iPhone Camera On Steroids!

ALM mCAM for iPhone 6 – http://amzn.to/1XuR1qx

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Tylerex says:

just buy a lens and a rode video mic me.

Guess Who says:

In future videos, perhaps you could include the Msrp of the products you review, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Icollectdiamond says:

0:29 that’s what she said

Peter Henco says:

Hey Buddy i just not really understand how you can use Flash Light with any Lenses There is not one single Lense which not Block or Cover Your flash light 🙁 any help with Nigh Pictures or when is Darker outside  ??

Josue Barralla says:

waiting for the fucking version for samsung galaxy

TeeDee UK says:

Damn lewis dont seem to happy in this one lool

Monkey Theory says:

is this for i phone only

Elmer Cuaton says:

This is perfect i want this one.

destroyer_of_ducks says:

And my LG v20 has the wide angle built in.

Newt says:


GamingAction says:

what size do you get for an iphone se

Doug Kim says:

Just bought it. Nice product intro.

Ammo Man says:

fun channel.
I’ll subscribe.

Sol2Fox says:

You’re pretty boring this year..

John Peterson says:

#FlipThe Flap

Eco Mouse says:

So this is the video where we finally see Jack… 3:43

emperor81 says:


Proflix says:

Check out the pictar phone case by might it is awesome!

Ryandean1 says:

“she got some flip flaps hanging out”

aoode X12 says:

انت ما تستحق 7 مليون

The Game Master C says:

why didn’t you do a comparison of what the phone sounds like and what the mic sounds like?

Marcos Rodriguez says:

love the FLIP the FLAP, amazing,  more comments are about FtheF. Good post tho

kcarlo gonzales says:

#FliptheFlap #FliptheFlap
#Flliptheflap #FliptheFlap

Outmodedfiend 64 says:

Or but a real camera that’s a lot cheaper

Jeremy Quadri says:

Please shrink your vids down to 2min or less

Vrku says:

What about lens hood? Is it posssible to mount it on wide angle lens? And what is the diameter of the thread? Thank you in advance for your reply.

DBSupersteel says:

I want an external microphone like that except one that works for the iPhone 8

Larry Bowleg says:

Is it tripodable? You heard #Tripodable here first 🙂

Mason 420 says:


Maria Velez says:


Fulton Films says:

Does it fit the iPhone 7 plus?

Jon Jorgensen says:

I enjoyed your tone of voice and the calmness – I would enjoy watching your videos more if you kept this up lou! It didn’t feel so stressfull

Basir Mastoor says:

Can you make a video about Google Nexus6 camera lens
I couldn’t find anything about it

Potaua Biasiny-Tule says:

any gimbals work well with it?

GeorgeGraves says:

Next 10 year will chnage this

D Kat says:

OK what do the photos look like are they any good?

Conor Condon says:

can you get these for different phones

Jaz_ 0812 says:

This is the best flipping thing ever ! omg thanks for this video ! I am going to purchase this soon !!!

ThatAsianGuy says:

Who is watching this in 2017?

Daboon says:

thank you and God bless

Marie Antoinette Calvez says:

just in case you dont want the tech anymore after review, may i request for trial also 🙂

Parth shah says:

which cam you used for this video?

Yoced Decoy says:

I got that case a while ago. Thing is a hulk and the lenses are awesome

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