Canon 300mm f/4L USM Review – Best Tele For Your Money?

There are some seriously mega-pricey white L-lens tele lenses around, but we look at Canon’s EF 300mm f/4L USM(, which we think might be the best tele lens available for the money.

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haxan khan says:

Hi there,
First of all, I would like to thank you for all the tips and the tutorials that have been very helpful for us all.
Secondly, I would ask a favor, to review “tamron 70-300mm f 4-5.6 di vc usd” if possible, as I have heard it is a very good telephoto lens with excellent VC, and I am not able to find a decent review on youtube about it.
Hoping to have this review from you real soon.


If i ever saw you with that i would steal off of you and take your shit lol

Bachmann Manuel says:

Hei Kay, are going to Test the Canon 400mm f/5.6 too? it seems to bee a very good and cheap Wildlife Lens..

DCUPtoejuice says:

fix the title digrev jeeze

Tong Tommy says:

Im thinking Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM or Canon 300mm f/4L USM which one better??

PsychComm Production says:

This one is my first time to see you using lace on the camera.

hawg427 says:

I think the Nikon equal to this lens is over $5000 🙁  I wonder if you can buy a Canon to Nikon converter? LOL

Amit H says:

would it be good with the 70D? (looking for a 400+ focal length so asp c is the cheaper option)

Argantonis says:

Please review tue Canon EF 400mm f5.6L.

Henry Kurniawan says:

lensa dipake coli

Jaylon Saville says:

1:11 ‘water’ is a bit of a loose term…

Matt Packer says:

will this be a good tele lens for bird photography with used on 7d mark 2? and a tele converter 1.4

Tetsu Hoshi says:

Can you guys review a super tele that isn’t canon?

aspdeepak4yt says:

“subscribers going down” well… atleast u(kai) noticed now, before its too late

Technologyadvisor1 says:

please should i sell my canon 300 f4 for wild life and get the 300 f2.8 and 2.8 tokina 80 to 200 zoom the tokina lens are non os

niceguy91320 says:

What a Wanker

Technologyadvisor1 says:

p please should i sell my canon 300 f4 for wild life and get the 300 f4 and 2.8 tokina 80 to 200 zoom the tokina lens are non os

Raymond Conner says:

Could you make a quick hand-on video for latest canon ef-s 24mm f2.8 lens?

Richard Konrad says:

Have you looked at the Tamron 70-300 VC?  It’s a really great lens with an amazing VC.  1 out of 3 times I got a tack sharp photo 300mm at 1/8 sec (I’m an archer….)  On Photozone the sharpness test is higher than this canon prime.  It’s cheap too.

I enjoy your videos!

Mikhail Campbell says:

in the end kai was jerking it

Dominick Santora says:

My heart is set on the 400mm L, but this 300mm  is 1/2 stop faster and comes with IS which the 400mm lacks.  Still, for birding and other type of nature photography, I need that extra 100mm reach.  Yeah I can always slap on a TC, but then I would lose a stop and I would be dealing with a 5.6 lens and no AF unless I tape the pins, which to me (taping the pins) is a bit radical.  . 

patoberli says:

Could you maybe fix the title and also add IS into it? There is also a non-IS version of this lens.

Technologyadvisor1 says:

p please should i sell my canon 300 f4 for wild life and get the 300 f2.8 and 2.8 tokina 80 to 200 zoom the tokina lens are non os

redtails says:

6:21 aw yeah feel my e-penis

whiskers says:

why dont they spray that lens black or somthing ,than that ugly aged white.

Eric Beam says:

That cough at 3:37 though.

Salt Spike says:

6:25 its fapping time…

J.Nicolas K.Y. says:

I like the Jason Bourne sequence & soundtrack

dan wills says:

Friends what is the difference between 70-300mm and just 300 mm lens. . Which one is better suitable for all occasion ?

reza athallah says:

what does usm means

Patrick Gorski says:

Chinese Father Christmas!

Methodical2 says:

This is the 1st lens I got when I got into photography back in 2008. I got this lens and the 70-200 f4 for $500. Can you believe that? I jumped on the deal so fast. An older gentleman was trying to get rid of them. I sold the 70-200 for $600 a couple years ago (man what a sharp lens). I am keeping this 300 as it’s so light, close focuses and takes very nice portraits at f4 and as this video shows, it’s great for street work – keep your distance from your subject.

Black Wall Street Music says:

Dope video checkout what we have going on at my Channel … Just did some work with Jadakiss and Lil Durk…

Nnja Neuro says:

Barry sniping; love it lol

Omniter says:

“best tele fot the money” *clicks link* has a 1 star rating lol


Spelling error, Actually this is a review for the Canon 300mm f/4L IS USM!!! which goes for about $1500; not the Canon 300mm f/4L USM, which roughly goes for between 700 to 850 in North America’. The title is missing the “IS”.

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