iPhone Telephoto Lens?!

I had no idea attachable lenses were this serious!
iPhone Telephoto Lens – http://amzn.to/20WGP8l

Deal Hunter – http://www.dealhunter.tech

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McCallaghan Existed says:

what audio/mic do you use?

Everything Tech Pro says:

Lol Vs Lol

I Am Mr. Nice Guy says:

you suck

Suppper Daaa says:

Only in iPhone not in other mobile

Ethan Gibb-Randall says:


Meniss says:

+MS Tech When will you be doing best gaming setup for 300$ make it red themed, hurry before I just go for the 200

ThatGuy'sTech says:

You Either Went Tanning Or Was Outside For A Long Time.
Your Face is Red…

Isaac Lefevre says:

I was the 420th like on 4/20 lol

Daanyaal says:

No intro

Sandip Bagul says:

can i use this for other smartphones? its Work?

Kirby Podolan says:

disliked for the Michigan shirt. GO BUCKS! other than that great video

satyrosjay says:

Wonder how it fits with an otter box on the phone?

Evan Sitz says:

The distortion on the corners almost gives it a bokeh effect

Cakedy says:

*iPhone not included.

Edward Hunter says:

I need one of this !!
Btw your videos are so cool bro

Beau Warrington says:

Can someone link me to a good website for used camera gear?

AmarVlog says:

I think image quality was not like expected.

Raj Gandhi says:

I feel you stutter a lot during this. I don’t mean to feel critical but it’s something you should just have fun with

Kai Verweij says:

i got that exact same thing, i got it for 1 euro..

Suyash Kamble says:

looks like a tiny telescope

Squaller says:

That lens sucks because it zooms in so much

Lavansh Sagtani says:

Which company is this of ???

Miguel Paredes says:

the tripod holder umm… thing

miketheknife2 says:

Maybe if you use without the skin you will get a clearer picture.

Haqdost Software says:

hey man is it possible to zoom in and out with this lens ?

TFMRealm says:

I think you should have showed what the sample photos looked like all the way zoomed in on the iPhone using the pinch to zoom.

Rohit Sridhar says:

I also did a review on this haha

Beau Warrington says:

I’m saving for a $7,885 lens for photography I’m not even close

TheRobotMaster says:

add me to the drawing

Joanna Smith says:

you look just like my 12 year old son crazy!

greg G says:

There is no room for people that are dumb. Smart people make people stupid by inventing tools that make people not work. However people that work for a company like spacex or like apple etc. There’s no room for stupid people.

Suyash Kamble says:

why aren’t your vids shorter

Mohamed Galal says:

its working for 5s ?

martinshoosterman says:

whats the focal length on the lens? 200mm?

Btingo_94 says:

Can I ask you if this will work for a concert like if I will be far from the stage?
and can i use it without the stand?

It's Tomz says:

Can u do a best gaming setup including the PC ( make it cheap as possible!)

AmStorm says:

I bought it ,not arrived yet i think it was good purchase

duy tsuyuki says:


Muhammad Zafar says:

does quality loses or increases plz reply

Rishabh Patel says:

are you a wolverine of a tar heel? and are those one of the Universities you will be going to?

pannekoek poedersuiker says:

Dit you try te self shooter than your phone wount move

Tanmay Gupta says:

Please make the videos shorter and precise.

Theshadowdemon247 says:

OH YOU STILL HAVE NO IDEA THAT ATTACHABLE LENSES ARE THAT SERIOUS! IF YOU GO TO THE WEBSITE: ThisIsWhyImBroke.com, they have an all out DSLR CAMERA LENSE FOR AN IPHONE!!! (btw no links because people think links in youtube comments lead to scams and/or malicious sites but the website is ThisIsWhyImBroke.com) but anyway thumbs up on the video

Max says:

Wish you would go big 🙁

jonnyybrown says:

How does video look on this?

Rishabh Patel says:

your backyard is huge

Tahsin Faiyaz says:

Seeing people using ip SE enrages me

Yanni Tsetsekos says:

you should try to get pictures of the Moon or something and get into smartphone-astrophotography haha

Jonathan Oliver says:

The legs extend on the tripod.

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