Digital Concepts 2X Telephoto lens Converter Test and Review

Digital Concepts 2X Telephoto lens Converter Test and Review
Digital Concepts Telephoto lens Converter Test ($100.00 Film Making Kit)
This is a quick test of the Tele Converter on the Canon Vixia HF R10
Here’s a link to the items listed in the $100.00 Film Making Kit Via Amazon including the Tele and Wide Converter.

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CheapGeek says:

I know exactly how telephoto lenses work.
There’s good blur, called boket and crappy low quality blur.
This is low quality blur, there’s a difference.
This is a tele converter, not a telephoto lens.
The amount of distortion that occurs with this telephoto lens converter is absolutely terrible. The purple fringing around the edges in the image is called chromatic aberration which is also terrible. There aren’t any sharp edges through out the entire zoom range. The wide angle is better.

Xia Vang says:

I got my two days ago, the canon s3 power shot and the two lens (digital high definition 0.45x wide angle lens with Marco and digital high definition 2x telephoto lens. But they won’t fit onto my camera. Can you show me a video how yo put the lens on. It doesn’t matter what lens. I just need to know is how to put these two lens on. Thank you.

CheapGeek says:

What are you talking about? Spell what?

Abhimanyu Karnatak says:

wow you reply everyone.

walleyesam says:

I had a 2x teleconverter for my old Canon AE-1 Program with pretty much the same results as you have. But if clarity is not a concern, then it’s still a fun gadget.

Sam Santana says:

Yep, that’s a shit converter, better off zooming in on post

Rob Guetre says:

get what you pay for I guess, and you get to turn your decent camera into a toy

The Smirv says:

I was about to get this on Amazon for 11 bucks. Glad I checked out this review first, I will not be getting it. Not even close to what I am looking for.

CheapGeek says:

@Archer4111 -You’re Welcome! Hope this helps you..

xbrokens2 says:

No it’s not, does its job.
and yw

Rajesh Patel says:

Sir can you advise I have Canon Sx50 HS camera I have 58 mm 2.2x telephoto and .43 wide angle lens.  Sir what is setting best for result. I use on MF but result blure. Thank you.

CheapGeek says:

@sonyfreak4069 Actually.. quality is not worth it. It came with the kit. That’s the only reason why I still have it. Thanks for the comment!

hawksrock15 says:

I have a nikon camera, and a tamron zoom lens. 70 – 300mm. I would like to get a teleconverter too. What do you recommend?

CheapGeek says:’s bad..thanks for commenting..the wide converter is not too bad, though

dvds4yeh says:

I just got one of them 2x ya right complete rubbish

CheapGeek says:

Thanks for the comment.
Any movement is greatly exaggerated when using a tele converter.
Even when using it on a tripod at full zoom.
It is what it is. Thanks.

Sorin Gociu says:

canon what? can you spell it? pleeeease!!!! o pleaaaaase!!!! would you??????? or say it faster!!! can you??? crap!

jetchin55 says:

dude you do know that telephoto lens suppose to blur on the sides. that the art of it and also you are not using you camera right. you can get a better picture with that

xbrokens2 says:

chromo aberrations whit converter looks like.

JESSROCKED Gaming says:

so it’s basically trash.. thank

Jason Thomas Dolan says:

X2 lens is pointless. x100 and higher or nothing.

Eli P says:

lol i tried a teleconverter on canon powershot and it did not work at all. it sucked. no focus at all

CheapGeek says:

Yep, clarity is not good in the tele.
The wide angle is really not bad for the price.

Mad Fox Pictures says:

dude, learn how to make a tutorial video, this made my head hurt

CheapGeek says:

Ha! Powershots are different. Especially with lens element and spacing. Some need a lens adapter. I tried it too.. fail.

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