understand and really helpful. I’d love to see you do a youtube of animals (both video & photo) – on a safari or at the zoo or ocean animals switching between lenses on the go – as I imagine there would be times for both wide angle and zoom (& possibly the other 2?). My Moment lens failed to arrive in time for my trip go on safari in Sri Lanka so my pics really sucked. Moment customer service doesn’t exist and I ended up out of pocket. Sandmarc has fab reviews for customer service so it was great to get your review of their products.

ProGamingTips says:

Video Idea: Best App for taking Photo/Video with the lenses? Id love to have full manual control for a beginner like me!

Comment: Love your videos! Definitely gonna keep up to date and see previous ones!

Jeffrey Dela Cruz says:

Great video! Can you produce a video that goes over mics for iPhone blogging? Thanks!

Evan Copp says:

This is how reviews should be done. Great job. Would love to see you compare options for different filmmaking apps for Android. devices. Thanks.

Jae Bae says:

Thank you for the Video; it really gave me a good education. 10,000 Subscription Give away IDEA: I will love to see Does Sandmar or Moment really worth to buy compare to cheap lens kit I can buy on online? (Amazon- There are so many cheap lens kit from $29 and up…which is way cheaper than Sandmar or Moment…

Keith McAndrew says:

Great review…appreciate all the details & examples.

Eddy Rojas says:

Awesome video man, i would personally be interested in you covering “sports” filiming . Tips on settings, lenses, filters etc… Thanks again!!!

Ron Foy says:

Good video Bro

ComPH2 says:

You are recommending 62mm variable ND filter. Moment is offering 77mm VND, I suppose because of vignetting on the Moment Wide Lens due to the thickness of the variable filter. Did you actually try the 62mm VND you are recommending? How did it work out?

David Eshenroder says:

Found your videos while looking for moment lens reviews; loved the comparison videos.

I’d be interested in seeing a comparison video of mini tripods (particularly the offerings from Manfroto and Jobi).

Ingenious Productions says:

the video i still can’t find anywhere is a video/studio light battery comparison. the sony F style batteries. Several options of batteries with a wide range in price, but no head to head comparisons out there.

Leon Lacap says:

Very Informative Review! Thumbs Up!

Joseph Wu says:

Great vid loved it! Anamorphic lens review please 😛
And possible to review Moment on other phones? Planing to use it on Oneplus

jhoni _48Hz says:

nice comparison, i thinks its good job for sandmarc for the quality at a price, i think you need make a video comparison both lens with sirui lens

Kourtney Kimbrel says:

Do a video of iPhone film making for beginners!

Douglas Stai says:

Great review! You should do a review on using sliders with different focal length lenses.

Johan L says:

Man I am so torn because that Sandmarc Pro edition is a great deal but I’m loving the look of the Moment 58mm! I would love to see a mobile photography and video rid/workflow comparison between Sandmarc and Moment (since Moment has their own app)

Frank Johnson says:

Great comparison! I’m curious to see the differences between the lenses in different lighting scenarios!

loo linchang says:

Moment vs Sirui ! !

Ahnaf Adil says:

Love your content brother, such a detailed review. Blown away by your content quality. Hope to see you rise and shine soon.

Josh Vargas says:

Great vid! Used your input to finally pull the trigger on a lens!
I love all the mobile device vids for photo and video – tips as tricks, as well as best apps to edit.

Sam Jenkins says:

I would love to see more stories that you create with your made skills! (And I would like to win you giveaway!)

Insight Photos says:

Love your direct and concise approach.

charlie tan says:

Very good review as always. Would really like to see how these lenses captures the streets of new york city.

36 Krypton says:

Please do a video about lenses on the onelplus 6 😉

Valarie Andrews says:

Thanks for this video. I would love to see you try out some gimbles. It would be helpful to see the lenses in action with the gimbles so that I can compare the full experience and outcome of shots.

Kwame Adams says:

can you produce a video about phone hacks??? iphone, pixle, lg and one plus??? Would love to see one…

ruben dario says:

Why don’t you make a video about the use of gimbles and both lens brands? That’s something I would like to watch!

Jezabel Torres says:

Great comprehensive review for both parts 1 and 2! Thanks for this. I was never going to purchase Sandmarc anyway as I’m on a note 9, but I was looking more to compare lenses as I can’t afford to buy all 4 lenses right now. Your videos definitely helped me decide to get the wide and 58mm. Looking forward to more content!

Gerry Sair says:

I would love to see an anamorphic lens review and/or a comparison of moondog

Phil Buckman says:

Hey, Taylor. GREAT videos! I’m just getting into shooting video on the iPhone, and your vids are helping me decide which system to go with. As a touring musician, I’d love to see more live concert and backstage/tour videos. Maybe this would be something you’d be into mentoring me on….

Alvin Keung says:

Keep up the great work brother! You are killing it.

Big Disco says:

Sweet work man, helped me out heaps. Would love to see some Galaxy gear reviews though.

Jwande Somoye says:

Amaziiing Video!! Im a newby into the filming game and your video as the best by far in terms of really breaking down the devices needed, where to get them,, how they work and honest comparisons. Can I request more vids on how to create great videos (with cinematic flair) using smart phones or cheaper options to film than buying a load of dslrs lol and can you also please have a “lame-mans-word-for” in your vids for ppl like me who dont necessarily know certain filming terms lol im pushing it i know sorrryyyy! lol but thanks again

408jr says:

Can you review moments anamorphic lens

Waqar Smith says:

Guess I need a Sandmarc wide angle lens and a moment 58mm telephoto

Thank you for the break down. Would love to see future content whatever it is (:

Walt Sullins says:

I’d be keen on seeing a video on the practicality of the one wheel in a day to day basis. or using it as a filming tool.

Granville Maharajh says:

Just found your channel man. Balanced comparisons. Thanks. Looking forward to to the growth, especially interested seeing how mobile phones stack up in street photography.

stickyboywonder says:

Killer review. I like how much detail you went into with these two brands. Most videos I’ve watched on Sandmarc v. Moment have called it a tie. Do you do reviews of audio devices? I’d love to see some comparisons of various mics that can be used for smartphone videography! Subscribed!

Justin Harnett says:

More comparisons of phone lenses and filters. And any tips. Thank you

Phirrup says:

I’d love to see more photo examples with the 58mm lens from Moment!

tipserve says:

Very well done and clear – thanks

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